Dalat travel experience in October welcomes the most romantic and poetic season of the year

October, the most romantic season of Da Lat, the time when the first winter winds begin to hit the alley and the wild sunflower season officially begins with the carpet of bright yellow flowers all over the highlands. 

Traveling to Da Lat in October is an experience that anyone who has ever experienced will forever remember the cold of late autumn and early winter, the moment when you can experience 4 seasons in one day. October is also the most romantic season in Da Lat with romantic and dreamy scenes of blooming flower beds everywhere with charming natural scenery. It is often said that if you want to smell Da Lat, come here in the spring, and if you want to enjoy the “taste” of  Da Lat , come in the autumn-winter and October is the ideal time. Best. 

 Dalat travel in October

Da Lat in October is the most romantic season of the year. Photo: Ha Do

Why should you travel to Da Lat in October?

Da Lat is located in the Central Highlands but the climate is very different, with an altitude of 1475m above sea level, this place always has pleasant weather. Especially in October, which is the time of late autumn and early winter, Dalat will no longer have prolonged rains but instead will be very typical sudden rains and weather patterns of 4 seasons in 1 day.

Reasons to visit Da Lat in October

There are many reasons for you to fall in love with Da Lat in October. Photo: Ngan Pham

According to the experience of many tourists, October is one of the most beautiful months in Da Lat. In the early morning, you will enjoy the cold winter, welcome the bold fogs of Da Lat, admire the charming scenery under the misty pine trees.

Reasons to visit Da Lat in October

The weather in October in Da Lat is both beautiful and romantic. Photo:@__asalya____

During the day you can comfortably visit places without fear of heat, in the afternoon enjoy the characteristic cold. In particular, traveling to Da Lat in October, you can welcome the colorful flower seasons, enjoy countless very interesting experiences just in this flower country. 

Da Lat tourism beauty in October

Coming to Da Lat in October, you can feel 4 seasons in 1 day. Photo:@dalat.holic

Travel to Da Lat in October to welcome the brilliant flower seasons 

Wild sunflowers call the east wind 

Traveling to Da Lat in October, you will be greeted by wild sunflowers at the beginning of the season with warm yellow colors, warming for the chilly early winter weather of the foggy city. This is considered the flower that calls the east wind of Da Lat with wild beauty full of strong and is also the most anticipated flower season of the year.

Watching wild sunflowers when traveling to Da Lat in October

Wild anemone flowers call winter on the highlands. Photo: Ghiendalat

The carpets of bright yellow flowers everywhere create the typical beauty of the highlands in the end of the year. You can hunt wild anemones in Da Lat at many different roads, most notably the palaces of Da Lat – Ta Nung – Elephant Waterfall – Lang Biang, Da Lat – Lien Khuong – Nam Ban – Ta Nung, Cau Dat – Da ‘ran – Don Duong – Chau Son – Phi Nom – Tu Tra. 

Watching wild sunflowers when traveling to Da Lat in October

The new wild sunflowers come into season in October, and the flowers will bloom in November. Photo:@svietnammm

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Vibrant pink buckwheat buckwheat flower 

Not only in the Northwest can you see buckwheat flowers, but when traveling to Da Lat in October, you can also admire this beautiful flower. October is the season of buckwheat flowers in Da Lat blooming pink, in the cold weather, the carpets of pure blooms create an irresistible attraction. You can see the buckwheat triangle in Da Lat at the eastern branch of the Da Lat milk farm in Don Duong district, the area of ​​​​Van Duc pagoda at the foot of Ta Nung pass…

See the buckwheat triangle when traveling to Da Lat in October

Da Lat buckwheat flowers are also in the October season. Photo: THIS

See the buckwheat triangle when traveling to Da Lat in October

There are many places for you to see the buckwheat triangle when you come to Da Lat in October. Photo: Quang Vinh

Fragile butterfly flowers blooming 

Butterfly flowers are available in Da Lat all year round, but October is the time when the flowers bloom most and are the most beautiful. Flowers with pink and white colors and fragile beauty will make you fall in love and infatuated. You can see butterflies in many places when coming to Da Lat, most notably the farm area of ​​Dalat Milk, the campus of Doc Lanh restaurant… 

Watching flowers and butterflies when traveling to Da Lat in October

Butterfly flowers in the most brilliant season are October. Photo: Vu Thi Cam Tu

Brilliant hydrangea 

Hydrangea is a flower that blooms all year round and when traveling to Da Lat in October, you will still have the opportunity to see the wonderful beauty of this flower. You can see this flower anywhere around Da Lat city, the large flowers showing off their blue, purple, pink, and white colors make many hearts flutter with passion. If you want to check in among the brilliant hydrangeas, you can visit the Trai Mat hydrangea garden, clay tunnel, or hydrangea garden in Lac Duong. 

