Dawn on the beach of Binh Minh

QUANG NAM – The moment of sunrise and activities at the fish market on Binh Minh beach creates colorful pictures.

Mr. Thien Nguyen, living in Da Nang, visited Binh Minh beach (Thang Binh district) for the second time after 5 years, in June. This time, he had the opportunity to admire the sunrise over the sea, along with other activities. The daily activities of the fish market here. Binh Minh beach is located about 20 km from the center of Hoi An city.

Mr. Thien describes the sunrise in the coastal village as beautiful as a picture, with a spectacular light show, from purple to yellow orange, then red.

Likes idyllic natural places, Binh Minh Beach is an ideal destination for him, especially when it is not yet named on the tourist map. “It’s just a simple beach village with the smell of salted fish sauce, fish and shrimp, but it gives me a strange feeling,” he said.

A summer day in the central coastal country starts at about 4:30. Thien said that if sunset is a gift that nature gives to everyone equally, then dawn is a reward only for those who get up early.

In the photo is a resident carrying water from the sea to prepare fresh seafood.

When seeing the fishing boats returning from a night of fishing, groups of people rowed out to bring fish, shrimp and squid to shore. Traders wade into the sea, jostling each other to buy ocean products on basket boats. Outside, cars are waiting to be loaded and sold everywhere. The fish market only takes place until about 6am.

When the sun appears, it is also the time when the fish market is more bustling with the sounds of bidding, weighing and counting. Visitors can wake up early through the fish market, buy seafood and have breakfast right here. There are many kinds of sea fish at Binh Minh fish market such as halibut, scad. Summer is the time to have fresh anchovies to make anchovy sauce.

Binh Minh fish market has all kinds of fish, shrimp, squid, crab. In the photo are baskets of fresh black tiger shrimp. Large ones cost 600,000 per kg, small ones 500,000 per kg. Squid is also a specialty of Binh Minh sea. “The squid here is delicious and has the reputation of Quang Da, just steaming it, dropping it in a hot pot or stir-frying with instant noodles is ecstatic,” Thien said.

In addition to the sunrise, Mr. Thien felt the excitement of the people at the fish market when picking up the basket boats to the shore. “The waves of the sea mixed with the accent of Quang are so dear”, he said and will definitely return.

Photo: Thien Nguyen