Craving for bun thang? We invite you to come to these delicious bun thang restaurants in Hanoi

Suddenly one beautiful day craving for vermicelli, you should immediately go to the address of delicious bun thang shops in Hanoi introduced below to enjoy Ha Thanh standard bun thang. 

Delicious bun thang restaurants in Hanoi, eating once is ‘addicted’

1. Bun thang Ba Duc

One of the most famous delicious bun thang restaurants in Hanoi today is Ba Duc Bun thang restaurant, located at 48 Cau Go, Dong Da district. This is a noodle shop with a delicious, pure taste, once you eat it, you will remember it. The shop serves mainly bun thang and rolled rice paper.
 Bun thang Ba Duc is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiBa Duc noodle shop is famous throughout Ha Thanh. Photo: @in_my_puku

What’s so delicious about Bun thang Ba Duc that diners are so fascinated with? Perhaps the secret is encapsulated in the recipe for the broth with a moderate fire to stew the bones, resulting in a sweet and delicious drink. A bowl of bun thang at the restaurant will usually have chicken, sausage, omelette, shiitake mushrooms, radish, laksa leaves, scallions, etc., beautifully decorated. 
 Bun thang Ba Duc is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiA delicious bowl of bun thang is beautifully decorated. Photo: @breakfastguru 

Go to Ba Duc noodle shop, sit at the table and order vermicelli, you will be served a bowl of fragrant vermicelli, hot broth. A bowl of vermicelli with sophisticated ingredients, adding a hot, smoky broth, served with lemon, fish sauce and other spices, stimulating the taste buds of diners right from the first time enjoying.

Reference price: 30,000 – 55,000 VND/bowl 

2. Hang Hanh Noodles 

Among the delicious noodle shops in Hanoi, the noodle shop at 29 Hang Hanh is also a favorite place for many tourists. This is a noodle shop with delicious and exclusive recipes, meeting the strict requirements of bun thang. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a noodle dish that represents Hanoi cuisine , you must definitely visit here. 
 Bun thang Hang Hanh is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiNoodle shop at 29 Hang Hanh is always crowded. Photo: @danggoodwings

The shop selling ladders at 29 Hang Hanh will certainly not disappoint diners with its delicious taste and elaborate and meticulous processing. Bun thang is one of the dishes that require elaborate preparation, especially the stewing of the broth, slicing the egg rolls, tearing the chicken and preparing spices such as garlic, chili, green onions, and laksa leaves. …  
 Bun thang Hang Hanh is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiThe bowl of vermicelli is beautifully decorated, just looking at it is addicting. Photo: @hihih_ihahaa

When the bowl of bun thang at the shop is brought out, you will immediately feel the pure aroma, light sweetness, and eye-catching color of the bowl of vermicelli. Everyone knows that bun thang is a noodle dish with a lot of ingredients. And the great thing about this noodle shop is the very beautiful arrangement of eggs, sausages, chicken, shrimp, onions, cilantro,…
 Bun thang Hang Hanh is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiIn addition to bun thang, the shop also sells chicken sticky rice. Photo: @vietnamagazine

Bun thang Hanoi is best eaten when the broth is still hot and smoky. When eating, you can mix all the ingredients in the vermicelli bowl to feel the fullest flavor of each ingredient. 

Reference price: 20,000 – 33,000 VND/bowl

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3. Bun thang Ha Hoi 

Among the delicious vermicelli dishes in Hanoi, bun thang is always the favorite choice of many people. And if you want to find a place to sell delicious bun thang in Hoan Kiem district, you can go to 11, Ha Hoi, Tran Hung Dao ward. This noodle shop is hidden in a small alley but is very famous for its standard Hanoi flavor in the early years of the 21st century.
 Bun Thang Ha Hoi is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiBun Thang Ha Hoi restaurant is full of Hanoi traditional bun thang. Photo: @htl.foods

Coming to Ha Hoi vermicelli restaurant, you can feel somewhat rustic, old-fashioned cuisine. The sophisticated and delicate features of bun thang are shortened but still retain the characteristic delicious flavor of this dish. The broth of the noodle dish has a complex aroma, a faint smell of chicken, shrimp, … very attractive. 

Bun Thang Ha Hoi is a delicious bun thang restaurant in Hanoi

Here, a bowl of bun thang costs 25,000 – 55,000 VND. Photo: @htl.foods

Like bun thang at many other places, the bowl of vermicelli here has enough ingredients such as shredded chicken, chopped eggs, shiitake mushrooms, and radishes that are quite eye-catching. In addition to bun thang, the shop also sells pho for diners to change their taste. If you want to enjoy bun thang here, you should come early because the restaurant often sells out early. 

Reference price: 25,000 – 55,000 VND/bowl 

4. To Hieu Bun thang

Referring to delicious bun thang shops in Hanoi but forgetting about the noodle shop at 110B7 To Hieu, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District is a huge omission. This vermicelli shop not only sells vermicelli but also sells many other Hanoi delicacies , is the place to preserve the traditional cuisine of Ha Thanh land. 
 Bun thang To Hieu is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiBun thang shop on To Hieu Street is also a famous delicious vermicelli restaurant in Ha Thanh. Photo: @streetfoodwnt

At To Hieu noodle shop, not only the broth and ingredients are meticulously prepared, but even the vermicelli is meticulously prepared. The white, chewy, and soft vermicelli noodles are pre-blanched with broth, so they retain the full aroma when eaten. At the same time, ingredients such as omelets, sausages, mushrooms, chicken, vegetables, … with all colors and beautifully arranged, make the bowl of vermicelli become more attractive. 
 Bun thang To Hieu is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiNoodle dish with delicious, irresistible flavor. Photo: @long.ha.saigonese

Coming to this noodle shop, in addition to enjoying the traditional bun thang, diners can also enjoy wonton noodles, dumplings, etc. These are all delicious dishes that are elaborately and sophisticatedly prepared, giving you a unique taste. quality meals. 

Reference price: 30,000 – 40,000 VND/bowl

5. Noodles with Lan Ong 

Bun thang at 16 Lan Ong, Hoan Kiem district is also the place where you can enjoy the delicate flavor of this delicious noodle dish. With its location near Hoan Kiem Lake , this is a delicious noodle shop that you should visit once to enjoy. 
 Bun thang Lan Ong is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiBun thang shop with delicious stewed chicken bone broth. Photo: @win_00

Among many delicious bun thang shops in Hanoi, bun thang Lan Ong “causes nostalgia” with its sweet, ethereal broth. From the first taste, you can already feel the characteristic sweet aroma of chicken bones. The special thing is that the broth is very clear, completely without foam, giving a very delicious feeling when enjoyed. 
 Bun thang Lan Ong is a delicious bun thang restaurant in HanoiThis is one of the delicious bun thang shops in Ha Thanh that you should visit once. Photo: @thhsandwiches

In addition to the fussy layout, the bun thang Lan Ong restaurant also scores points with a clean and comfortable space. Come here to enjoy a standard Ha Thanh noodle soup in a cool, comfortable space, nothing is more wonderful. 

Reference price: 25,000 – 35,000 VND/bowl

Bun thang Lan Ong is a delicious bun thang restaurant in Hanoi

Bun thang – an elaborate and delicate delicacy of Ha Thanh land. Photo: @quanhoasen

There are many delicious bun thang shops in Hanoi that you can choose to visit and enjoy. In, 5 noodle shops introduced in this article are highly appreciated for their taste, processing as well as space, and price.

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