Da Lat night fog


LAM DONG – Le Hoang Men shares the experience of hunting for moments of night dew or light through the fog throughout Da Lat.

Nature bestows the Lam Dong highlands with breathtaking scenes, with all kinds of flowers blooming, the green of the hills, pine forests and especially the foggy season, clouds and mountains.

The picture of mist in the center of Cau Dat, Xuan Truong, Da Lat at nearly 5 o’clock is in the photo series of Le Hoang Men (born in 1992). The author from Dong Nai, now living in Ho Chi Minh City, has won many domestic and foreign awards such as the Gold Medal for Dalat Yersin 2022 in the Portrait category; Silver medal at the Ho Chi Minh City Regional Art Photo Festival; HC co-artistic photo at SEA Games 31. The set of photos was taken during the author’s travels in Lam Dong from 2020 up to now.

“Each time of the day in Da Lat has a different beauty. During my ups and downs to take pictures of the mist, I took advantage of taking pictures of the Milky Way in the night sky at the lonely tree area in Cau Dat tea hill nearby. 2 am”, Men shared.

Visitors who want to see the night dew must climb the hills of Da Lat from about 11pm the day before. At that time, the dew from the highlands will gradually pour down into the city, covering every house, tree branch, and blade of grass. The photo was taken at 2 o’clock from Du Sinh hill, about 6 km from the center of Da Lat with a view towards the city.

Hoang Men said that in order to go to Du Sinh hill to see the dew, he had to pass
Du Sinh cemetery in the quiet night. In return, at dawn, the eyes are satisfied with the view of houses and pine forests in the mist and dawn.

The mountain town is really attractive and beautiful, especially when waiting for the dawn
of the early morning. Pictured is Da Lat Pedagogical College engulfed in mist at dawn, one of Hoang Men
‘s favorite photos .

Peace soon in the campus of Palace 1 Bao Dai, Da Lat, located on a hill 1,550 m above sea level, surrounded by pine forests. Visitors can take a walk to enjoy the green beauty of Da Lat when the new day is sunny and foggy, relax and listen to romantic love stories, and temporarily forget the difficulties and hardships in everyday life.

Moving further will help visitors fulfill their dream of seeing thicker clouds. The distance from Da Lat city center to dew viewing spots varies from 10 to 55 km, such as Omega pass, Lac Duong district, about 55 km from Da Lat. On the photo is a view of Omega Pass in the mist when the sun rises at 6 am. In addition to the name Omega, the pass is known by many names such as Hon Giao, Khanh Le, Bidoup or Long Lanh.

The highland fog seems to hypnotize visitors with the view from Da Phu hill, which is famous in the list of the most beautiful places to hunt clouds in Da Lat, 12 km from the city center.

“Most destinations have easy-to-access asphalt roads, but when you reach the foothills, you have to climb or you can drive a motorbike straight into the grassy hills along the available trails. To capture all the misty moments, out of passion, moving many times to the shooting place, it depends on the luck factor of the weather. There are times when we reach the location but there is no fog that day, so I have to leave sadly,” Men said.

The author’s photo was taken in the area of ​​bare hills – Da Lat Golden Stream in the early morning mist, about 18 km from the city center.

The center of Dasar commune, Lac Duong district, about 20 km from Da Lat, is misty in the golden sunshine at more than 6 am. There is nothing more wonderful than going to the suburbs to watch the mist escape. The scene was unusually peaceful when immersed in the misty atmosphere.

A corner of Tia stream, Tuyen Lam lake, about 5 km
south of Da Lat center, the scene attracts many photographers to take pictures of the fog season. This place, even when the sun is up, is still covered with thick fog, making the scenery of the lake like a fairyland.

Hoang Men shares some notes when tourists go to take pictures in the foggy season to prepare a car with enough power to climb the hill, and fill up the gas tank before evening because there is no gas station in Dalat late at night. In addition, prepare warm clothes, gloves, and wool hats, to keep body heat before the cold of Da Lat.

Rays of sunlight penetrate the mist covering pine trees along Highway 20, a section of Da Loc church, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat.

Photo: Le Hoang Men