Coming to De Gi, don’t just ‘hunt’ whales

BINH DINH – Known more since the appearance of whales, but what makes tourists stop at De Gi is because of the originality of this sea.

De Gi, in Cat Khanh commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh is an enclosed bay. Dubbed the “sleeping princess” of Quy Nhon, De Gi owns a wild beauty with blue beaches, white sand hills, estuaries, fishing villages and rich marine life.

The original beauty of De Gi - 2
De Gi beach is still quite wild. Photo: Tommy Toan

De Gi, about 50 km from Quy Nhon city, is a wild and sparsely populated fishing port. However, when going deeper into the dock, De Gi port appears with a more vivid picture. Here is crowded with boats, people are busy packing the fish caught in the evening into barrels to move to neighboring provinces such as Phu Yen, Quy Nhon…

To get to Vung Boi island nestled at the foot of Vinh Loi mountain, visitors travel another 8 km by canoe. Here, De Gi – Vung Boi tour is preferred by many trekkers because of its unique discovery schedule, being immersed in nature and experiencing the feeling of peace as if the sea is their own.

Taking advantage of the wild and deserted nature of De Gi, the local guides have created many special activities of this land such as camping overnight on the beach, exploring islands far from the city. … or day-trip tours: take guests to the island in the morning, then participate in activities such as scuba diving to hunt fish, watch colorful corals, and take a lunch break with dishes prepared right on the sea. ..

Visitors will be transformed into genuine divers. With an abundance of seafood, anyone can hunt fish weighing up to 20 kg and many other marine species. Enjoying the food from the ingredients caught by yourself will bring an unforgettable taste.

The original beauty of De Gi sea
De Gi beach scene is very impressive with clear water. Photo: Tommy Toan

After the end of the long journey, visitors can set up camp, start a fire, process seafood dishes, including Binh Dinh specialties such as apricot fish salad, sour fish… In addition to scuba diving and hunting fish , coral diving is also an activity not to be missed when coming to De Gi. A new world opens up before you when you sink into the deep sea, in the middle of the vast ocean with thousands of small fish swimming around the colorful coral reefs.

Do Thanh Toan, the tour guide, said he has been doing tours in De Gi for about 10 years. Guests have long been mainly locals or in some neighboring areas about “changing the wind”. On average, each tour has from 10 to 20 people, the price is from 550,000 to 1 million VND per person including the service package.

“Since the appearance of the whale mother and child couple, many tourists have contacted me to book a tour. However, I do not accept “whale watching” passengers but only De Gi – Vung Boi tour and experience many activities. This place is still an idyllic countryside, the life of the people is genuine. Visitors can come here around March-April or August-October every year to experience the most beautiful season in De Gi.” Toan said.

Visitors will become divers.  Photo: Tommy Toan
Visitors will become divers. Photo: Tommy Toan

Coming to De Gi for the first time, travel blogger Ngo Tran Hai An was surprised by the beauty of this place: “The sea water is very clean with a strip of water changing color from dark green, blue to jade green. The people here are very enthusiastic to make it so. I feel welcome. This is a land with a lot of potential for development.”

True to the inherent wild beauty, this is a new destination on the tourist map, so the services in De Gi are not many. Currently, facilities in De Gi are limited, boats are also few, restaurants, and motels are limited. If you decide to come here, you should book in advance.

Recently, the sea of ​​De Gi – Vung Boi has appeared a mother and child whale, which has attracted many people’s attention to this sea. According to experts, whales come here because this marine environment has factors suitable for the behavior of the species such as ocean currents, temperature, clean sea, rich marine life that concentrates many food sources for whales. .