Dinh Hoa Garden – ‘miniature Da Lat’ is beautiful and poetic in Binh Duong


If you are looking for a place with beautiful and peaceful natural scenery in Binh Duong , Dinh Hoa Garden is the ideal destination. This place is likened to “miniature Da Lat” with extremely chilled scenery and beautiful virtual living corners, ideal for “relaxing” after a stressful working day.

Where is Dinh Hoa Garden in Binh Duong? 

Dinh Hoa Garden is located at number 700, DX 082, Dinh Hoa ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. This is a cafe with a beautiful romantic design like the land of thousands of flowers in Dalat. Coming to Garden Binh Duong, you will enjoy a relaxing fresh atmosphere, enjoy drinks and check-in beautiful virtual living.

Dinh Hoa Garden owns a beautiful scene like Da LatDinh Hoa Garden has a beautiful scene like miniature Dalat

How to get to Garden Binh Duong?

Dinh Hoa Garden is far from the city center. Thu Dau Mot is about 4.6km and about 35km from Saigon. You can easily move to Garden Saigon according to the following instructions: 

– From Saigon : Take a motorbike or self-driving car along the Tan Van – My Phuoc route about 1h15m to arrive. Or you can take a bus to Binh Duong bus station and take a taxi or bus to Garden Binh Duong. 

– From City. Thu Dau Mot : The most convenient way is to follow Pham Ngoc Thach route and Tan Van – My Phuoc road about 10 minutes to Garden Binh Duong. Or you can go through Binh Duong Boulevard/NH13 and DX 082, but about 5.4km further.

How to get to Dinh Hoa Garden  How to travel from the center of Binh Duong to Dinh Hoa Garden

What does Dinh Hoa Garden Binh Duong have? 

What does Dinh Hoa Garden have to play? Dubbed as a small corner of Da Lat with extremely chilled scenery, Garden Binh Duong attracts young people with its poetic natural scenery, unique space design and a beautiful virtual living place. 

Enjoy the beautiful scenery 

What impresses visitors when coming to Garden Binh Duong is the spacious and airy space, planted with many trees and flowers. Here, there are many typical trees in Da Lat such as: Pines, ferns seem to be “lost” in the garden in Da Lat with beautiful and dreamy scenery. Around Garden Binh Duong is covered with many flowers and trees. Especially on the premises, there is a lake that provides a pleasant space to relax.

Sightseeing at Dinh Hoa Garden  Beautiful natural scenery in Dinh Hoa Garden

Sightseeing at Dinh Hoa Garden  Vast green pine forest at Dinh Hoa Garden

Unique design space 

Discovering Dinh Hoa Garden, visitors are also impressed with the open design space with neatly arranged rows of tables and chairs. This place has a cafe designed with a unique style to become a destination to attract young people in Binh Duong today. In particular, the tree is connected by a rustic suspension bridge ideal for virtual check-in. Coming to Garden Binh Duong, you can also enjoy coffee, drinks and chill out.

Unique design in Dinh Hoa Garden  Design a very chill scene at Dinh Hoa Garden

Unique design in Dinh Hoa Garden  Unique wooden rope bridge at Dinh Hoa Garden

Unique design in Dinh Hoa Garden  Impressive space design at Dinh Hoa Garden

Extremely chill virtual living paradise

Dinh Hoa Garden impresses virtual living believers with beautiful and genuine background corners. You will be able to choose from many beautiful shooting angles in the space inside the restaurant and the scenery outside to check-in. 

Virtual living in Dinh Hoa Garden  Check-in beautiful virtual living at Dinh Hoa Garden

When coming to Garden Binh Duong, you can also enjoy a menu of attractive snacks and drinks to recharge for the trip. Garden Binh Duong serves a menu of dishes such as: 

– Pork rolls 

– Bread soup 

– Mixed vermicelli 

– Spring rolls dotted with fish sauce

– Grilled skewers 

– Boiled corn, boiled cassava.

Eating at Dinh Hoa Garden  Dinh Hoa Garden serves a variety of food menus

Drinks at Dinh Hoa Garden  Enjoy drinks at Dinh Hoa Garden

Notes when going to Dinh Hoa Garden Binh Duong 

“Pocket” the following notes will help you have the most memorable trip at Garden Binh Duong: 

– Dinh Hoa cafe operates from 8 am – 23 pm every day of the week, including Tet holidays. 

– The scene in the shop is very beautiful, so you should prepare nice clothes and a good camera to live virtual. 

– On weekends and Tet holidays, the restaurant is very crowded, so you should arrange to come early to avoid all seats. 

– With beautiful spacious scenery, cool fresh air and food service, so you can spend the whole day having fun in Dinh Hoa. 

– For those who live far away, if they want to stay overnight, they can choose to rent motels and hotels in the city center. Thu Dau Mot. 

Dinh Hoa Garden is an ideal destination that you should not miss when traveling to Binh Duong . Let’s form a team of sisters and aunts to “relax” after a week of studying and working at Garden Binh Duong!

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)