Dau Tieng rubber forest in the changing season of leaves

BINH DUONG – The rubber forest in Dau Tieng in the early days of the year turns yellow and red like foreign films shot in autumn.

The photos taken by Nguyen Dynasty and Tran Ngoc Quynh Nhu in the middle of the rubber forest in Dau Tieng, Binh Duong, resemble autumn images in temperate countries, something that is difficult to find in hot, dry places like southern Vietnam. Male. Under the lens of photographer Vien Dieu Phat, born in 1990, living in Ho Chi Minh City, a couple of tourists love each other under the yellow color of the rubber forest.

The rubber forest changes its leaves to bright yellow like autumn and winter in a temperate country.
The rubber forest changes its leaves to bright yellow like autumn and winter in a temperate country.

Vien Dieu Phat shared that he saw that the rubber forest changing leaves was no different from autumn and winter in Korea or Japan, so he and two model friends decided to go on the road. They have to prepare winter clothes in the middle of hot and dry weather so that the scene is the right one. There are countless rubber lots in Dau Tieng, there is no specific location, just go and see where the leaves change color and density, then stop shooting. These rubber lots are about 70-80 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

To visit the beautiful rubber forest and the most obvious yellow leaf color, visitors should go from about December of the lunar calendar, when the leaves change color evenly. Currently, although the color does not change evenly, the scene is still romantic when one side of the forest is green, the other is the yellow color of the trees changing leaves, creating interesting color effects. Almost every year, rubber leaves are difficult to uniformly change color over a large range because of the different varieties and planting times of different plots. However, Phat said, it is even more beautiful to see in person than in the photo because there are many red leaves, going in the morning will probably be more beautiful when there is a light mist.

Visitors from Ho Chi Minh City should note that the distance traveled is quite long and the weather is hot, so wearing autumn and winter clothes is not comfortable. You should bring cool water to cool off, be prepared even in case of sudden rains. The rubber forest is quite deserted, so it is very important to pay attention to robbery and walking alone, especially for women. The whole group should try to return before it gets dark because there are not many street lights on the way.

Photo: Vien Dieu Phat