Da Lat has a restaurant like no other: No menu, if you want to eat something, the owner will cook it herself

Waiting Kitchen is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a rustic meal filled with a family atmosphere.

It is true that Da Lat has never ceased to be attractive because it has so many beautiful places, but the culinary map is still diverse. Especially the unique experiences, only Da Lat has. For example, recently, many young people are paying attention to a unique restaurant located on Khoi Nghia Bac Son street: Wait for Mieu kitchen.

The space is like the house of grandparents in the past (Photo: @wu.thin, Waiting for Mieu, Hoa, Hoang Anh)

Stepping to Wait Mieu kitchen, you will feel like coming home to have dinner with your family on the weekend. Although called a restaurant, Cho Mieu’s kitchen has no signboard, no menu, nor many tables and chairs lined up or shimmering “virtual living” corners. This place only has a simple kitchen directly cooked by Ms. Xuan Nam and a few old wooden tables placed in front of the porch for guests to eat. In addition, at the kitchen waiting for Mieu, there is also a quite large garden, planted with many trees, so it is very airy, you can walk around the garden to breathe in the fresh air or play with the worthy cat Gin. Love of the kitchen Wait Mieu.

Many young people when coming to Da Lat often stop by Cho Mieu kitchen (Photo: Waiting for Mieu, @wu.thin)

When you come here, you want to eat something, Ms. Xuan Nam will go to the market to choose the freshest ingredients and cook those dishes by herself. In addition, many friends also like to go to the kitchen to cook with Ms. Xuan Nam, listen to her share cooking secrets that have been accumulated over the past 20 years.

The corner of the kitchen is small but can cook a lot of delicious dishes (Photo: @nobrieftoday, Hoa, Hoang Anh, Waiting for Mieu)

At Wait Mieu kitchen, all dishes from steaming, frying, stir-frying to oven casting, roasting, baking can be made. Besides the dishes on demand, you can choose more favorites here such as cheese asparagus, braised beef with bread, grilled chicken wings, seafood spring rolls, sweet and sour ribs, braised fish, … Especially the pumpkin soup because almost everyone who comes to the kitchen waits for Mieu to order it. In addition to using fresh ingredients, the dishes here are also meticulously prepared and seasoned to taste.

Each dish is carefully prepared and meticulously decorated (Photo: @nobrieftoday, @wu.thin, Hoa, Hoang Anh, Waiting for Miao)

Not only full dishes, Cho Mieu kitchen also serves a full range of snacks, desserts and drinks at your request. If you want to organize a BBQ party, Ms. Xuan Nam will also prepare everything from the brazier, grill to meat skewers so that a large group of friends can grill together.

The BBQ party was also carefully prepared by Ms. Xuan Nam (Photo: @wu.thin)

After cooking, the dishes will be served on a wooden table in front of the house. You can invite Ms. Xuan Nam to sit at the table with you to listen to more old and fascinating stories about Da Lat. This will definitely be an interesting experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Eating while listening to stories makes young people excited (Photo: Waiting for Mieu)

At Wait Mieu kitchen, everything is rustic, close and brings a sense of peace. Although not too comfortable, it is the delicious food and family atmosphere here that make many people excited to come here.