Da Lat at the end of the cloud hunting season

The result of getting up at 4 am, and driving 30 km under 16 degrees Celsius weather to capture the clouds of Pham Kim Nhan is considered “beautiful beyond imagination”.

Pham Kim Nhan, 27 years old, a Saigonese has a passion and loves Da Lat intensely. That’s why, he moved from the noisy city to the foggy country to live for a long time.
“I moved to Da Lat four years ago, but I still go back and forth regularly between Saigon – Da Lat. I chose this land because I want to experience a new life and be in harmony with nature,” he said.

The set of photos of the sea of ​​clouds was taken by Nhan in the last days of August, when he woke up at 4am and drove 30 km to record beautiful pictures like in a fairy tale. Cloud season in Dalat is most beautiful from about June to the end of August.

The place where Nhan took these photos is called Cau Go hunting clouds . He called this the “genuine” wooden bridge because it was the first wooden bridge of Da Lat. Later, around this place grew 4-5 similar areas, but the miniatures and corners were not as beautiful as “auth goods”, according to Nhan.

The time to take beautiful photos , according to Nhan, is from 5am to 7am. “The most beautiful thing is at 5am, the sun has not yet risen, try to keep the color, every day is a different shade. Therefore, if you rent a hotel in the center, guests need to depart at 4:15 am.

The photo spot is nearly 30 km from the city center. Visitors just need to type on Google Maps “rattan coffee wooden bridge” to find the address where Nhan stands to take the photo. He recommends that everyone follow the instructions, instead of listening to the advice of people around, they will be led to another area that is not as beautiful.

“I hunt clouds all year round all month long because it is my hobby and also my job. I often take guests there to take photos and videos for them. Therefore, my personal page is mostly photos. taking pictures of the clouds,” Nhan added.

According to the Saigon guy, this is the most beautiful place to capture clouds, because the percentage of clouds is high, usually 80-90%, and the landscape is beautiful. Some other places tourists can visit to capture clouds are the hills of Thien Phuc Duc , Da Phu, Troc, Yumonang.

In Da Lat for 4 years, Nhan also suggested that when tourists come here to travel, they can enjoy dishes such as beef hot pot, chicken hot pot, grilled food, rice paper … Rattan, priced at 400,000 VND per room, Kettle Cap from more than one million VND…

According to Nhan, if tourists miss the time to capture clouds in the early morning, you can hunt… Da Lat night dew . On the photo is a picture of Nhan taken right in front of the porch on the night of September 10, which is also the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Photo: Pham Kim Nhan

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