Dak Song district tourism – a wonderful country hidden in the middle of the great plateau


What could be more wonderful than stopping at a peaceful place to carefreely immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery, inhale the fresh cool air in your chest and then fall in love with the wonderful mountain scenery? Traveling to Dak Song district, Dak Nong province is an experience that can bring you those wonderful emotions.

Referring to Dak Nong tourism, people will often immediately remember Ta Tung Lake, which is considered as Ha Long on the land of the Central Highlands. But few people know that this great land also has countless attractive destinations with a wild beauty that will make you fall in love and admire and Dak Song is one of such destinations. Traveling to Dak Song district, you will discover attractive destinations with wild beauty, pure to intoxicating, a great place for you to “escape” from the bustling city. 

Dak Song District Tourism

Dak Song is a beautiful land in the middle of a thousand places waiting for you to discover. Photo:@tunglevu

Dak Song district tourism emerging “muse” of Dak Nong 

Dak Song is a district capital of Dak Nong province, adjacent to Gia Nghia city and about 300km from Ho Chi Minh City, where it is always favored by backpackers and lovers of the beauty of the mountains and forests. opportunity to return to this great land. Traveling to Dak Song district, you will discover the beauty of nature, slow and peaceful life to the end.

Dak Song District Tourism

Dak Song district is adjacent to Gia Nghia city. Photo:@chouu.see

People in Dak Song live mainly by agricultural and forestry activities, but this place also has many beautiful destinations to attract tourists, especially the cultural traditions imbued with the identity of the indigenous people as well. is one of the factors that attract tourists. The most popular types of tourism in the Dak Song district are waterfall discovery, conservation areas, and ecotourism.

Dak Song District Tourism

Dak Song has many beautiful destinations, especially ecological destinations. Photo:@madaween_

Explore the list of beautiful destinations in Dak Song

Nam Nung Nature Reserve

This is one of the places that tourists can hardly miss when traveling to the Dak Song district. Nam Nung Nature Reserve is 45km from the center of Gia Nghia and is one of the major conservation areas of the Central Highlands. This place has a total area of ​​12000 hectares with natural forests, attractive landscapes, and historical sites. 

Dak Song district tourism check-in Nam Nung

Nam Nung is the largest protected area in the Central Highlands. Photo: Minh Duc

The most prominent in this reserve is the top of Nam Nung, also known as the buffalo horn mountain with an altitude of 1500m above sea level, so Nam Nung is also considered the roof of Dak Nong province with the north slanted roof. about the Serepok river and the southern slope is inclined towards the upstream area of ​​the Dong Nai river.

Dak Song district tourism check-in Nam Nung

Nature in Nam Nung fascinates travelers. Photo: Son Truong

Traveling to Nam Nung, visitors will discover the diverse and characteristic natural forest ecological world in the South Central Highlands with many rare and precious species of flora and fauna, and at the same time, the overlapping mountain scenery also inspires a virtual life. list for displaced believers.

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Luu Ly Waterfall

Luu Ly Waterfall is located in Nam N’Jang commune of Dak Song district and is known as one of the attractive tourist destinations, the muse of the mountains with wild and poetic beauty. Exploring this waterfall, visitors will have the opportunity to go through the roads surrounded by dense forests or green industrial crops typical of the red basalt land. 

Dak Song district tourism check-in Lazy waterfall

Luu Ly Waterfall is likened to a beautiful girl of the great thousand. Photo: @thusang_

The waterfall is hidden among thousands of green trees, so it is also likened to a fairy still sleeping in the wild mountains. Luu Ly Waterfall has a height of about 20m with many layers of stone covered with beautiful green moss. The air around the waterfall is very fresh and cool because there are many old trees reflecting. Coming here, in addition to sightseeing, bathing in the waterfall, you can organize picnics and camping in the middle of nature which is very interesting. 

Dak Song district tourism check-in Lazy waterfall

The majestic waterfall with enchanting beauty. Photo:@hamanh_

Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery

This is an attractive spiritual tourist destination that tourists can hardly miss when traveling to the Dak Song district. The Zen Monastery has located 40km from the center of Gia Nghia city to the North, hidden in the green pine forest and far from residential areas, so it is completely pure, quiet, and has a fresh climate all year round. Coming to Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery, visitors can admire and visit the unique architecture of the monastery as well as enjoy the fresh atmosphere of nature. 

Dak Song district tourism check-in Zen monk Truc Lam Dao Nguyen

The monastery is located in the middle of the mountain scenery. Photo:@chesolh

Dak Song district tourism check-in Zen monk Truc Lam Dao Nguyen

This is also a great peaceful place for many tourists. Photo:@minn.ahn_

Dak Mol Mineral Spring

This destination surprises many tourists when traveling in Dak Song and is also one of the rare mineral springs of the Central Highlands today. Dak Mol mineral spring is located in the area of ​​Dak Son 1 village, Dak Mol commune, with an area of ​​​​about 8 hectares. This stream is rated as 

Dak Song District Tourism check-in Dak Mol Mineral Spring

Dak Mol mineral spring with unique beauty. Photo: Ha Trang

very rich in Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate, the water temperature is always stable at 37 to 40ºC. Currently, Dak Mol mineral spring is still very unspoiled, but this will be an attractive and promising eco-tourism destination in the future. 

Dak Song District Tourism check-in Dak Mol Mineral Spring

The water temperature here ranges from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. Photo: Ha Gia Vuong

During long walks in the land of the Central Highlands, we can come across destinations that are simple but sweet, wild but also very poetic like this wonderful Dak Song land. Traveling to Dak Song district is a great journey for you to discover the hidden secrets of the great thousand, where you find a peaceful ‘slow life’ every moment to remember forever. 

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