Dalat Xap Xap specialties: delicious nostalgic dishes for snack lovers 


For the early 8x and 9x generations, Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialty is truly a popular snack that any child of that era would love. This is a delicious and nostalgic dish that is also extremely attractive. guide in the foggy land that you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy.

Dalat cuisine is always very rich with many delicious dishes that fascinate tourists. Besides the delicious dishes that are so famous, there are still unique indigenous dishes that not everyone knows and Da Lat’s special dish Xap Xap is one such dish. Xap Xap Da Lat is a rustic, rustic dish, but it is a flavor associated with the childhood of many generations of Da Lat people, a flavor that people far away will always remember when talking about their homeland. Discovering Da Lat’s Xap Xap dish is also an attractive culinary experience for many tourists because of its unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Xap Xap – childhood dish reminiscent of Da Lat 

Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialty is a very popular street food because of its unique and attractive flavor. This dish is very popular in many places in Da Lat and is gradually becoming a favorite snack among tourists. Even the name of the dish is making many people curious.

Specialties of Da Lat

Xap Xap is a childhood dish of Da Lat people. Photo: @tructhanhjourney

There are many explanations for the name xap xap of this dish, in which people say the name xap xap is given by street vendors according to the way people arrange the ingredients on the plate. However, many Da Lat people said that the reason the dish is called xap xap is because in the past, the street vendors selling this dish did not advertise it like other dishes but used scissors usually used to cut dried beef and liver. The rattle makes a “Xap” sound and just by hearing this sound, people will know that the Xap Xap sellers are passing by.

Specialties of Da Lat

The confusing name makes diners curious. Photo: Ghien Da Lat

Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialty is made from very simple ingredients including shredded young papaya, beef jerky, beef liver cooked with five spices or pork liver cooked with five spices, herbs, peanuts, chili and typical sauce. An arranged plate will have all the above ingredients mixed with a super delicious sauce. When eating Da Lat sausage, you will clearly feel the crunchy and sweet taste of papaya fibers, the sour taste of tamarind in the broth, the fatty, chewy taste of meat, braised liver and peanuts and the spicy taste of chili and the smell of garlic. herbs. All combine to create a very unique flavor that makes many people passionate.

Specialties of Da Lat

The ingredients of the dish are very simple, just enough, toppings are braised liver, beef, coriander, peanuts and sauce. Photo: Places to eat

When enjoying Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialties, visitors will think of the popular beef jerky salad in the Central and Southern regions. However, the specialness of the broth made from sour tamarind is a very unique characteristic of the dish that cannot be found anywhere else, only eaten in Da Lat is it delicious.

Suggested places to enjoy the best Xap Xap in Da Lat 

Currently, in addition to grilled rice paper, banh can and other dishes, Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialty has become one of the very popular snacks with tourists. Visitors can easily find stalls to enjoy unique flavors. 

Xap Xap Da Lat Chung House

This Da Lat specialty restaurant is located at house number 13A of the Chung area, which is also an area with many attractive specialty restaurants. Because it is located near the school and Con Ga church, the restaurant is always very crowded. The space of this restaurant is very popular, selling many popular snacks. The dish at this restaurant is very filling, has an attractive and unique flavor, and costs less than 20,000 VND, so you can eat it to your heart’s content.

Da Lat's specialties of Nha Chung

Nha Chung’s dish is very rich in flavor. Photo:@9493corner.

Address: 13 A, Nha Chung Street, Da Lat City 

Ms. Nam’s restaurant

For food addicts in Da Lat, Co Nam restaurant is a very familiar address with 22 years of experience. The previous shop was located at the intersection of Hung Vuong sugar water factory, then moved to the current address. The restaurant’s space is simple but clean and polite. Xap Xap here has a very unique flavor, the rich sauce is very delicious. In addition to Xap Xap, the restaurant also has bread, sweet soup and many other snacks. The restaurant is open from 2pm to 8pm so visitors can satisfy their needs. like to come eat.

Specialties of Da Lat Co Nam

Ms. Nam’s restaurant has been around for 22 years and is a very familiar address to Da Lat people. Photo: @onghoangtrasua

Address: 49/5 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Da Lat City 

Arranging Xuan Huong Lake 

Wandering around Xuan Huong Lake in the evening and stopping to enjoy a plate full of delicious dishes is a pleasure for many tourists. The restaurant is located near the park so the atmosphere is cheerful and airy. The dish here is very fresh and delicious, with lots of toppings, the papaya fibers are very crunchy and especially very hygienic. The shop is open from 3-4pm until evening, but it is almost sold out around 6pm because there are so many customers coming to enjoy the food.

Specialties of Da Lat Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake always attracts tourists every afternoon. Photo:@nguyenvinhha_

Address: Xuan Huong Lake near the city flower garden, Ward 2, Da Lat City 

The shop is lined up on Mrs. Trieu’s street 

This restaurant has more than 20 years of experience and is also a dish that only serves Da Lat’s Xap Xap specialties that are very familiar to food lovers. The dish here features Da Lat’s own flavor with very thinly grated papaya, sweet and sour tamarind sauce, rich and sour tamarind sauce, beef jerky that is both soft and fatty and mixed with tendons that are very delicious. A plate here costs only from 15,000 VND but is very filling. In addition to Xam Xam, the restaurant also has other snacks such as fried dough, mixed rice paper, mango salad, fried fish balls…

Da Lat's specialties are Ba Trieu

The restaurant on Ba Trieu street is very delicious so it is loved by many diners. Photo: @tahyfoodie

Address: No. 2 Ba Trieu Street, Da Lat City.

Nam Dinh Restaurant 

Nam Dinh is not a shop but just a shopping cart located right at the gate of Nguyen Trai school. This place is loved by diners because the food is both cheap and delicious and the owners are friendly. The dish of this restaurant has a variety of ingredients, the sauce is very delicious, a portion is only 15,000 VND but it’s a lot. In addition to salad, this shop also sells super delicious mango salad. Please note that the shop only opens in the afternoon and sells out early.

Specialties of Da Lat NAM DONG

The plate was piled high with delicious sauce. Photo:ghiendalat

Address: Nguyen Trai Primary School Gate, Bui Thi Xuan Street, Da Lat City 

Arranging Yersin Park

Yersin Park is a favorite stop for tourists and locals. Xap Xap here is mixed well in a large bowl with diverse ingredients, the sauce is very delicious, the braised liver is both fatty and fragrant. A portion is only 15,000 VND but it is very large and delicious. The restaurant also sells rimmed liver separately for diners to buy more, so if you want more liver you can buy more. In addition, the mixed rice paper here is also very delicious.

Da Lat park specialties

Yersin Park attracts tourists because of its cheap prices and attractive flavors. Photo: Ghien Da Lat

Address: Yersin Park, Da Lat City. 

Da Lat’s specialty Xap Xap is a delicious, nutritious, and cheap dish that attracts many diners because of its attractive flavor, so you should try to enjoy this delicious dish if you have the opportunity to come to the land of thousands of pine trees, surely. Surely the taste of the dish will not disappoint you. 

($1~24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)