Delicious dishes of the floating season in the West

Linh fish cooked in hot pot, grilled rats with charcoal, roasted crabs with tamarind… with many simple and rustic products, bearing the characteristics of the West in the floating season.

The flood season in the West is usually from September to November every year, not only carrying the alluvial stream to build up the soil but also carrying the products bestowed by nature. When coming to the West this season, you can enjoy many rustic and typical delicacies.

Linh fish cooked in a hot pot

Delicious dishes of the floating season in the West

Around the 9th lunar month, the spirit fish begins the breeding season. The fish is only about the size of a little finger, with a special aroma, and soft bones that dissolve in fat and flesh. At the same time, the dandelion flower blooms with bright yellow flowers. Therefore, it would be remiss to return to the West in the floating season without enjoying the young linguine fish cooked in a hot pot with crazy cotton.

The hot pot dish is quite simple to prepare but leaves a lingering taste. Westerners believe that in order to own a delicious and proper hot pot, the prerequisite is to choose the freshest fish; Young dandelion flowers, buds. In addition to these two ingredients, the highlight of the hot pot dish is also added coriander, and fried garlic to create a characteristic aroma.

Stir-fried Crazy Cotton with Shrimp

Delicious dishes of the floating season in the West - 1

Referring to the products of the floating season, it is impossible to ignore the specialty cotton madness. This is typical cotton of the West, each year only blooms with bright yellow flowers in the flood season of rivers and fields; swaying in the wind or swaying in the rain.

Westerners combine cotton with shrimp to make stir-fry dishes. The fried cotton is crispy and soft, fragrant, combined with the sweetness of the shrimp, mild acrid but sweet after, stimulating the taste.

Fried frog with straw

Delicious dishes of the floating season in the West - 2

People in the West often set up catching frogs in the flood season when it rains, at dusk, along the fields, along the flooded gardens – where frogs often hide. Frogs this season are very big, fat, thighs stretchy and firm.

Frog meat is a food with high nutritional value, can process many delicious dishes such as fried with butter, roasted with salt, fried with rolls, fried with chili… the meat inside is soft, sweet; The outer layer has a crispy, salty taste.

Grilled field mouse

Delicious dishes of the floating season in the West - 3

Although still unfamiliar to many people, rats are one of the most popular specialties. This rat often eats rice, crops… in the field, so it is quite clean. Westerners hunt rats in the floating season under dense bushes, located far from the water surface.

After hunting, the field mice will be cleaned and processed into many delicious dishes such as pineapple stock, steamed coconut water, fried laksa leaves, fried fish sauce… In which, the grilled hamster is scored thanks to the class. Crispy yellow on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, with a bit of sweet and spicy taste and a characteristic smell of chao.

Fried crab with tamarind

Delicious dishes in the floating season of the West - 4

Floating water season is also the time when crabs proliferate a lot in the field. Field crab can be processed into many delicious dishes such as cooked vermicelli, boiled crab with salt and chili, roasted crab with salt… for a familiar, simple taste. However, fried crab with tamarind will bring you a special experience because of the sweet and sour taste from tamarind sauce and the rich and fragrant taste of crab meat.

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