Discover the famous Bau Can tea hill with hundreds of years of ancient tea flavor of Gia Lai

Not only Bien Ho tea but in Gia Lai, there is another beautiful tea field that is equally beautiful, which is Bau Can tea hill, a famous place for hundreds of years with ancient tea flavor and fresh beauty full of vitality in the peaceful area. origin of Chu Prong district.

Bau Can tea hill with its vibrant green color and beautiful natural scenery, is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the fresh nature and temporarily forget the troubles of daily life. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Gia Lai . 

Discover Bau Can tea hill

Bau Can tea hill is an attractive natural destination in Gia Lai. Photo: webtretho

Where is Bau Can tea hill? 

Bau Can tea hill is located in the territory of Tay Ho village, Bau Can commune, Chu Prong district, 25km south of Pleiku city center. With a history of up to hundreds of years, this is one of the oldest tea lands of the Central Highlands. From the center of Pleiku, just pass the Rong Hamlet range towards the southwest, you will come to Bau Can tea hill, the road to this tea hill is very easy, you will have the opportunity to admire many beautiful scenes of the island. Gia Lai on the way.

Discover Bau Can tea hill

The tea hill is located only 25km from the center of Pleiku to the south. Photo:@khuatgiaminh

The most convenient means of transportation you can use when coming to Bau Can tea hill is a motorbike because it is easy to move with the red dirt road of the plateau, as well as you can comfortably stop to admire the scenery or check-in. anywhere on the go. 

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The hundred-year history of the land of Bau Can tea, Gia Lai

Tea trees appeared in Bau Can very early, according to the history from 1920-1923, the French came and began to reclaim some land in the North Central Highlands to grow tea. In 1923, the French established a tea and coffee farming company called CATECKA for short, this is also the milestone that the tea tree officially attached to this highland and has grown to this day.

Discover Bau Can tea hill

Tea trees were planted in Bau Can hundreds of years ago. Photo:@wanderlust

During the French colonial period, although the North Central Highlands had many tea plantations, Bau Can was still the most prosperous place to do business. In 1928, this place only had 680 hectares, only a year later the area had grown to 900 hectares, Bau Can tea quickly became popular with Western aristocrats and Asian fish. At Bau Can tea hill today, there are still traces of a flourishing period with villas, hydroelectric systems or offices. 

Discover Bau Can tea hill

The name Bau Can was given by the locals themselves. Photo:@thuy__my

It is known that the name Bau Can was not given by the French but by the locals themselves. In this Bau Can tea hill area , there is a low-lying area that every time the rainy season comes, water will stagnate with an area of ​​​​3 hectares. But later on, the water began to dry up and became completely dry, so people called it Bau Can and since then named this land Bau Can to this day. 

Discover the charming beauty of Bau Can tea land 

Coming to Bau Can tea hill , you will feel the natural beauty full of vitality and the charming, immense beauty of nature and heaven and earth. The road to the tea hill is a rustic dirt road, you will feel the pure aroma of tea as soon as you arrive. 

Discover Bau Can tea hill

Rustic dirt road inside the tea hill. Photo:@trungthanthoai

 You will be mesmerized by the green color of the tea beds, the vast and vast space, and the gentle and refreshing fragrance in the wind. In Bau Can tea hill , it seems that the color of the sun also fades when the space here is full of green, so cool and gentle. Standing in the vast space of Bau Can tea hill, it seems that all sorrows will disappear, only the beauty of nature exists and the emotions are so soothing.

Discover Bau Can tea hill

The scene brings a sense of peace to infinity. Photo: Nam Anh Photo

The pace of life in this tea hill is very peaceful, immensity in the tea fields with the shadow of farmers working hard, skillful hands plucking fresh young tea buds. Hand-harvesting has its own beauty, closeness and idyllic, which seems to be the same reason why the tea flavor is fuller and more attractive. 

Discover Bau Can tea hill

Great place to heal the soul. Photo: cattour

If in Bien Ho tea hill there is a romantic pine road, in Bau Can you will admire the charming beauty of cassava trees, especially in the flowering season of October and November every year, the scenery of tea hills . Bau Can becomes extremely poetic with the yellow color dotted on the vibrant green background of the tea fields. The flowering season is also the time when Bau Can tea fields attract the most visitors, the clear and fresh beauty with bright yellow flowers is the ideal scene for visitors to capture beautiful moments. 

Discover Bau Can tea hill

The flowering season in October and November is the time when Bau Can becomes the most charming. Photo: fatoda

Discover Bau Can tea hill

The bright yellow flowers captivate the hearts of travelers. Photo: cattour

Traveling to Gia Lai and visiting Bau Can tea hill, you will be captivated by the clear and peaceful beauty of this land, where there is a clear blue sky with immense tea beds, rows of trees want to stay silent in the wind. Walking around the tea hill, enjoying the coolness of the highland must be a feeling that any traveling devotee wants to experience. 

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