See hydrangeas when traveling to Da Lat in October

October hydrangeas are still in full bloom. Photo:nguyetangela

The season of romantic maple leaves changing color 

October in Da Lat also has a special thing that not everyone knows, that is the season of maple leaves changing color. Although it is not a flower, the moment when the maple leaves change color also provides a wonderful sight. The blue flares will gradually change to yellow, red and then fall off with the wind. The sight of maple leaves changing color and falling in the wind makes the atmosphere so romantic. Come to Tuyen Lam Lake to enjoy this wonderful scenery when traveling to Da Lat in October . 

See hydrangeas when traveling to Da Lat in October

October is also the season when Da Lat maple leaves change color. Photo: Xuan Pham

Snow grass blooming at the beginning of the season 

Traveling to Da Lat in October, you can also see the beautiful snowy meadows, this species is only available in early winter. The grass grows close to the ground in the forest when the morning mist falls, creating beautiful lawns, floating like white snow, when the sun rises, it shows off a sparkling pink color. The best time to see the snowy grass is early in the morning when the fog is still vaguely covering the space. The ideal place to see snowy grass is the area of ​​Suoi Vang lake or Cu Lan village. 

Snow grass Dalat tourism in October

There is beautiful October snow. Photo: Cuong Van

In addition to welcoming the beautiful flower seasons and enjoying the typical weather of Da Lat in October, visitors can also visit countless attractive tourist attractions of the city. From classic check-in locations at Lam Vien Square, Da Lat Market, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Xuan Huong Lake to cafes, romantic resorts hidden in the beautiful valley. 

Delicious dishes you should not miss in Da Lat

The cuisine is definitely something you can hardly ignore when coming to Da Lat in October , when winter hits the alley, many typical dishes of Da Lat begin to “throne”. 

In the morning, you can enjoy famous specialties such as shumai bread on Hoang Dieu street or Da Lat cake with various fillings from chicken eggs, quail eggs, meat fillings… at Yersin street, Banh Can Tang Bat Ho Street, Nha Chung. 

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Shoot attractive Dalat apartment. Photo:@-thon.foodie

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Wet cake with chicken hearts is also a famous specialty of Da Lat. Photo:@thanhdifood

Lunch can enjoy a lot of attractive specialties such as grilled chicken with rice lam at Huong Que Quan or Moon Hill. The famous dish of wet chicken hearts in Da Lat at Hang restaurant, Phan Dinh Phung street. 

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Grilled chicken with Lam Lam rice in Dalat. Photo:@tranngocletrang_

The cold weather of October evenings is especially suitable for hot pot dishes and Da Lat is a hot pot paradise, so you can enjoy a variety of outstanding hotpot dishes such as the famous Ba Toa beef hotpot at the famous Wood restaurant. , Tao Ngo é leaf chicken hot pot, H’Mong spicy dry chicken hot pot… 

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Famous beef hotpot. Photo:@ndh.an

Traveling to Da Lat in October, you will certainly find it difficult to miss the opportunity to enjoy countless attractive snacks such as grilled rice paper, also known as Da Lat pizza, soy milk, green beans, sticky rice with pepper, tube cakes. , strawberry shakes, skewers at Da Lat market, avocado ice cream on Nguyen Van Troi street, snail stuffed with meat at 33 Hai Ba Trung street…

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Strawberry shake is a specialty of Dalat. Photo:@dalatlife

What to eat when traveling to Dalat in October

Grilled rice paper in the Dalat market is a delicious dish you should not miss. Photo:@letletumalictor

Experience to know when coming to Da Lat in October 

Traveling to Dalat in October, you will enjoy and discover many interesting things. However, to make the trip more perfect, you can refer to some useful Dalat travel experiences. 

First, prepare appropriate clothes for the chilly weather and occasional rain. Clothes should keep warm and light, so bring umbrellas and hats to use in the humid weather of October. You will need to walk a lot to explore the beautiful scenery in Da Lat, so it’s best to prepare shoes Comfortable shoes for walking. In particular, do not forget to prepare medicines for colds, headaches, allergies to use when needed. 

Da Lat travel outfit in October

Wear warm clothes. Photo: Lan Chi

Should proactively book hotels, homestays early to be more proactive when arriving, should choose the most prestigious addresses, especially for those who go for the first time. Regarding means of transportation, you can go by bus or plane depending on conditions and needs. In Da Lat city, if you want to be free on your schedule as well as comfortably move between destinations, use a motorbike. 

Da Lat travel outfit in October

You should book your room early to be more active on the trip. Photo: Phuong Trinh

Traveling to Da Lat in October is a great experience for any travel believer, just as people often say “Da Lat can’t be pale”, so whether it’s October or any time of the year, This is always an attractive destination for your journeys. This October, don’t miss an appointment with Da Lat. 

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