Cool summer cooling with the journey to explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall

Ba Tia Waterfall is located in the middle of a primeval forest of Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve (Tuan Mau commune – Son Dong – Bac Giang province) with its wild and charming beauty. ideal for summer cooling in Bac Giang

Bac Giang is famous for many beautiful destinations, this summer one of the hottest destinations for tourists is probably Ba Tia waterfall. Traveling to Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall, you will be immersed in the enchanting fresh feeling of the beautiful waterfall located in the middle of the wild mountains. This is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the stuffy town. 

 explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall Ba Tia Waterfall is the ideal destination to cool off in the summer. Photo: @ pttt19982410

Check-in Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall and enjoy a cool summer 

Ba Tia Waterfall is located in the west of the Tay Yen Tu nature reserve, in Tuan Mau commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province. From the city center of Bac Giang you need to go about 80km in the direction of Provincial Highway 293 to Thanh Son town about 3km further to go downstream of this beautiful waterfall. 

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall Ba Tia Waterfall is 80km from Bac Giang city center. Photo: @ xem.ccc

The road to the waterfall is quite convenient, you can go by motorbike or car. According to many locals, you should park your motorbike at the people’s house in Tuan Mau commune and walk about 2km of forest road to the waterfall, to feel all the beauty of the scenery on the way as well as enjoy the interesting experience. through trekking. 

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall You should trekking about 2km along the Golden Water stream to reach the waterfall. Photo: @heroeny

The majestic primeval forest scenery on the trekking will also make you fascinated by the truly beautiful and impressive scenery with bumpy roads, stone slabs of all shapes of bamboo, bamboo, and limestone forming a frame. Breathing wild scene of mountains and forests.

After the first 1 km trekking, you will reach the Golden Water Stream, which is the starting place of Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall . The Golden Stream is characterized by a shiny golden water color due to the accumulation of metal ores from upstream sources in the stream bed.

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall The stream with golden color is very beautiful and characteristic. Photo: @antamtour

The beauty of this stream is also enough to make you quiet, the flow meanders through the cliffs like a golden silk strip across the jungle, but this is just the beginning of the journey to explore the waterfall. Ba Tia Bac Giang so you will also discover many surprises ahead. journey to explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall From a distance you will hear the sound of water pouring

To reach Ba Tia waterfall, you continue to follow the path along the stream, climb over the green mossy rocks and continue to go about 1km to arrive. When you arrive about a few hundred meters from Ba Tia waterfall, you will hear the rumbling of water, the sound of him as a catalyst that makes you excited and want to walk quickly to admire the beauty of this famous landscape. . 

journey to explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall The scenery at Ba Tia waterfall will make you fascinated. Photo: @_ thinnn

The beautiful and romantic scenery of Ba Tia waterfall will make you overwhelmed right from the first encounter, admiring this waterfall is a very worthy reward for you after your trekking journey from the lowlands. source. The large waterfall falls from a height of 20m down to white foam in the middle of the majestic mountains, making the space in front of you like a vivid picture. 

 explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall The waterfall flows from a height of 20m, releasing white foam. Photo: @ xem.ccc

Besides watching the beauty of the waterfall, you can comfortably immerse yourself in the clear blue water at the foot of the waterfall, comfortably relax and enjoy the cool and refreshing feeling.

Especially in the midst of the beautiful scenery of this place that is camping overnight, campfire and together with friends, catch spring fish, grill fish or enjoy delicious hill chickens and great local specialties. is an unforgettable experience for anyone. 

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall Ba Tia Waterfall is the perfect hot escape. Photo: @ xem.ccc

Enjoy a trip to Bac Giang’s Ba Tia Waterfall in the midst of hot summer days and you will surely have moments of real relaxation and comfort, the natural scenery of this place is like a medicine to soothe the soul. of you, bring out great emotions. 

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Notes when coming to Ba Tia waterfall

The journey to discover Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall will definitely give you a great experience. However, to make your journey more complete, there are a few more things to note before you start your trip. 

Traveling in Ba Tia Waterfall in addition to your personal belongings, do not forget to bring a warm coat because it is quite cold at night. Also use medical supplies such as bandages, mosquito repellent to use if needed while trekking. 

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall Should prepare a full range of support equipment trekking when coming to Ba Tia waterfall. Photo: @ behuong33

Should bring soft sandals, climbing shoes because the distance to the waterfall you need to climb quite a lot. Do not forget to prepare stored food and drink and supporting items such as flashlights, cameras, power banks, … because there are no houses or travel services around Ba Tia Waterfall.

 Finally, in order to keep the scenery at Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall always beautiful and pristine as the inherent beauty, you should be conscious of keeping the environment clean, not littering the fire indiscriminately before leaving. 

explore Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall Protect the untouched beauty inherent in Ba Tia waterfall when traveling here. Photo: @ xem.ccc

Discovering Ba Tia Bac Giang waterfall is a great experience that brings you back to fresh and beautiful nature. If you are looking for a hot spot this summer, please note Ba Tia Waterfall in the list of destinations in your Bac Giang travel guide. 

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