Detailed Bu Dang Binh Phuoc travel experience from A to Z

Bu Dang is an attractive tourist destination in Binh Phuoc with beautiful landscapes and famous delicious specialties. If you are planning to explore this famous place of “the country of cashew nuts”, then please refer to the detailed Bu Dang Binh Phuoc travel experiences below.

Where is Bu Dang in Binh Phuoc? 

Bu Dang is a mountainous district in Binh Phuoc province. The East is adjacent to Lam Dong province, the North is adjacent to Dak Nong province, the South is Dong Nai and the Northwest is adjacent to Phuoc Long district. Bu Dang is the largest district in Binh Phuoc with 1,501km2, including 15 communes and 1 town. 

Bu Dang Binh Phuoc travel experience, to explore the beautiful scenery here to the fullest, you should also check the weather before you go. Bu Dang has a characteristic climate divided into two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. In particular, the dry season lasts from April to November and the rainy season from December to March. If you travel to Bu Dang from March to April, you will admire the beautiful white blooming coffee gardens. At the end of the year, Bu Dang district attracts tourists with its bright yellow wild sunflower gardens. The rainy season in Bu Dang usually has few visitors because of the high humidity and cloudy weather, so you should consider when going at this time. 
Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - addressBu Dang attracts tourists with its beautiful natural scenery

Instructions on how to get to Bu Dang 

Bu Dang district is about 70km from the center of Binh Phuoc province. So, to discover Bu Dang Binh Phuoc, you first need to get to Binh Phuoc by different means of transport such as:

– Passenger car: Price ranges from 100,000 VND to 250,000 VND / time depending on the type of vehicle. Bus operators from Saigon to Binh Phuoc you can refer to such as: Thuy Linh, Kumho, Phuoc Long, Hoa Hung… 

– Motorcycle: If you want to take the initiative to travel, you can go by motorbike based on the directions on google maps. Or take a bus to Binh Phuoc and then continue to rent a motorbike with prices ranging from 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND/day to move to Bu Dang. 

From the center of Binh Phuoc, you can go through the route DT759 or National Highway 14 about 1h45 minutes to reach Bu Dang district. If you want to move quickly and do not know the way, you can take a taxi. 
 Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - travelInstructions on how to get to Bu Dang 

Where to stay when traveling to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc? 

Bu Dang Binh Phuoc travel if you want to stay overnight you can choose hotels or motels in the area of the district center. Here are suggestions on where to stay in Bu Dang you can refer to:

– Ngoc Lan Huong Hotel – Address: National Highway 14, Duc Lieu, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Thuy Duong Hotel – Address: Highway 14, Tan Hung area, Duc Phong town, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Quynh Nhu Hostel – Address: National Highway 14, Duc Lieu, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Hoang Son Hostel – Address: 216 National Highway 14, Duc Phong Town, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Hostel 679 – Address: 24 Tran Hung Dao, Duc Phong Town, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Hai Van Hostel – Address: 135 National Highway 14, Duc Phong Town, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc

– Duc Tho Hostel – Address: 85 National Highway 14, Duc Phong Town, Bu Dang, Binh Phuoc
 Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - where to stayHotel to stay when coming to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc

Beautiful and famous tourist destination in Bu Dang 

What does Bu Dang Binh Phuoc have to offer? There are many beautiful and famous landscapes that you should not miss when visiting Bu Dang Binh Phuoc such as: 

Beautiful waterfalls in Bu Dang

First of all, the beautiful waterfalls in Bu Dang Binh Phuoc attract tourists with majestic beauty such as: 

Standing Waterfall: Located in Doan Ket commune, Bu Dang district, about 4-6m high and 10m wide. Standing from the top of the Standing waterfall, you will admire the billowing water with beautiful white foam. At the foot of the Standing waterfall is a Dak Quote stream with large stones stacked on top of each other and green grass creating a beautiful natural scene like in a picture. Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - Standing WaterfallCheck-in Standing waterfall at Bu Dang. Photo: top10binhphuoc

Elephant Waterfall (village 8, Dong Nai commune): It is a natural stone waterfall without a lake and reservoir, jagged with large rocks. At the foot of Elephant waterfall are craggy cliffs and forest bushes creating a beautiful scene. Elephant waterfall still retains its wild beauty and becomes a tourist attraction in the scenic complex.

