Coming to Da Lat, visit the beautiful pink grass hills of the Golden Valley on the first day of winter

Not only does the bright yellow color of wild sunflowers spread across every road and valley, but Da Lat in winter also makes people bewildered by the heart-stoppingly beautiful pink grass season. The Golden Valley pink grass hill is an attractive stop that tourists cannot miss.

When mentioning the Golden Valley of Da Lat, people not only remember the romantic hills, romantic lakes or endless green pine forests, but this place also makes many people sob with the pink color of romantic weeds. freezing.  Golden Valley pink grass hill is an ideal stop for you to enjoy the romantic and peaceful beauty of nature as well as admire the romantic pink color created by the characteristic snow grass of this place.

Golden Valley pink grass hillsWinter hits and Da Lat enters pink grass season. Photo: Thu Ha

What is pink grass? 

Pink grass is a coniferous weed that often grows in small bushes on the ground, about a few centimeters high. They are as fragile as silk threads pulled from the ground but grow in patches, creating vast fields or beautiful pink grass hills. Not only does this grass have pink leaves, but even its flowers are pink. However, the flowers of the pink grass appear in a very short time so it is not always possible to admire them.

Pink grass hill Golden Valley What is pink grass?Pink grass is a type of coniferous grass that grows abundantly in the highlands. Photo: Ty

Pink grass grows a lot in the Central Highlands, especially in Gia Lai or Lam Dong. It is also known by different names based on biological characteristics. Typically, people often call it snow grass because the grass will absorb the morning dew, making it white like snow. When the sun rises, the grass gradually turns into a beautiful dark pink. In addition, Da Lat people also call pink grass Christmas grass because it often grows in the winter season and is often in full bloom at Christmas.

Pink grass hill Golden Valley What is pink grass?The grass grows in large patches, creating beautiful hills or fields of pink grass. Photo: Ngo Anh Tuan

Location of Golden Valley pink grass hill, moving instructions 

Golden Valley pink grass hill is the largest and most beautiful grass hill in Lam Dong today, this is also a favorite stop for tourists every year-end season. The grass hill is located on the edge of the Golden Valley tourist area in Mang Lin area, ward 7, 13k from Da Lat city center. 

From Da Lat market, if you want to go to the Golden Valley pink grass hill, you can travel by motorbike or car along the route Nguyen Van Troi to the intersection of Linh Son pagoda, then turn left to enter Phan Dinh Phung street and move. At the end of the road, turn right through the roundabout to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and continue going all the way to the end of this road. At Tung Lam intersection, turn left to Ankroet road and move about 4km more to reach the Golden Valley tourist area. Here, you continue to follow the trail uphill to reach the pink grass hill.

How to get to Golden Valley pink grass hillFrom Da Lat market to pink grass hill is about 13km. Photo: @anhbilit_1492k

What month is Dalat pink grass season?

Similar to wild sunflowers, Da Lat pink grass only appears once a year, from early November to late December and the best time is about the last 2 weeks of November. That’s why you should Check-in to the Golden Valley pink grass hill at this time to admire the most beautiful natural scenery. 

The ideal time to hunt for pink grass during the day is early morning, from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., this is the time when the pink grass is covered with morning dew, creating a romantic and poetic white grassland scene, after the dew disappears. The grass field glows a dark pink color. At this time, visitors can both look at the grass and admire the shimmering grass field in the sunlight.

Grass season in the Golden Valley pink grass hillThe peak pink grass season is around the last 2 weeks of November and gradually fades until the end of December. Photo: Tuong Vy

Golden Valley’s pink grass hills: a dreamy, romantic place

Golden Valley pink grass hill makes many people fascinated not only because of its large area but also because of its unique beauty, providing perfect shooting angles for virtual living frames.

The beauty of the pink grass hills of the Golden ValleyThe pink grass hill in the Golden Valley is the most beautiful and widest in Da Lat. Photo: @hellen_bui1284

Visiting this pink grass hill, you will admire the attractive beauty of weeds with tiny pink-purple flowers sprouting on the ground, sparkling morning dew, the space here is beautiful and romantic but the movies and is not inferior to famous places in distant Europe. From the top of the hill, you will take in the full view of the enchanting beauty and harmony of the surrounding pink grass hills, pine trees and charming lake.

