Discover the beautiful Tan Uyen tea hill like a painting in Lai Chau land

Tan Uyen tea hill, which is known as the beautiful paradise land of Lai Chau. Possessing a fresh and romantic natural landscape is the ideal virtual living spot for anyone. Not only that, the tea fields are green, glimmering in the golden sunlight, creating beautiful shooting angles. Therefore, many couples have chosen this place to take wedding photos, save the most beautiful moments of their lives. And to better understand this tourist destination in Lai Chau, follow the information below.

A brief introduction about Tan Uyen tea hill

Tan Uyen tea hill , true to its name, this place owns vast fresh tea fields, with a scale of more than 2,000 hectares and an age of nearly 50 years. Tea here is known as the main economic crop of Tan Uyen town and is also the source of many famous tea brands in the country, such as: San Tuyet tea, O Long tea, Thanh Tam tea, etc. … So, when arriving at the tea hill, visitors will have the opportunity to discover first-hand the process of growing and harvesting fresh tea, as well as enjoying the highest quality and standard tea inserts. In addition, a tea hill is also a place that attracts the attention of many young people, because of the green tea fields, creating beautiful frames, and producing romantic photos. Discover Tan Uyen tea hill in Lai ChauThe beauty of Tan Uyen tea hill

When should you travel to Tan Uyen tea hill?

As a natural tourist destination, the time to explore the tea hill is not so important. However, for the best experience, you can consider coming here between September and October. This is the end of summer, the best time to explore the tea hill as well as take pictures. Besides, visitors can also combine watching the ripe rice season in Mu Cang Chai at this time. Or if you love spring, then March – April is also an ideal time, this is the season of flowers and leaves sprouting, the time when tea produces many fresh young buds, very suitable for experiencing. Drink fresh tea in the garden.When should you travel to Tan Uyen Lai Chau tea hill?Explore the tea hill from September to October to combine watching the ripe rice season of Mu Cang Chai

Geographical location and how to move to Tan Uyen tea hill

Located along Highway 32, in Tan Uyen town in the east of Lai Chau province. From Hanoi, you will have to go through a long-distance of about 430km to reach Tan Uyen and there are 2 roads visitors can choose.

  • Option 1: You follow Highway 32 to Nghia Lo -> Mu Cang Chai -> Than Uyen -> Lai Chau. With this distance, you can take advantage of the travel time to see the ripe rice season in Mu Cang Chai.
  • Option 2: Take the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway. After arriving in Sapa, you go to O Quy Ho pass to reach Lai Chau. This distance you will shorten about 40 – 50km and travel time is also shorter, because it is mainly highway.

If you have never been to Lai Chau, you can see more:  Self-sufficient Lai Chau travel experience  .

What’s interesting about traveling to Tan Uyen tea hill?

Going to Tan Uyen tea hill, you will see a picture of nature appearing right in front of your eyes. But fresh tea trees are planted in rows, creating a very eye-catching look. The tea leaves are spread wide, thick, sturdy, reaching out to welcome the morning sun. All these images make people flutter and leave an impression on all visitors when coming here. Many people also think that the green tea hill in Tan Uyen is like a beautiful steppe in the middle of Europe.What's interesting about traveling to Tan Uyen tea hill?Green natural space of tea hill in Tan Uyen Uy

Not only possessing a romantic natural landscape but tea hill is also known as a wonderful resort. The fresh and cool atmosphere, blending with the peaceful scenery, making people let go of all their worries and worries, bringing a strange feeling of peace and relaxation. What would be more wonderful, when sitting and watching the green tea hill, enjoying delicious cups of tea in a wonderful space like this. Guaranteed, when you come to  Tan Uyen tea hill,  you will not want to leave at all.Interesting experiences when coming to Tan Uyen tea hillEnjoy the fresh air in the beautiful tea hill Tan Uyen

Exploring the tea hill, an indispensable experience is taking virtual photos. With the Background covered with the lush green of fresh tea leaves, glimmering golden rays of sunlight, white clouds floating in the sky, creating pictures of a lifetime. That’s why many couples, who are about to get married, have chosen Tan Uyen tea hill  to save the best photos of their lives.Activities when coming to Tan Uyen tea hillCouples choose Tan Uyen tea hill to take pictures for a lifetime

In addition, exploring the tea hill, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the simple life of the people here, participating in tea harvesting in the early morning with the people is also very interesting.

What to eat when coming to Tan Uyen tea hill?

Tan Uyen tea hill belongs to the Northwest mountains, so enjoying the mountain specialties here is also a great experience. Some dishes visitors should not miss include:

– Lam rice dish: As a rustic dish, the rice is cooked in fresh young tubes, creating an aromatic, sweet taste, typical of the Northwest. This dish you can eat on the spot or buy it as a meaningful gift for family and friends.

– Thang co : A specialty in Lai Chau , cooked from the main ingredients: internal organs of buffaloes and cows, but the most delicious is horses, combined with typical spices of the mountains such as: Doi seeds, drop fruit, lemongrass, … and many other spices. When the dish is cooked well, giving off a strange but delicious aroma, when eating the meat is soft, delicious and irresistible. Especially when sipping with glasses of wine, there’s nothing like it.Thang Co - Specialties should be enjoyed when coming to Tan Uyen tea hill chèDelicious and attractive Thang Co dish

– Jogging chicken : Chicken is raised freely on hills and mountains, so it is fragrant and firm. With this type of chicken, it is possible to create many different delicious dishes, but grilled chicken is still the dish that many people are most interested in. Because it attracts diners from color, flavor to rich taste.

– Men men: The name is quite unique, but it is actually a dish of corn that is dried and ground into a fine powder. When processing, people put it in the same pot as cooking sticky rice, but the taste is quite different.Men men - Specialties should be enjoyed when coming to Tan Uyen tea hill chèEnjoy attractive men’s dishes in Tan Uyen

– Kitchen buffalo meat dish: Not only is it a dish loved by many people and bought as a gift, but it is also a famous specialty of the Northwest mountains. The buffalo meat pieces are cut into large pieces, marinated with spices and smoked until the buffalo meat is cooked.

That’s all the information and experience of traveling to Tan Uyen tea hill that we want to share with you. Hopefully with the above information, you will know what to play, where to go and what to eat when you arrive at this beautiful tea hill. Have a nice trip!

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