Da Lat from the perspective of a wanderer

Bui Huy Tuong captures natural scenes and moments in his daily life and that of the Da Lat people.

Bui Huy Tuong, from Quang Binh, moved to Da Lat to set up a career in 2019. Tuong is a freelance photographer, in addition to wedding photos taken for guests, he also likes to wander and capture beautiful moments of Da Lat randomly. excited.

At the end of September, Tuong completed a series of untitled photos of Da Lat, simply moments in the daily life of a person who has lived in this city for a long time. Every moment in the set of photos is collected by him from his daily activities and that of the people of Da Lat.

Da Lat every season has its own characteristics: in spring there are cherry blossoms, ban flowers, hydrangeas… in summer there are sudden rains, in the moment of change of season, the weather is cold to winter. It was cold with seas of clouds but it was beautiful and sunny.

Sidewalk coffee is one of the cultural features of Da Lat people, continuing from the culture of the French. Sidewalk cafes appear everywhere on the street. Not fussy with a few plastic chairs, guests drink with small glass, priced from 15,000 to 30,000 VND a cup. Many coffee shops in Da Lat that are only open from 4am to 7am have closed.

Chiang passed through the Hoa Binh area, Tuyen Lam lake, Memories coffee shop, Biology branch and many small alleys on the street…

“I really like the Hoa Binh area, in the morning drinking coffee here will see how Da Lat people start their day. They sit and sip hot black cups, turn on instrumental music and have fun chatting”, Huy Tuong said. To share.

Visitors to Da Lat, if not in a hurry, can go deep into the small alleys in any street, up the steep slopes leading to the houses. Coming here, you will see Thai roof houses, ancient architecture, the two sides of the road are led by colorful flower trellises.

From September, Da Lat begins to change seasons and enters the most beautiful time of the year. The morning is cold and foggy, but after 10 am, the sun is shining again.

Outside the city center, Da Lat has countless pine forests, with their very own and romantic beauty like Europe.

This is also the time when the persimmon season begins to bear fruit. Huy Tuong suggested some places to take pictures with persimmon trees in Da Lat: cafes such as Tom’s Rose Garden, and Moc Tra Farm coffee… Along the way near Bao Dai palace, Mimosa pass road…

Idea suggests that visitors get up early to jog around Xuan Huong Lake or simply sit and watch people jogging, then drink coffee or a cup of hot soybeans. “You will see a very different Da Lat,” said Tuong.

Photo: Huy Tuong