Dien Bien delicious food is famous for eating once, you will remember it

Dien Bien delicious dishes not only attract visitors from near and far by eye-catching colors and decorations but also because of the delicious taste with the flavor of the Northwestern mountains and forests, which makes the eaters forever lingering.

Northwest has always been a land loved by the beautiful natural scenery, majestic mountains, unique culture, friendly and hospitable people. Visiting here, visitors will be able to visit and explore famous tourist sites with rich cuisine. This beautiful land is also the birthplace of unique and delicious dishes that attract tourists from near and far. The delicious Dien Bien dishes below will definitely not make diners remember forever

Dien Bien’s delicious dishes are famous near and far

Referring to the specialties of Dien Bien , visitors can not ignore Dien Bien sticky sticky rice, crossed, grilled chicken, braised duck with banana, grilled fish, Tua Chua black chicken, Muong Thanh bird sticky rice, meat ground pork steamed with banana leaves, kitchen buffalo meat, …

Grilled chicken with cocoons

The Thai dish of grilled chicken is very famous in the Northwest mountainous region, especially in Dien Bien. After being cleaned, the chicken will be put on the stove to grill. The way to grill chicken here is a little different, instead of using chicken fat to add to the chicken, the Thai people leave the chicken fat naturally. When the chicken hunts again, they spread the condiment on the whole chicken. If you encounter heat, you will emit a sweet aroma that stimulates your taste buds. Grilled chicken with a cocoon has a golden skin, sweet and chewy meat, and a strong aroma of characteristic cocoon.delicious-hot-western-western-western-western-western western cuisineGrilled chicken with delicious, famous Dien Bien cocoon

Diagonal intersection

As a typical spice of the Northwestern mountains as well as the Thai living in Dien Bien, Cross-pot has a mild aroma that makes diners unforgettable.

Diagonal occiput has the main ingredient is cocoon fruit. Mac khen is a plant belonging to the anise family (a wild tree found only in pristine mountains and forests), with essential oils, when the fruit will form in tiny clusters, emitting a slight fragrance. At the point of harvest, people will pick the cocoons and then dry them to mix with other ingredients to make their signature crossbones.

This spice can be used to dab with sticky sticky rice, wild animal meat or green cabbage. In addition, diagonal is also used to grill chicken, grill fish and other dishes.delicious-food-delicious-food-meat-berriesThe broth is used to dab the meat, grilled fish instead of dry diagonal

Sticky rice sticky rice Dien Bien

In Dien Bien’s delicious dishes , visitors will never forget the fragrant, soft, sweet flavor of sticky sticky rice dish. 

Sticky rice is Dien Bien’s most delicious type of sticky rice with its round, lightly fragrant sticky seeds. When eaten, it tastes sweet, fragrant, and flexible without sticking to your hands. 

Sticky sticky rice in order to have a characteristic delicious taste must be found in a special wooden wooden plank of the Thai ethnic group. In addition, before cooking, sticky rice needs to be soaked for several hours so that the sticky rice does not clump. The cooking process is very sophisticated because it has to go through two items. At the first time, when sticky sticky rice releases aroma, which means that sticky rice has just ripe, the maker will pour out a basket and spread the chopsticks evenly, leaving for about 15 minutes, continue pouring and continuing to cook The sticky rice is evenly ripe, the sticky rice is steamed so it retains the full flavor of sticky rice.nep-nep-mon-eat-delicious-delicious-bien-nuc-nuccaSticky rice sticky rice

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Tourists often enjoy sticky sticky rice with grilled pork, fish, and grilled chicken. In addition, sticky rice is also added with the juice of all kinds of tubers or leaves to create a colorful sticky rice, visitors can buy and eat along the way. In the cold weather of Dien Bien, you can enjoy sticky rice with sweet, fragrant, soft, and peaceful feeling.delicious-food-delicious-bien-choi-nep-an-with-gaFried sticky rice with yellow sticky rice served with chicken

Tua Chua Black Chicken (Ka Du)

As a specialty of the Hmong people, Tua Chua black chicken has black eyes, black flesh, black skin, black viscera, firm meat, delicious. In particular, this chicken provides iron and glutamic content 2 times higher than normal chicken. Thanks to its nutrients and delicious taste, Tua Chua black chicken is often cooked porridge for pregnant women or lactating women to nourish the body.

Visiting Dien Bien in the cold days of late winter or early spring, visitors will enjoy the delicious, chewy and sweet taste of this rare chicken.-to-of-the-European-delicious-to-be-loved restaurantTua Chua black chicken can be processed into many delicious dishes

Sticky rice with Muong Thanh bird

Referring to the famous specialty dish of Dien Bien , visitors do not miss Muong Thanh bird sticky rice. This dish is especially fragrant, fatty and sweet thanks to the freshly fragrant pigeon meat. Sticky rice is displayed on a tray with a rustic bamboo tray, then sprinkled with dried non-yellow onions to complete. The color and taste are irresistibly delicious.bird-muong-muong-mon-delicious-delicious-bien-bienMuong Thanh bird sticky rice dish is very popular with customers

Ground pork steamed with banana leaves

Dien Bien’s delicious food is made from a lot of pork, but the steamed ground pork dish with banana leaves has a unique taste that will make diners heart.

Minced pork is mixed with spices, then wrapped with banana leaves and then put in a steamer for about an hour. Thanks to the special cooking method, the pork is soft and completely spice together, combining the aroma of banana leaves, pepper, making the dish even more delicious.Thit-lon-to-hap-a-banana-food-delicious-food-meatMeat dish steamed with banana leaves

Pa pinh top (grilled fish)

Grilled fish is a dish everywhere, but this dish is processed in Dien Bien land becomes more special when they are combined with cocoons. Fish after being marinated with spicy and fragrant macadamia seeds, chili, lemongrass, ginger, and then grilled in the heat of embers until golden ripe to enjoy. Unique marinated spices combined with special marinades help the grilled carp, fish float, and grilled carp become more delicious and rich than ever.Recipe-of-drink-in-a-delicious-food-food-drinksThe fish is cleaned and seasoned into the fish’s belly

A little spicy of chili, sweet and fatty fish combined with the fragrant aroma of the dish helps diners not help surprised by their delicious taste. This dish is served with sticky sticky rice.delicious-delicious-food-delicious-food-delicious-hot-meatDien Bien grilled fish is famous near and far

Braised duck with banana

Braised banana duck dish is a favorite dish of many tourists. The strong aroma, sweetness, spicy and spicy flavor of the dish conquers even the fastidious diners. Vit-on-chuoi-mon-food-delicious-dien-bienBraised duck with banana

Dien Bien delicious dishes are extremely rich and varied, if you have the opportunity to travel to Dien Bien , do not miss these typical dishes!

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