Discover the lake view campsites in Vietnam suitable for summer vacation

In the midst of sweltering summer days like this, there’s nothing better than exploring the lake view campsites in Vietnam, and enjoying the fresh and cool air.

The lake view campsites in Vietnam are beautiful in every corner, check in to your heart’s content

1. Napy Garden Tri An 

Napy Garden Tri An is one of the lake view campsites in Vietnam that is loved by young people. This camping site is located at 1502/2 provincial road 767 Hamlet 1, Ma Da Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, Dong Nai Province. From Saigon to here is only about 65 km, it will take you about 2 hours to reach this campsite along Tri An lake.

Napy Garden is a lake view campsite in Vietnam located in Dong Nai provinceNapy Garden is a campsite overlooking Tri An lake. Photo: Napy Garden Fanpage

Napy Garden provides camping services by the romantic Tri An lake. It has a large space with green and flat lawns, both a tent area and a common place for visitors. At Napy Garden, you can choose tents arranged near the lake or far from the lake, designed in beautiful colors.

Napy Garden is a lake view campsite in Vietnam with many interesting experiencesGuests will have many memorable experiences at Napy Garden. Photo: Napy Garden Fanpage

Coming to Napy Garden, you will be immersed in the fresh nature, breathe in the cool air because there is both a lake and a cool garden. This campground offers a full range of services such as tents, dining and a play area for children. In particular, at Napy Garden, there is a very unique fruit-picking jeep tour in the garden, giving visitors a memorable camping trip. 

2. Ho Dau Tieng Travel   

This summer, traveling to Binh Duong, besides eating mangosteen chicken salad, you can also spend time camping at Dau Tieng Travel Lake – a camping site in Dong Sen hamlet, Dinh An commune, Dau Tieng district. With a direct view of the vast Dau Tieng Lake , visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the very peaceful and fresh natural scenery. 

Dau Tieng Travel Lake is a lake view campsite in Vietnam located in Binh DuongDau Tieng Lake Travel is a camping site with a view of Dau Tieng lake, located in Binh Duong province. Photo: Ho Dau Tieng Travel Fanpage

Exploring Dau Tieng Lake is an opportunity for you to experience the lovely tents arranged on the lakeside, right in the middle of the vast and clean grasslands. At night, the tents will light up beautifully, shimmering and romantic, just sit in a corner to have a good check-in photo to bring home.

Ho Dau Tieng Travel is a lake view campsite in Vietnam that brings many experiences to visitorsYou will have many memorable experiences at this Ho Dau Tieng Travel campsite. Photo: Ho Dau Tieng Travel Fanpage

Coming to this lake view campground in Vietnam , you can also participate in SUP rowing, organize a BBQ party, watch the sunset and experience many other interesting activities. The campsite campus is quite large, with enough view for you to check-in virtual life and experience fun, enjoy a really comfortable and fun trip. 

3. CampArt by Aunt Jen

One of the famous campsites in Da Lat that attracts many tourists and Vietnamese stars is CampArt by MòJen, located on the banks of Suoi Vang lake, Lac Duong district. Although the location of this camping site is a bit far from the city center, the scenery is beautiful and fresh. CampArt by MòJen is located in the middle of a green pine forest, overlooking the lake, with the cool and pleasant atmosphere of Da Lat, so it is always chill. 

CampArt by MòJen is also a favorite lake view campground in VietnamCampArt by MòJen is a famous campsite in Da Lat. Photo: Fanpage CampArt by MùJen

Coming to CampArt by MùJen, you will experience the form of glamping – luxury camping in the middle of the forest. The tent system here is very beautiful, comfortable and has countless beautiful check-in views. Whether sitting inside or outside the tent, you will have a virtual live image. In particular, the tent is arranged between the green pine trees, so the daytime is cool and extremely comfortable. 

CampArt by MòJen is also a lake view campsite in Vietnam with poetic sceneryYou will have memorable times at CampArt by MùJen. Photo: Fanpage CampArt by MùJen

Experiencing CampArt by MùJen, visitors will be fully served with breakfast, dinner, and coffee with delicious and professional dishes. Here, you can also row a boat on the lake, get up early to see the white mist covering the lake in front of you. In particular, in the evening in the typical cool air of Da Lat, having a campfire, holding an attractive BBQ party, what could be better? 

4. Ho Coc Camping 

Ho Coc Camping is both a lake view campsite in Vietnam and a beautiful sea view, so it is very popular with tourists. This coordinate is located on Coastal Road, Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. From Saigon to here is not too far, suitable for short weekend camping trips of tourists.

Ho Coc Camping is a lake view camping site in Vietnam located in Vung TauHo Coc Camping is a peaceful and romantic campsite. Photo: Ho Coc Camping Fanpage

Like other campsites, coming to Ho Coc Camping you will immediately feel the relaxation and peace. Here, tents are set up in the middle of shady poplar rows, with lake view tents and sea view tents for you to choose. Regardless of the view, visitors can enjoy the fresh and comfortable air.


Ho Coc Camping is a very comfortable lake view campsite in VietnamThis campground has full facilities for visitors. Photo: Ho Coc Camping Fanpage

As a professional camping site, Ho Coc Camping has all the facilities such as tents, tables and chairs, hammocks…. Along with that, there are catering services, campfires, SUP paddles, etc. of visitors. Just invite your close friends here and you will have a fun and memorable  Vung Tau trip right away.

5. Ban Xoi Campground 

Ban Xoi is also a favorite camping site in Hanoi, located at Lang Chong, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi district. For a long time, this place has been a beautiful destination for picnics, camping and weekend activities of Hanoians. In Ban Xoi, you will be camping in a cool space with a beautiful lake view.

Ban Xoi is a lake view campsite in Vietnam located on the outskirts of HanoiBan Xoi campsite with fresh and peaceful beauty. Photo: Ban Xoi Campground Fanpage Fanpage

Ban Xoi is located in the suburbs, in the middle of a large natural picture with forests, lakes and lush grasslands. Discovering this destination, you will be setting up tents on spacious lawns, overlooking the lake. Here, visitors can organize a barbecue party or play interesting team building games. 

Ban Xoi is a lake view campsite in Vietnam that brings unforgettable experiences to visitorsRomantic atmosphere in Ban Xoi at night. Photo: Ban Xoi Campground Fanpage Fanpage

In addition to camping, Ban Xoi also offers many other travel experiences for tourists traveling in small groups or large groups. You can kayak on the lake, make a campfire at night, enjoy famous delicious dishes or find yourself beautiful corners to take virtual photos. 

Ban Xoi is a lake view campsite in Vietnam that you should visit once.  Image:This summer, remember to explore Ban Xoi Ba Vi campsite. Photo: Ban Xoi Campground Fanpage Fanpage

There are many lake view campsites in Vietnam with beautiful scenery and large space, suitable for tourists to camp and experience fun and interesting recreational activities. Each campground will have its own advantages in terms of location and services, depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable campsite to experience.  

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