Dak Glong travel experience is extremely HOT on the check-in map of Dak Nong


As a place that owns many famous landmarks of Dak Nong such as Ta Dung, Dak P’lao waterfall…, Dak Glong district is a great destination for you to stop and explore.

 Dak Nong tourism, one of the destinations that you can hardly miss is Dak Glong, which is also an extremely attractive destination of this rich Central Highlands. Dak Glong is a heroic epic land with stories told endlessly, in the hard flow of time, this land always contains mysteries, wonderful beauties that urge people to explore. . Once coming to Dak Glong, you will be mesmerized by the unique indigenous cultural beauties along with the majestic landscape of the vast green place, both wild and magnificent, but also extremely poetic and lyrical. Let’s explore the Dak Glong’s travel experience to have a complete journey in this land. 

 Dak Glong travel experience

 Dak Glong is a wonderful land with countless interesting things waiting for you to discover. Photo:@imihg

About Dak Glong

Dak Glong is a large district capital and also one of the most developed tourism districts located in the southeast of Dak Nong province. With a special geographical position, bordering many provinces such as Lam Dong and Dak Lak, Dak Glong possesses diverse geological terrain as well as many beautiful landscapes, becoming the most attractive destination for tourists. in Dak Nong province. 

 Dak Glong travel experience

Dak Glong has many famous check-in points. Photo:@mitaya_2.1.0

Dak Glong travel experience: Time to visit

You can travel to Dak Glong almost any time of the year because each season here brings a very unique beauty. Accordingly, the Dak Glong travel experience about the weather you should know is that the rainy season here will start from April to the end of November, although it will be more difficult to move, it is the right time for you to enjoy the weather. Enjoy the feeling of conquering large white waterfalls in the middle of thousands of Dak Glong. Dak Glong travel experience TIME You can visit Dak Glong at many times of the year. Photo: @tran.chudu

The dry season is from December to the end of March next year, the weather is dry, suitable for you to move around to visit and explore other tourist attractions. Especially, do not forget to choose the right time to travel to enjoy the brilliant flower seasons of the Central Highlands such as yellow cassia, wild sunflowers in November or coffee flowers in full bloom in March. 

 Dak Glong travel experience visiting season

If you want to hunt for night anemones or golden muskets, visit Dak Glong in November. Photo:@ocmedi

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How to get to Dak Glong 

The o Dak Glong travel experience of many Christians, the movement shifted to this place quite easily. If going from Ho Chi Minh City, you can travel by car, motorbike, or bus to the center of Gia Nghia city and then continue on Highway 28 through Quang Khe district to reach the territory of Dak Glong district. In addition, you can also depart from Gia Lai, Buon Ma Thuot, where there are flights to many provinces and cities across the country, then check-in Gia Nghia and follow the same route. The road from Gia Nghia city to Dak Glong has many passes and slopes with beautiful and impressive mountain scenery.  

 Dak Glong travel experience how to move

The road to Dak Glong is very beautiful. Photo:@hautheo

Where to stay when traveling to Dak Glong?

You have quite a few options for accommodation when traveling to Dak Glong, according to which depending on the route you can choose hotels and homestays in the center of Gia Nghia and then go back during the day or check-in at Homestays around the area. Ta Dung area of ​​Dak Glong. 

Homestay form of accommodation is very popular recently and the Dak Glong travel experience you should not miss is to try once to experience a homestay in Ta Dung area because it is very beautiful and impressive. Some typical Homestays you can refer to such as Uncle Dong homestay, Tue Uyen homestay, Bien Rung homestay, Freedom Green Village, Ta Dung Trust Life Homestay, Me Garden Homestay, YuMin Farm House… chestnut, from 400,000 VND to 700,000 VND/night. 

 Dak Glong travel experience where to stay

Beautiful check-in view at YuMin Farm House. Photo:@soi_loi_nhoi

Check list of enchanting beautiful destinations in Dak Glong

Ta Dung – Ha Long of the Central Highlands 

This can be said to be the top destination of Dak Glong and also a “magnet” to attract tourists to this land. Ta Dung is located in Quang Khe commune of Dak Glong district, this place includes a lake population. The majestic mountains with more than 40 large and small islands are likened to Ha Long of the Central Highlands by the wonderful scenery.

