Crowded with people taking pictures with ao dai at the museum

HO CHI MINH CITY – On the weekend, thousands of young people came to the Ao Dai Museum, Thu Duc City, to take Tet photos, the miniatures were crowded with people.

Near the Lunar New Year, every day there are nearly 1,000 visitors to the Ao Dai Museum (Long Thuan Street) to visit and take photos, with double the number on weekends. Ms. Huynh Ngoc Van, director of the Ao Dai Museum, said that this year, visitors came to take pictures earlier, and it was bustling from early January, so the museum had to increase service staff.

On the morning of January 21, the museum’s spaces, miniatures, and exhibition areas were all crowded. From outside the gate, many people waited in line for nearly ten minutes to buy tickets. Most of the guests are young people, wearing ancient-style ao dai to take photos.

The miniature landscapes around the lake in the middle of the museum are bustling with visitors. The museum space is imbued with the identity of the Vietnamese countryside with houses with traditional architecture and calm colors, suitable for taking photos wearing ao dai during Tet.

Next to the lake is a countryside space with rice fields, gardens, coconut bridges…

Every corner of the space in the museum is crowded with young people taking photos. They often go in groups, ask friends to take pictures of each other with their phones or hire a photographer. At the museum, there is a service to rent ao dai, ancient costumes, conical hats, fans, flowers… for about 100,000 VND.

Pham Ngoc Toi in Thu Duc City, smiling brightly in an ao dai and conical hat. The 21-year-old girl said that her whole group of friends went early in the morning and rented costumes and accessories for 400,000 VND to take beautiful photos with the Tet atmosphere. “The space here is nostalgic, every miniature is beautiful, even though it’s crowded, it’s still cool,” Toi said.

In a Nhat Binh ancient costume, Luong Ngoc Vy, 23 years old, gracefully poses by the lake. “I didn’t expect the museum to be so crowded. In every corner, people had to wait for each other to take beautiful photos,” Vy said.

Living in District 8, nearly 40 km from the museum, Vo Gia Han (red shirt) went with his friends early in the morning. The 24-year-old girl said that the first time she came to the museum, even though she was far away, she was happy to have many beautiful photos.

In addition to outdoor miniatures, the spaces displaying artifacts are crowded with visitors.

The rows of waiting rooms, benches, and lawns at the museum become places for young people to do their makeup and hair before taking photos.

A young person carries a mini fan in hot weather.

As noon approaches, visitors to the museum become more crowded. According to the museum director, in the coming time, more miniatures will be made and cultural programs will be organized.

The museum was inaugurated in 2014, about 25 km from Ho Chi Minh City center. The project has an area of ​​20,000 m2, displaying about 150 styles of ao dai from different periods. The museum is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day, entrance fee is 100,000 VND for adults, 50,000 VND for students.

($1~24,000 VND)
 ( According to vnexpress )