The beauty of the pink grass hills of the Golden ValleyPink grass combined with green pine creates a romantic and poetic look. Photo: Tran Quoc Bao

Because of its fairy-tale beauty, the Golden Valley pink grass field is always an attractive place for tourists every pink grass season. Many couples also choose this place on the first days of winter to take real memorable photos. Pretty.

The beauty of the pink grass hills of the Golden ValleyThe beauty of the grassy hills fascinates visitors. Photo: Ghien Da Lat

Visit the pink grass hill to experience exciting activities 

Golden Valley pink grass hill not only makes visitors bewildered by its impressive natural beauty, but when coming here, visitors can also experience many attractive activities. 

Check-in for virtual life goes smoothly 

Surely taking virtual check-in photos is something no tourist can resist when admiring the beauty of the pink grass hills of the Golden Valley. Under the shimmering sunlight of morning, the fresh scenery of pink grass bushes will bring you romantic frames and movies. The experience for you when taking photos in the pink grass hill is to take wide angles to see the brilliant grass hill scenery.

Live virtually in the pink grass hills of Golden ValleyThe beauty of the pink grass hill makes people unable to resist the hobby of virtual living. Photo: Popcorn Photo Shop

Camping in the middle of nature 

For those who love outdoor activities and immersing themselves in nature, camping in the Golden Valley pink grass hill is the ideal choice. Camping overnight, you can admire the beauty of the grassy hills at every moment of the day, play in the beautiful nature and enjoy happy moments with friends and relatives. 

camping on the pink grass hill of Golden ValleyCamping on the pink grass hill is a very special experience. Photo: Truong Pham

Combine exploring the Golden Valley Tourist Area 

Not only the pink grass hills, Golden Valley Tourist Area also has countless attractive attractions waiting for visitors to explore such as the vast pine forest that is both mysterious and romantic, the quiet Dan Kia lake hidden under the pine forest with With an area of ​​13,000 square meters, on the shore of the lake, there is a lonely pine tree standing silently in the middle of the beautiful space of pink grass hills, which is the check-in place for great photo frames. The tourist area also has poetic flower gardens, bonsai trees and attractive food services to serve tourists.

Take some useful notes when coming to the Golden Valley pink grass hill 

You should check-in to the Golden Valley pink grass hill early in the morning because this is the most beautiful time of the day, with lots of sunlight, it will produce beautiful frames. When the sun is lighter in the afternoon, the scene is no longer as bright and attractive. 

Golden Valley Resort sells tickets for 100,000 VND/person, so be sure to buy tickets before going inside, opening hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the evening there is overnight camping service.

Note when visiting the Golden Valley pink grass hillYou should check in to the grass hill early in the morning to get the best pictures. Photo: RiviuDalat

Regarding transportation, if you want to travel or combine check-in with other tourist destinations on the road, you should choose a motorbike with prices from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND/day. At the pink grass hill, if you want to experience a new feeling, you can rent a jeep service from the main road to the grass hill with prices ranging from 60,000 VND to 100,000 VND/person. 

The season when pink grass blooms is also the time when Da Lat begins to winter, the weather is very cold. Therefore, be careful to choose warm clothes, including gloves, scarves and wool hats. Especially early in the morning, the dew can make you wet, so bring an umbrella as both a virtual living accessory and cover from the morning dew.

Note when visiting the Golden Valley pink grass hillYou should choose appropriate clothing to stay hydrated. Photo: Mr. Dung

Other pink grass hunting locations in Da Lat are picturesque 

In addition to the Golden Valley pink grass hill , Da Lat still has other beautiful places for you to admire the romantic pink color of weeds such as La An hill, near Cu La village, located 9km from the center of Da Lat, on the road. of the Golden Valley grass hills. Moving further, you can go to Masara cultural village, Ta Nang commune adjacent to Lam Dong and Binh Thuan, this place also has beautiful pink grass, camp on Masara hill and enjoy the “pink steppe” scenery. at dawn is a very unforgettable experience for anyone.

Note when visiting the Golden Valley pink grass hillMasara is one of the most beautiful pink grass hills in Da Lat. Photo: @_lroooo.

Even though Da Lat enters winter, it still attracts passionate hearts because of its unique romance and dreaminess, and the Golden Valley pink grass hill is a piece of the puzzle that adds to the winter beauty of the land. this mountain. 

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