Discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau – Hmong tourist village with charming scenery

Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is a community tourism village with pristine, fresh beauty and good cultural imprints of the Mong ethnic people. 

Where is Sin Suoi Ho?

Sin Suoi Ho is a beautiful village in Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho district , Lai Chau province. This is the land bordering China, located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. From Lai Chau city center to here is only about 30 km. Therefore, visitors can easily move to this beautiful village to experience the scenery and people here. 
 Where is Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Sin Suoi Ho commune is 30 km from Lai Chau city center. Photo: @linhkha.doan

Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is a village of the H’mong ethnic group, blessed by nature with a magnificent and wonderful terrain. With a cool year-round climate, fresh nature and charming scenery, Sin Suoi Ho is facilitated to develop a community-based tourism model, becoming a destination in Lai Chau that is loved by many people.
 Where is Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?This is a community tourism version of the Mong people. Photo: @expatlocal

Visiting this Mong village, you will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful roads. Whether traveling by motorbike or traveling by car, you can capture the full view of the beautiful scenery of the steep passes, watch the blooming yellow wild sunflowers in November or simply breathe in the fresh, peaceful air.

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Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is not only beautiful but also fun 

Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is not a favorite just because it is a community tourism version. This land captures the hearts of travelers because of the beautiful natural scenery that the Creator has bestowed. On the journey to Sin Suoi Ho, you can come across terraced fields with the same message, mountains and hills interspersed with each other extremely magnificent.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Sin Suoi Ho has many beautiful streams and waterfalls. Photo:

In particular, on the way to the village, visitors can also admire the orchid gardens of the people here. The picture of Sin Suoi Ho appears with the traditional houses of the Mong ethnic group, with lovely homestays, with gardens filled with beautiful flowers.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Beautiful waterfall in Sin Suoi Ho. Photo: @linh_ha1011

In the Hmong language, Sin Suoi Ho means “golden stream”. And when you come here, you will also discover the clear streams, visit the beautiful heart waterfall. All the streams and waterfalls in the middle of the mountains and forests here create pure and peaceful scenery that captivates the hearts of many travelers. 
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Beautiful terraced fields in Sin Suoi Ho. Photo: @oc.kham 

In 2015, Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau village was recognized as a community tourism village. Local people embarked on building homestays, cafes and some basic services, meeting the needs of tourists when coming here to visit, explore and experience life like local residents.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?People in Sin Suoi Ho have been doing community tourism since 2015. Photo: @sung_lung

Currently, Sin Suoi Ho has about 10 households as a homestay model, serving the accommodation needs of tourists. All homestays are wooden houses with the traditional Hmong house model. The lovely homestay welcome gate, with a rope sign, provides full information about the host’s name, services, phone number, etc.

Although doing tourism, this village keeps all that nature has to offer. From houses, living habits to people, all are imbued with the traditional culture of the Mong people. Coming here, you will learn more about Sin Suoi Ho cultural village – the village has a history of formation and development about 300 years. 
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Sin Suoi Ho has a history of development to 300 years. Photo: @haranatsuga

Although it is a high mountainous region far from big cities, the lifestyle in Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is very civilized. People in the village have 4 taboos not to do, which is not drinking, not gambling, not smoking, not having sexual relations. Therefore, this village welcomes about 100,000 domestic and foreign visitors each year.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Visitors to Sin Suoi Ho enjoy the fresh and relaxed natural beauty. Photo: @tjtote

Traveling to Sin Suoi Ho , you have many interesting activities such as experience hunting clouds on the top of the mountain, watching the sunset on terraced fields in the pouring water season or the ripe rice season. In addition, you can spend time exploring waterfalls, hundreds of years old trees in the village. 

In particular, at Sin Suoi Ho, there are also chill cafes for visitors to sit and sip some drinks and immerse themselves in the beautiful natural picture here. The most famous is Sa Coffee. The shop serves a variety of drinks, and also has beautiful photo corners.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?The majestic beauty of Sin Suoi Ho captivates people’s hearts. Photo: @huyen.nh22

At Sin Suoi Ho, you will enjoy many delicious dishes such as full-course Ban Pig, wild fern salad, sturgeon hotpot, deep-fried bamboo shoots, banana flower salad, upland sticky rice, Thang Co, smoked meat, etc. Cabbage, … bearing bold culinary beauty of ethnic minorities in the North.
 What's so beautiful about Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau?Every season is beautiful for you to visit Sin Suoi Ho. Photo: @btth_

In particular, in the journey to discover this beautiful village, visitors can also participate in cultural performances organized by local people. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can also spend time going to the market, shopping for local products and understanding more about the culture of the people here.

Experience of traveling to Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau

Although the Sin Suoi Ho community tourism village is still pristine, it basically has a full range of accommodation and food services. Visitors here can rent rooms overnight ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 VND/night/person. If you travel to Lai Chau in a large group, you should contact in advance for better support.
 Experience discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai ChauSin Suoi Ho market is jubilant and bustling. Photo: @su_vietnam

You can come to this beautiful village every season of the year because every season is beautiful. In spring, there are peach blossoms and poetic plum flowers. Summer here is cool and fresh with cool streams. In the autumn, from September to October, there are golden terraced fields, the scenery is very poetic. 
 Experience discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai ChauBeautiful wild sunflower season in Sin Suoi Ho. Photo: @mandy.nhich

Because it has been invested to develop into a tourist village, to go to Sin Suoi Ho, you have to buy an entrance ticket of 20,000 VND/person. This ticket price includes all attractions such as peach orchards, 300-year-old ancient apple trees, Love waterfall, Tim waterfall, orchid gardens, … beautiful.
 Experience discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai ChauTickets to Sin Suoi Ho are only 20,000 VND. Photo: @tjtote

To facilitate the journey to explore this village, you can hire a local guide at a cost of 300,000 – 500,000 VND (half day or full day). They will be the one to introduce you to the scenery, people and interesting stories in the beautiful village.
 Experience discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai ChauYou can stay here for 1-2 days to fully feel the beauty of Sin Suoi Ho. Photo: @myhoang

Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau is a beautiful village with majestic natural scenery, the typical culture of the Hmong people and with countless attractive tourist experiences. If you have the opportunity to travel to Lai Chau, try once to feel more fully the beautiful scenery and people here.

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