Delicious Vietnamese specialty hot pot dishes ‘out of dipping sauce’

If you are a “hard fan” of hot pot dishes, you cannot ignore Vietnamese specialties such as beef hot pot, goat hot pot, chicken hot pot, and drop hot pot, … which are elaborately and attractively processed.

The most popular Vietnamese specialty hot pot dishes

1. Beef hot pot

Beef hotpot is one of Vietnam’s specialty hotpot dishes , which are available almost everywhere in the country. But this hot pot dish is even more famous in Da Lat city – where the famous Ba Toa beef hotpot brand is located. However, wherever, beef hotpot is also a delicious dish rich in nutritional value, delicious and suitable for the taste of many regions. 
 Beef hotpot is a special Vietnamese hot pot dishBeef hot pot is a delicious and nutritious hot pot dish. Photo: @tarumi_okami

Beef hotpot of course must be cooked from beef, and beef bones, adding familiar spices such as lemongrass, chili, satay, … to create a delicious and attractive hot pot dish. Eating beef hot pot is to feel the full sweetness from the bone broth, the light fat taste of young tofu and the rich, aromatic sauce. In particular, the aroma of cinnamon and anise in the hot pot creates an irresistible attraction for this delicious dish.
 Beef hotpot is a special Vietnamese hot pot dishBeef hotpot has many types such as meat hot pot, tail hot pot,… Photo: @maisonmandorestaurant

Beef hot pot is often served with noodles or rice noodles. Especially indispensable raw vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, pennywort, chrysanthemum, and mushrooms, … to neutralize the taste. The feeling of dipping sweet and tender beef into a rich bowl of chao, adding little green vegetables and then slowly chewing it in the mouth is always what makes “hot pot fans” tired. 

2. Hot pot

For many people, hot pot drop is probably still a new dish. However, the hot pot dish is a specialty of the land of Phan Thiet. This dish originates from the philosophy of yin and yang in the five elements. Hot pot with 5 colors white, blue, black, red and yellow represents the 5 elements Kim – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth, corresponding to the taste of spicy, sour, salty, bitter and sweet.
 Hot pot drop is a special hot pot dish in VietnamHot pot is a specialty of Phan Thiet. Photo: @soo_rie

Traveling to Phan Thiet , you definitely have to try the hot pot once to feel the delicious taste and elaborate decoration of this hot pot. The ingredients of the dish such as apricot fish, vegetables, vermicelli, boiled meat, and sliced ​​eggs, … are neatly placed in each banana flower, decorated like a flower, in the middle is a prominent red hot pot.
 Hot pot drop is a special hot pot dish in VietnamHot pot with yin and yang philosophy, beautifully presented. Photo: @huanabii

Hot pot is often served with vermicelli, when eating you will “drop” each ingredient into the pot of hot pot and enjoy. The whole process of processing, decorating and enjoying this hot pot is quite sophisticated. However, when eating and feeling the sweetness of fish, the fatty taste of eggs, adding fresh green vegetables, you will find all the preparation is worth it.

3. Fish sauce hot pot

If you have a trip to the West , don’t miss the famous fish sauce hot pot of this place. Nam Bo fish sauce hot pot is a symbol of rustic cuisine in the river garden, combining vegetables around the house such as crab claws, bananas, rafters, water hyacinth flowers, etc. to create a delicious, bold hot pot dish. momentum and cool. 
 Fish sauce hot pot is a Vietnamese specialtyMam hot pot is a specialty of the people of the West. Photo: @mymy.0411_

The soul of the Western hot pot sauce comes from the local fish sauce. To cook a delicious hot pot, Southerners often choose a well-brewed fish sauce and snakehead fish sauce. However, the best kind of fish sauce is Linh fish sauce, made from young Linh fish every flood season. Of course, in the hot pot, one can combine many types of fish sauce to create the most intense flavor. 
 Fish sauce hot pot is a Vietnamese specialtyHot pot cooked with fish paste, snakehead fish, choke fish and eaten with garden-style vegetables. Photo: @pyn1981

The topping in the fish sauce hot pot often includes bacon, shrimp, meat, and copper fish. In addition, depending on the season, Westerners combine different ingredients, creating a salty and irresistible hot pot. Served with fish sauce hotpot are all kinds of vegetables, including the typical golden flower of the river.

4. Chicken hot pot with é leaves

Among the delicious and strange hotpot dishes of Vietnamese people, chicken hotpot with é leaves is a favorite dish of many people. Chicken é leaf hot pot, which is a specialty of Phu Yen, is now spreading throughout the central and southern provinces, famous in Da Lat, present in Saigon and warmly received by the people. 
 Chicken hotpot with é leaves is a Vietnamese specialtyChicken hot pot with é leaves is a specialty of Phu Yen. Photo: @laucaugo.official

Chicken leaf é hotpot has chicken and é leaves as the main ingredients. é leaves belong to the coriander family, quite similar to cinnamon leaves but have a sour, aromatic taste like lemongrass and have a bitter taste when eaten raw. Ba leaves are grown a lot in Phu Yen, are a spice that is not only delicious but also very good for health. The combination of chicken hot pot and é leaves is indeed a perfect combination.
 Chicken hotpot with é leaves is a Vietnamese specialtyThe leaves help increase the flavor of the chicken hot pot. Photo: @huntergrillandbeer

Just choose firm and sweet chicken, add common spices, and you will have a sweet and delicious chicken hot pot. The best chicken é leaf hotpot is served with vermicelli. When eating, you put the raw basil leaves in the pot and then enjoy. It’s as simple as that, but the more you eat, the more addicted you become, especially on cool or rainy days.

