Delicious dishes from jaggery are both attractive and healthy

Delicious dishes from jaggery have become a specialty of the land of the Seven Mountains of An Giang, attracting tourists from far and near by its sweet and rich taste like this western land itself. 

Delicious dishes from jaggery, the more you eat, the more addicted you become

1. Palm sugar

One of the most popular jaggery delicacies is jaggery. If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang , you will see jaggery sold a lot in Tinh Bien district, Tri Ton district, …. Because these are the localities where a lot of palm trees are grown. Visitors can buy food or gift as they like.
 Bitter sugar is a delicious dish from jaggeryPalm sugar is An Giang’s specialty. Photo:

Palm sugar is sugar made from the juice of jaggery. To make the best sugar cubes, people have to work hard to get up early to cut the stalks of jaggery, collect this water and cook it into sugar. 
 Bitter sugar is a delicious dish from jaggerySugar is made from the cotton buds of the palm tree. Photo: @tranhuyenh

Compared with ordinary granulated sugar, jaggery has a characteristic aroma, fat and fleshy taste. Sugar is cooked and poured into circles, using jaggery to wrap it like a tet cake. Today, to preserve sugar for a longer time, people pack it in plastic bags, creating clean and beautiful products.
 Bitter sugar is a delicious dish from jaggeryPalm sugar can also be used to make tea. Photo: @yangmei.foodie_homecafe.17

Palm sugar has high applicability, used as a substitute for other sugars, used to cook tea, make cakes or use seasoning in everyday dishes. Therefore, everyone who comes to An Giang buys this type of sugar as a gift because it is easy to give. Not to mention, this type of sugar is also very good for health.

2. Jaggery beef cake

Another delicious dish from jaggery that you do not forget to enjoy when visiting An Giang. It is a dish of jaggery beef with a characteristic golden color, wrapped in banana leaves, with a little fresh white coconut on top. If you’ve ever watched Khoai Lang Thang ‘s videos to An Giang , you will have a better understanding of how to make this beef cake. 
 Beef cake is a delicious dish from jaggeryDelicious and attractive jaggery beef cake. Photo: @hhi__99

In the land of Seven Mountains, the right jaggery cake must be made from Nang Nhen rice flour and the jaggery fruit has a thick portion of rice. Besides delicious ingredients, the baking process is equally important. Beef cake flour must be kept well, fermented so that the dough is not pasty, not dry. If the dough is too doughy, the cake will lose its softness. If the dough is too much, the cake will not be spongy.
 Beef cake is a delicious dish from jaggeryJaggery beef cake is transformed into many different styles. Photo: @luuluyen_157

Beef cake made from jaggery has a dark yellow color, attractive aroma and a little sweet fat of coconut milk and jaggery sugar. When eating the cake, you will feel the full flavor of the cake. Depending on the baker, the beef cake has a little fresh coconut on top, which is very beautiful.

3. Palm jaggery tea

Among the delicious dishes from jaggery, jaggery tea is also an extremely popular dish. On hot summer days, there’s nothing better than eating a cup of sweet and refreshing tea. Not only in An Giang, but today jaggery tea is also sold in many localities, becoming a very popular tea.
 Palm jaggery tea is a delicious dish from jaggeryChamomile tea is delicious and attractive. Photo: @chansfood_

The way to cook jaggery tea is quite simple with ingredients including jaggery sugar, fresh jaggery and coconut milk. You just need to melt the jaggery over high heat, add coconut milk and finally add the freshly prepared jaggery. That’s the end of a delicious, cool and nutritious tea. 
 Palm jaggery tea is a delicious dish from jaggeryPalm tea is sold in many places. Photo: @giau_cochunho

The way to cook jaggery tea is not fussy and elaborate, but the taste is impeccable. Those who play “tea system” will surely fall in love with the fatness of coconut milk, the softness of jaggery and the characteristic sweetness of jaggery. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to An Giang or go to the West , remember to try this delicious dish.

4. Palm jaggery

Among the delicious dishes from jaggery that are loved today, jaggery is also a popular dish. In this jelly dish, instead of using granulated sugar, people will use jaggery to create the characteristic color of the finished jelly.
 Jelly is a delicious dish from jaggeryPalm jaggery with attractive golden brown color. Photo: Chinhgoc

To make jaggery, it is necessary to have jelly, coconut milk and jaggery sugar. The way to make jelly is similar to ordinary jelly. However, the attraction of this dish, the craftsman must be very skillful to create a layer of coconut and a layer of sugar that overlap beautifully. 

It is the combination of jaggery and coconut milk that creates a jelly with a moderate sweet and fatty taste, not too harsh. Depending on your taste, you can flexibly add other ingredients such as milk to increase the fat.
 Jelly is a delicious dish from jaggeryWith jaggery, people can easily make delicious and attractive jelly dishes. Photo: asianfoodnetwork

In addition to the 4 delicious dishes from jaggery mentioned above, jaggery is also used to process wine, make leaf cakes and many other dishes. It can be seen that the quintessence of jaggery is a great ingredient to create attractive snacks, imbued with the culinary identity of the land of the Seven Mountains of An Giang.

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