Come to Thai Nguyen to explore the mysterious Phuong Hoang Cave

Phuong Hoang Cave combined with Mo Ga stream is one of the most famous relic complex in Thai Nguyen, which possesses magnificent natural scenery and fresh air. 

About Phuong Hoang cave 

Phuong Hoang Cave is a famous tourist area in Thai Nguyen located on Phuong Hoang Mountain in Phu Thuong Commune, Vo Nhai. This landscape is located near Highway 1B, close to the border between Lang Son and Thai Nguyen provinces. Phuong Hoang Cave has an extremely mysterious and wild beauty that is very impressive. Today, Thai Nguyen province increasingly invests in facilities and services to sharpen this “primitive gem” to become more sparkling. Phoenix Cave Thai Nguyen Phoenix Cave Thai Nguyen

History is associated with Phuong Hoang cave 

Not only a tourist destination, but also a witness to the history of Phuong Hoang Cave, witnessing the event on November 27, 1944. On that day, the 75-man National Rescue Team and 373 households left the village to go up the mountain to combat the arrest and terror of the French colonialists. At that time, they went to the Phuong Hoang cave to shelter and become a fortress to attack the enemy. With the battle of rock traps, spears, guns, plowshares and guerrilla tactics, the national salvage team caused heavy damage to a French battalion. The history of Phuong Hoang cave The cave was once a solid fortress of our army

The legend of Phuong Hoang Thai Nguyen Cave 

According to the legend that many people have told, in the past, there were two phoenixes on the mountain that came to give birth, they lived peacefully every day and gave birth to two eggs. The fathers fly every day to look for prey so that the mother bird can hatch the eggs. One day, however, the father forgot to look for prey and was engrossed in playing with a new flock of hens. Therefore, the mother bird becomes sad and anxious around the clock. After a long time playing, the father suddenly noticed it and returned to the nest. But it was no longer in time, at that time the mother was petrified from the sadness that had accumulated for many years. 

Regretting his actions, the father always wanders around the mountain, waiting, hoping that the mother bird will return to normal. But she just waited and she still didn’t come back. Because of that, the father also petrified. Today, standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up, you will see two rocks with similar shapes and reminiscent of the image of a phoenix. That’s why people named this mountain Phoenix. The legend of Phuong Hoang cave Phoenix Cave is located on the top of the mountain 

Journey to conquer Phuong Hoang cave 

To get the most complete experience at Phuong Hoang Thai Nguyen cave then you should spend a minimum of 1 day. When you come here in the morning, the first job is to order lunch to ensure the best energy for the upcoming journey. After that, go to prepare necessary equipment such as: water, hat, sports shoes, sandals, … and then start the road to conquer Phuong Hoang cave. To reach the cave, visitors will have to go through the process of climbing 1,200 stone steps. Estimated climbing time is about 1 hour. 

The rock climbing journey is quite hard and tiring, but it contributes to training our physical strength, persistence, and persistence. When overcoming these difficulties, the results that visitors get in return will be great. Phoenix Cave is located on the top of a high mountain and then deep down into the mountain. The cave consists of 3 floors: The rooftop is called Doi cave, the second floor is Sang cave with 3 doors on each side, the light will then shine straight into the cave. Phuong Hoang cave discovery journey Cave mouth Conquer Phuong Hoang cave Virtual live background is so beautiful 

Magnificent beauty in Phuong Hoang cave 

Phuong Hoang Cave is unspoiled but possesses an extremely majestic and mysterious beauty. Here, visitors will be able to contemplate a true natural masterpiece. Nowadays, the cave has been equipped with electric lighting system to contribute to making the scene inside the cave become more sparkling and magical. At the same time, it will help the tourist discovery process become more favorable. Before, when there was no electricity, each person inside would carry a flashlight. However, thanks to the investment in facilities, people can fully explore all 3 floors of the store. Stalactites inside Phuong Hoang cave Stalactites inside the cave

Dark Cave is considered to be the most splendid floor. The inside of Phuong Hoang cave is always maintained at a temperature of 15 degrees C, cool and fresh. In the summer, many people come to the cave, they will not want to go out anymore just because they want to stay a little longer to fully enjoy the cool air. Stalactites system inside Phuong Hoang cave The air inside the cave is very cool 

Go to Phuong Hoang Cave and visit Mo Ga stream

Many people say that Phuong Hoang cave and Mo Ga stream are a pair of identical cards that are difficult to separate from each other. Therefore, when you come to Phuong Hoang cave, you cannot miss playing and playing at Mo Ga stream. This is a beautiful emerald green stream, moreover, the water is very clear, cool right at the mouth of the cave forming a small waterfall. Phoenix Cave - Mo Ga stream The spring water has a very beautiful emerald green color

In particular, this stream has a quite safe depth, so visitors feel free to take a cool bath, soak in the stream to watch the romantic and majestic space around. Do not forget to feel the sound of the wind ringing, the birds singing to love life more. The beauty in Mo Ga stream - Phuong Hoang cave Spring water flowing white foam 

Phuong Hoang Cave and Mo Ga Stream are a perfect combination between cave tourism and ecology in Thai Nguyen, attracting many visitors to explore. If you are a fan of risky activities, please come here now. 

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