5. Goat hotpot

Do you know what Ninh Binh’s specialty is? That is goat meat. And one of the most delicious dishes from goat meat is goat hot pot. If you have the opportunity to travel to the ancestral land of Hoa Lu, you will see here raising a lot of goats in the fields. Thanks to raising in the natural environment, Ninh Binh goat meat is fresh and of good quality.
 Goat hotpot is a special Vietnamese hot pot dishGoat hotpot is an attractive hot pot dish of Ninh Binh. Photo: @ntvvirus

That’s why goat hot pot has many nutrients and is good for health in the cold season. Goat hotpot has the same cooking and enjoyment as beef hotpot. Goat meat is stewed with low heat to soften naturally, add fresh coconut water to increase the sweetness. When cooking, people can use turmeric and lemongrass to reduce the smell, making the hot pot more delicious and flavorful. 
 Goat hotpot is a special Vietnamese hot pot dishGoat meat is sweet and nutritious. Photo: @pasgo

Goat hotpot is often eaten with noodles or rice noodles, dipped with Chao like beef hotpot. Of course, this dish cannot be without green vegetables such as bitter cabbage, spinach, Centella Asiatica, etc. There is no need to be too fussy, eating goat hotpot in the simplest and most simple way is also an attractive experience for the faithful. Goat meat lover.

6. Crab hot pot

Returning to the tourist city of red phoenix flowers, visitors will be treated to a special copper crab hot pot dish. This dish has the main ingredients from crabs, mainly field crabs, sea crabs and other seafood. Of course, the hot pot dish will be accompanied by attractive raw vegetables to balance the taste.
 Crab rice hotpot is a specialty Vietnamese hot pot dishCrab hot pot is a specialty of Hai Phong. Photo: @dangynhi

The attractive point of copper crab hotpot is probably the golden crab pots made from crab meat and crab bricks. The colorful pot of hot pot, the fragrant crab aroma, no one can resist. Crab noodle hot pot served with Hai Phong rice paper, water spinach, banana flower, spinach, … freshly prepared.
 Crab rice hotpot is a specialty Vietnamese hot pot dishRich crab noodle soup, served with rice paper and vegetables. Photo: @laucuahaitrung

When eaten, it brings a lot of emotions to the taste buds, from the rich sweetness of crab sauce to the bar of vegetables, accompanied by a little bit of the flesh of rice paper, it is truly irresistible. With this hot pot dish, you don’t have to go to Hai Phong to eat it because now crab hotpot is available in many places. 

7. Stingray hotpot

When it comes to Vietnamese specialty hot pot , forgetting about stingray hotpot is a mistake. This hot pot dish, which is a famous delicacy of the coastal city of Vung Tau, is made from delicious fresh stingray, extremely attractive sweet and sour hotpot. Today, stingray hotpot has spread to many places, becoming a delicious hot pot that is loved by many people.
 Stingray hot pot is a Vietnamese specialtyStingray hotpot is a specialty of Vung Tau. Photo: @quynhtrangcat

Stingray hotpot attracts people to eat because the fish meat is fresh, sweet, fatty and firm. In particular, the fish bones are soft like cartilage, easy to eat, and good for health. Plus the rich hot pot sauce, sweet and sour, delicious. Usually, stingray hotpot is served with vermicelli, adding raw vegetables such as water spinach, bananas, mint, etc. 
 Stingray hot pot is a Vietnamese specialtyStingray hot pot is now sold in many places. Photo: @foodcollectionsmy

Nowadays, stingray hotpot has become the most famous hot pot dish in Vung Tau . In other localities, hot pot dishes are also extremely popular. In the cool afternoons, invite friends and relatives to eat stingray hotpot, add a glass of carbonated soft drink to prepare the lesson. No need to be too sophisticated or luxurious, it is the simplicity and simplicity of the fish hotpot that makes it an irresistible attraction. 

8. Other hot pot dishes

In addition to the delicious hot pot dishes mentioned above, Vietnamese cuisine also has countless other attractive hotpot dishes that you cannot ignore. These can be mentioned as dangerous chili chicken hot pot, braised duck hot pot with crocodile, goby hotpot, sour bamboo shoot frog hot pot, crab hotpot, vegetarian hot pot, salmon hot pot, mushroom hot pot, waterfall fish hot pot, etc. 
 Special hotpot dishes in VietnamVietnamese cuisine also has many delicious and attractive hot pot dishes. Photo: @nam.viet.ha.thanh

Each Vietnamese specialty hot pot dish is an attractive dish made from ingredients imbued with Vietnamese identity, with a harmony in the philosophy of yin and yang. Whether it’s a hot pot made from meat, shrimp, fish, or even a vegetarian hot pot, it is full of nutrients and deserves to be a delicious dish not to be missed in the treasure of Vietnamese cuisine. 

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