 Dak Glong travel experience

Ta Dung is the hottest destination in Dak Glong. Photo:@itsnghiahuynh

The beauty of Ta Dung is a harmonious blend of green mountains, charming and poetic blue water. Coming to Ta Dung, you can drop by to admire the beautiful scenery, hunt the sunrise, sunset or take a sightseeing boat to explore the beautiful islands, camp overnight. In particular, the Dak Glong travel experience you should not forget is to challenge yourself with a trip to explore Ta Dung mountain. 

 Dak Glong Ta Dung travel experience

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. Photo:@mon304

Lieng Rom Waterfall

Lieng Rom Waterfall is located in Bon Phi Mur area, Quang Khe commune, which is famous for its wild and majestic appearance, typical of waterfalls in the vast green land. According to the village elders, previously wanted to visit the top of the mountain. In this waterfall, one has to overcome steep cliffs and immense forests. However, today, the road to the falls is easier and visitors can also conquer it easily. 

 Dak Glong travel experience Lieng Rom waterfall

The majestic Lieng Rom Waterfall, Photo: fb Quy

Dak P’lao Waterfall

Dak P’lao Waterfall is located deep in the core area of ​​Ta Dung National Park, so conquering this place will take a long time. However, the journey to conquer this waterfall will be great when you can explore the pristine vegetation of the old forest and see the majestic beauty of the waterfall with big rocks and a clear dreamy stream. . 

 Dak Glong travel experience Lieng Rom waterfall

Dak P’lao waterfall is wild in the middle of the Great Thousand. Photo: tripzone

Dak Glong Guava Garden

Another destination in the list of Dak Glong travel experiences that you can hardly miss is Ms. Ngoc’s guava garden located in hamlet 8, Quang Khe commune. This is a clean guava garden that is very famous for its fresh scenery and fruity branches. The special feature of Dak Glong guava is that it gives fruit all year round, the fruit is crispy, glossy and very sweet, so besides visiting you can also enjoy it on the spot and buy it as a gift. 

 Dak Glong travel experience with guava garden

Dak Glong Guava Garden is full of fruit. Photo: Phan Loc

Dak Glong pine forest 

This is also an interesting check-in point with a poetic scenery no less than Da Lat despite its smaller scale. Coming to Dak Glong pine forest, you can breathe in the fresh air and comfortably drop a virtual life with extreme scenery. 

 Dak Glong travel experience Dak Glong pine forest

Dak Glong pine forest is extremely poetic. Photo:@tran.chudu

In addition to the above places, you can visit some famous landmarks around the area such as Chu Bluk cave, Dieu Thanh waterfall, Ea Sno lake…


Discover specialties, attractive places to eat in Dak Glong 

Dak Glong has many attractive specialties for you to enjoy, typically the “brand” dishes of the Central Highlands such as bamboo rice, bitter eggplant, forest sour bamboo shoots, Serepok river trout, wild boar meat. grilled, grilled chicken… You can enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant 

 Dak Glong culinary travel experience

Cuisine in Dak Glong is very attractive. Photo: K’Jang Ta Dung Restaurant

K’Jang specializes in extremely famous Central Highlands specialties in Bon Pang So, Dak Som, Dak G’Long, some attractive dishes you can enjoy in K’Jang such as rice encrusted, chicken satay, wild vegetables, Kingfish … or Homestays with famous cuisines such as Sea Forest or Uncle Dong’s House… 

 Dak Glong culinary travel experience

Pork on an attractive tray at Homestay Bien Rung. Photo:@vanha.collection

 Dak Glong culinary travel experience

More wild boar meat at K’Jang Ta Dung restaurant. Photo:K’Jang Ta Dung restaurant

 Dak Glong culinary travel experience

Combo of sticky rice, vegetables and attractive alkaline fish. Photo:@namtran_ins

Traveling to Dak Glong in particular and Dak Nong, in general, is a great opportunity for you to return to the majestic mountains and forests, mingle with the beautiful nature, where you can let your soul follow the winds, dream about forever distant dreams in the wild to find moments of peace, tranquility, and lightness. Hopefully, the above Dak Glong travel experiences will be a useful information guide to make your upcoming journey more complete. 

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