Dak Bok Waterfall: “beautiful girl” waiting to be awakened in the vast Kbang


Located in the middle of primeval mountains and forests, Dak Bok waterfall is a beautiful paradise for trekking and immersing yourself in the pristine beauty of the Central Highlands, admiring the masterpiece of nature that is still pristine.

    Not only does the majestic K50 waterfall fascinate trekking enthusiasts, Gia Lai also has many other beautiful and majestic waterfalls waiting for tourists to explore and Dak Bok waterfall is one of the great destinations. Also located deep in the primeval forest in Kon Ka Kinh like the K50 waterfall, Dak Bok waterfall has a beauty that is both gentle and fierce, likened to a beautiful girl sleeping soundly and waiting to be awakened. Conquering Dak Bok waterfall and immersing yourself in the wonderful beauty of charming nature amidst the vast wilderness will be a valuable experience for nature lovers when coming to Gia Lai.

    Where is Dak Bok Gia Lai Waterfall? Instructions to enter the waterfall 

    Not too famous on the Gia Lai travel map, located deep in the middle of Kon Ka Kinh mountains and forests with a relatively dangerous conquering path, Dak Bok waterfall is not known to many people. That’s why this place still retains its original pristine beauty. Accordingly, this waterfall in Gia Lai is located in Cheng village, Krong commune, 50km from Kbang district center. 

    From the center of KBang, there are two directions for you to reach Dak Bok waterfall : follow the East Truong Son road to Krong commune, the waterfall is only 1.5km from the commune People’s Committee. In addition, visitors can go in the direction of Son Lang commune. When arriving at the ranger station, continue moving to Dat Do village, the waterfall is only 1km from the village.

    Dak Bok WaterfallThe road to Dak Bok Waterfall is not easy. Photo: VTT

    The road to get to the waterfall is relatively dangerous, from the landmark area it will take about 40 minutes to wade through the forest to reach the foot of the waterfall. The path to the waterfall is very small with many reeds and small sharp thorns that can easily stab people. The road down to the waterfall is even more dangerous with slippery sections, sometimes having to crawl and slide with both feet. Normally, if you go to the waterfall in the dry season, the road is much easier to navigate. If you go in the rainy season, you definitely have to be mentally prepared to deal with muddy and slippery slopes. When moving closer to the foot of the waterfall, there will be many rocks of all shapes in the middle of the forest, this is an ideal place to stop for visitors to rest and continue down the waterfall. 

    Road to Dak Bok waterfallFrom above, visitors need to wade down to the foot of the waterfall to admire the wonderful scenery. Photo: FB/Kbang – My hometown’s identity

    Visit Dak Bok waterfall and be amazed by its majestic beauty 

    Although you have to overcome the dangerous road to the waterfall, once you set foot at  Dak Bok waterfall, visitors will surely feel completely satisfied and satisfied by the stunning beauty of nature.

    The height of Dak Bok waterfallThe waterfall has a height of up to 80m, the water flows from above with the sound echoing through the mountains and forests. Photo: Kien Trung

    Dak Bok waterfall appears like a beautiful watercolor painting like a fantasy place. The waterfall rushes from a height of more than 80m, creating white foam and steam flying in the air, splashing away like drizzle, creating an extremely magical landscape. Overall, the waterfall looks like the long hair of a mountain girl amidst the green of the mountains and forests with a rustic, innocent but also extremely seductive beauty. What makes the beauty of Dak Bok waterfall more unique than other waterfalls in Gia Lai is that there are cylindrical and hexagonal basalt rocks here that are very unique and strange, almost similar to the scenic spot. Da Dia Rapids of Phu Yen. 

    Dak Bok waterfall basaltThe hexagonal rocks are arranged randomly creating a unique look. Photo: Nguyen Thi Bich Van

    Dak Bok Waterfall is beautiful all year round, so no matter what time you go, you will be able to admire the impressive natural picture. In the dry season, the water at the waterfall is still very abundant, clear and pure and cool. In the rainy season, the water at Dak Bo waterfall will be more, the waterfall surface is expanded with strong flow, bouncing over giant rocks, creating a beautiful scene. extremely majestic and poetic.

    Dak Bok waterfallDuring the rainy season, the waterfall’s surface will be expanded thanks to the abundant water. Photo: Nguyen Thi Bich Van

    The vegetation around Dak Bok waterfall is also very impressive, further embellishing the natural picture here with low and tall trees interspersed, surrounded by many large old trees with green canopy and wide as the scent of honey, thick roots… Therefore, in addition to admiring the masterpiece waterfall, exploring the ecosystem around the waterfall will also be an attractive activity that visitors should not miss. 

    ecosystem around Dak Bok waterfallThe ecosystem around Dak Bok waterfall is also very attractive. Photo:@dolu_phatnguyen

    Some experiences traveling to Dak Bok Gia Lai waterfall that you should know 

    Dak Bok Gia Lai Waterfall is a fairly new destination and there is almost no tourism here, mainly backpackers and locals come to visit and check-in. Therefore, if you go for the first time and are not familiar with the route, you should hire a local guide to ensure safety, avoid getting lost as well as receive maximum support on the way to the waterfall because of the difficult terrain. 

     The most ideal time to check-in to the waterfall is the dry season or the transition period between the rainy and dry seasons because at this time the weather is not harsh, the road to the waterfall is not muddy, it is easy to climb down to the foot of the waterfall to admire the scenery. The waterfall also has an abundant amount of water, creating a poetic landscape. When traveling to Dak Bok, you should also pay attention to preserving the landscape and not littering to preserve the inherent pristine beauty of nature here.

    Note when coming to Dak Bok waterfallPlease preserve the surrounding scenery so that the waterfall always has its wonderful pristine beauty. Photo: FB/ See You Back Day

    Near Dak Bok waterfall , there is a Historical – Cultural Relic of the revolutionary base area 10, which is also an attractive tourist destination that visitors can conveniently combine check-in in their exploration schedule in Krong commune, Kbang district. mine. 

    Dak Bok Gia Lai waterfall is likened to a beautiful girl sleeping in the middle of the jungle waiting for someone to wake her up. Although it has only recently begun to become more known to travelers, the waterfall with its enchanting beauty has made many people flutter. In the future, if this place is invested in a cable car or slide down to the foot of the waterfall combined with the surrounding scenery, Dak Bok waterfall will certainly become a famous scenic spot and attract tourists to travel to find it. come to admire. 

    Photo: Internet