Details of Thanh Son Phu Tho travel experience for first-timers

Travel experience Thanh Son Phu Tho explores famous places with specialties of sour meat, oolong tea,… A place possessing a unique cultural identity, nature and fresh air are very suitable for those ecotourism activities, resort every summer.

Why should you travel to Thanh Son Phu Tho?

The land of Phu Tho Ancestors not only has famous spiritual destinations but also beautiful landscapes that are favored for attractive beauty. If you have the opportunity to go to the western region, do not forget to visit the mountainous district of Thanh Son to discover the nature and people with the unique cultural features of the Kinh, Dao, Muong,…

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Thanh Son is an ancient land with nearly 190 construction and development, so the cultural values, history or religious activities are quite diverse. A land rich in history with many recognized provincial and national monuments. In addition to history, the nature here is also favored with beautiful and attractive landscapes. It is an immense green tea hill, waterfalls, water pillars, … very suitable to come and enjoy and experience the green space.

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When it comes to Phu Tho cuisine , Thanh Son is also a place that contributes to the map with unique and attractive features. The special festivals are promoted and preserved, bringing high tourism value to attract tourists to explore. There are countless reasons for people to come to learn and experience together in this peaceful land.

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When is the best season to travel to Thanh Son Phu Tho?

Thanh Son Phu Tho is a mountainous area, so the climate here is relatively harmonious all year round. Each time period will have its own interesting activities and experiences.

– To attend the cultural festival, you should go in the spring at the beginning of the year. On the 7th day of the first lunar month, the Muong ethnic group here will hold a festival to the fields with many unique rituals.

– Summer: the right time to come to rest and avoid the sun, especially May Waterfall at this time, the water is clear and white, extremely beautiful.

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Thanh Son Phu Tho travel experience: how to go

– By private car or motorbike:

Move in the direction through Thang Long Avenue to DT87A street. Turn left to Dong Quang bridge and then continue to turn right to road 317. Go straight on DT316, end the road, turn left to Thanh Son bus station. Or go straight to Ho Tung Mau street, road 32 towards Trung Ha bridge, turn left and continue along the dike road to Thanh Son area.

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– By bus: take the bus from Hanoi to Lai Chau and get off at Tan Son, Tan Phu commune. From here continue to take a taxi or motorbike taxi to the predetermined sightseeing place.

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Attractive Thanh Son tourist destination

1. Mo Waterfall

Located 15km from the district center, possessing a wild and unique scenery, Mo waterfall is a famous place known by many people today in Thanh Son Phu Tho. The majestic waterfall falls through the high cliffs with 9 floors like a silk strip, hidden among the green mountains and forests, creating an impressive poetic scene. 

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The path leading to the waterfall is surrounded by colorful wildflowers, from afar, you can hear the sound of the waterfall. After taking a photo to check in at this Thanh Son Phu Tho destination and bathe your eyes at the foot of the waterfall, you can find a nearby stilt house to choose as a place to rest. Enjoy with your friends or relatives the typical mountain specialties in Thanh Son.

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2. Cloud Waterfall

May Waterfall is located in Huong Can commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho. The waterfall with its majestic beauty is like white silk ribbons echoing through the green mountains and forests. The waterfall originates from the top of Hem mountain, including 13 different large and small waterfalls forming an impressive layer. On hot summer days, stand by the flowing water to feel the cool air, an ideal place to relax and avoid the heat.

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3. Thanh Son tea hill

Thanh Son Phu Tho travel experience, for those who love the peaceful and rustic beauty, the tea hill here is a destination not to be missed. An immense tea hill with beautiful blue eyes like a picture, the check-in place is often visited by young people. The most beautiful time to visit the tea hill is in the early morning when the fog is still lingering on the young tea leaves, the scene is so beautiful that it’s hard to describe.

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4. Lang Cave

Located deep in the heart of Ten Mountain, Lang Cave is among the top of the largest and most beautiful caves in Phu Tho. The highest place and the width can be up to 20m, the bottom of the cave has a large stream and is quite mysterious. The stalactites of all colors and sizes hanging down look very special. From the entrance of the cave, you can see the vast and beautiful Muong Lang field.

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5. Vien Minh Pagoda

Located on the top of Van mountain, although newly built, it is also a spiritual destination that is loved by many people. The landscape of the temple is airy with a poetic view. Phu Tho tourism comes here to sightsee, breathe in the fresh air and pray for peace and good luck for you and your family.

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What to eat in Thanh Son Phu Tho tourism?

1. Thanh Son sour meat

Coming to Phu Tho, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Thanh Son sour meat with local standards. This dish is made from thinly sliced ​​pork and pork skin marinated with hearing and spices and then wrapped in guava leaves for sour fermentation for 5-7 days. When enjoying sour meat, you will feel enough unique flavors, sour and sour meat and skin, fragrant fleshy smell mixed with the sweet and acrid taste of fig leaves, guava leaves, cloves, …. together. 

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2. Brown meat salad

The Muong ethnic group in Thanh Son often use brown tubers with acrid taste to process with many ingredients to create unique delicious dishes, most notably brown mannequin meat. A delicious dish often seen on special occasions platters made from wild boar grilled over thinly sliced ​​charcoal and mixed with spices and lemon leaves. Finally, add brown to create color, when eating rolled with inner leaves, fig leaves, … dipping cooked sticky rice to feel the rich meat, fatty leopard mixed with the acrid taste of brown is hard to resist.

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3. Rock moss

Rock moss is a specialty dish that not everyone can enjoy. Thanh Son Phu Tho travel experience is self-sufficient , you can go to the villages of the Muong people to see how to make and taste. Rock moss is taken from the stream to wash the sand and then beat it with a wooden pestle, then mix it with lemongrass, Chinese scent, laksa leaves, doi seeds, … wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on embers. In addition, stone moss can also be used to cook soup or mannequins, which is also very interesting.

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4. Deer wine

The buckwheat wine of the Muong in Thanh Son is as warm as the taste of the mountains and forests, and the smooth texture adds richness to the delicious dishes. Wine is cooked with many stages according to the special traditional method of this place. Rice wine mixed with yeast is a combination of leaves, wild fruits, betel leaves, chili peppers, etc. Roe deer wine is also a precious gift of the ethnic people here, imbued with the human love that has been preserved through the years. generations.

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5. Cassava vegetables

This Phu Tho sour cassava vegetable dish is a rustic specialty with bold hometown flavor, famous in Thanh Son region. Salt and sour cassava leaves are processed into many delicious dishes such as:cassava vegetable salad, fish braised cassava vegetables, shrimp stock, sour soup with cassava vegetables, …All simple dishes but unique delicious flavors, especially with Children far from home will be hard to forget.

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Recommended itinerary for Thanh Son 2 days 1 night tour

– Day 1: Hanoi – May Waterfall – Visit Vien Minh Pagoda.

– Day 2: Thanh Son tea hill – Visit tea processing area and buy specialties – Hanoi.

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Unspoiled nature with traditional culture and unique cuisine attracts tourists from far away to learn. Above are Thanh Son Phu Tho travel experiences that hope you will have a memorable trip in the peaceful highlands of this Ancestral land.

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