– Bu Xa waterfall (Phuoc Son commune): Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourist destination next named Bu Xa waterfall consists of 3 floors, the waterfall face consists of large rock blocks and the two sides are alternating cliffs. Visiting Bu Xa waterfall in the rainy season, visitors will admire the white foaming water creating an extremely majestic scene. In the summer, Bu Xa waterfall has a gentler flow that is ideal for fun and picnics. Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - Bu Xa waterfallThe beautiful natural scenery of Bu Sa waterfall. Photo: vietgiaitri

– Pan Toong Waterfall (Duc Lieu commune): The year-round gentle and winding waterfall creates beautiful scenery. The area of ​​the Pan Toong waterfall flowing with a depth of 10m combined with unique columns forms a majestic cliff. When the waterfall pours white foam around, the two sides of the lake grow many cool natural trees. 

I’m Bom Bo

Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism visit Soc Bom Bo to learn about the life and typical culture of ethnic minorities here. Soc Bom Bo is famous for the sound of pestles pounding rice of the S’tieng people, and the bustling gongs in the red fire. In particular, when coming to Soc Bom Bo, you can also enjoy can wine and many special dishes of ethnic minorities here. Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - Soc Bom BoVisit Soc Bom Bo to learn about the lives of ethnic minorities here


Bu Dang rubber forest

If you are looking for a beautiful check-in place in Bu Dang, the rubber forest is the ideal destination. Young and old rubber forests are planted alternately to create a beautiful picture. Coming to Bu Dang rubber forest, you can go sightseeing and have a picnic on the very interesting grass. In particular, with beautiful romantic scenery, you will be delighted to take virtual photos with beautiful romantic photos like autumn in Korea.Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - rubber forest Virtual living in Bu Dang rubber forest. Photo: we25

What should Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism eat? 

What to eat when traveling to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc? There are many delicious specialties that you should not miss when coming to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc such as: 

– Cashew salad: Binh Phuoc is famous as the capital of cashew nuts, so you should not miss the delicious cashew salad when you have the opportunity to come here. The cashew salad has an extremely attractive sweet, sour and sour taste of ingredients mixed together. You can enjoy the fruit salad at any restaurant, from affordable to luxurious in Bu Dang. Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - cashew saladEnjoy the specialty of cashew salad

– Milk cicadas: The famous dish in Bu Dang is loved by many tourists. Cicadas caught in the rubber forest when they first molt are processed with delicious golden fried. Milk cicadas served with garlic fish sauce and raw vegetables, crispy, greasy, once eaten, remember the taste forever. 

Can wine: A typical drink of ethnic minorities living in Bu Dang. Enjoy warm wine and immerse yourself in the typical culture and hospitality of the people here. Bu Dang Binh Phuoc tourism - Can wineFamous delicious can wine of the S’tieng people

– Tweezer leaves: The common leaves of the S’tieng people in Binh Phuoc have a reddish color. You can enjoy many delicious dishes from tweezers such as: Cooking hot pot with shrimp and fish, stir-frying beef, stir-fried spring leaves with beef, or stir-fried with chicken intestines are all very delicious. 

– Cashew nut cake: A rustic snack that attracts tourists when coming to Bu Dang. The cake is baked to a delicious golden brown, characterized by sweet, greasy, and fragrant cinnamon. 

Buy gifts when traveling to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc

Buying gifts when traveling to Bu Dang Binh Phuoc, you can choose from a variety of specialties to give to relatives and friends such as: Cashew products such as: Roasted salt, fresh cashews, cashew nut cakes, … Or souvenirs such as bags, t-shirts, key chains, rings, bracelets. 

Hopefully, the above useful sharing will help you have the most experienced and interesting Bu Dang Binh Phuoc trip. In addition, you can also refer to the Detailed Binh Phuoc travel experience

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