Dried snakehead fish – “Special King” full of the flavor of Western rivers

The firm, sweet and fragrant flesh of dried snakehead fish has become a favorite dish of the people of the North, Central and South regions.

Dried snakehead fish – A specialty imbued with the flavor of the West River

Dried snakehead fish is no longer strange to many gourmets. From a small grocery store to a large supermarket, you can also find dried snakehead fish. But to enjoy this authentic specialty, it takes a little sophistication from the selection stage.

People always wonder why the popular snakehead fish everywhere has become a specialty of the West – the river Ca Mau region? Because this snakehead fish is a picky eater, “luxurious”, only eats fresh fish and criticizes industrial food. Therefore, their meat is firm and crunchy indescribably.

Even if you are a person who does not often eat fish, you will feel the meat of farmed fish and “copper fish” in the wild, right? The meat of the fish is naturally both firm and delicious, and the mouth is full. The taste of fish raised in cages with industrial food is not comparable.

There is no need to use beautiful words to talk about the deliciousness of dried snakehead fish. To make that delicious taste, the stages of fish handling must be skillful and have the secret of top-notch sun exposure. Sun exposure is not all sunshine, but it must be at the right time, at the right time.

Dried snakehead fish is delicious, it must be fragrant with the sun, tinged with yellow to be famous throughout the North and South. The fish selected to be dried are fresh fish that have not fallen into the water, it is forbidden to rot, because if you choose not fresh fish, the finished product is often hot and fishy after drying.

The west wind seems to be a “spice” to season the dried snakehead fish dish with more flavor. After being caught on the raft, people cut the meat and then marinate the fish with spices such as salt, main noodles, pepper, and chili to fit and then dry it on a bamboo mat. Thanks to the sun, thanks to the wind to dry the fish.

Different degrees of sunshine produce finished products to use according to needs. For example, dry snakehead fish in 1 sun, just enough to aerate the surface, if it is wet, use sugar or store it. However, dried snakehead fish can not be preserved for a long time, if you want to keep it for a long time, you must vacuum bags to keep it cold.

Dried snakehead fish 2 sunny just enough, not too fresh and moist but also moderate crispy, the preservation time is longer. As for the dry type of 3 sunny fish, it is tough, tearing it into a salad is very suitable. So depending on the taste of each person to choose dry fish accordingly.

What is the delicious dish of dried snakehead fish?

This also depends on the preferences of the diner. Dried snakehead fish is usually fried, fried, grilled with soy sauce or made a salad like dried snakehead fish with mango salad or durian salad.

When eating rai, fried with soy sauce or made a salad are very mouth-watering. Grilled embers are also strangely attractive, the faint aroma from the dried grilled snakehead fish, tearing each piece up, makes the mouth water.

In addition, dried snakehead fish with melon, tamarind sauce, sweet sugar, garlic butter sauce or sour soup are all delicious.

How to choose to buy dried snakehead fish?

Standard delicious dried snakehead fish is a type of dried snakehead fish in the wild, the fish meat is definitely more fragrant and juicy than farmed fish. The type of snakehead fish raised is large, fatty, but the meat is not as fragrant.

Dried snakehead fish is selected from 100% fresh live snakehead fish, although they have a high price, the meat is fragrant, not fishy.

To ensure food safety and hygiene as well as long storage time, you should choose to buy dry fish with lots of sunshine.

Dry snakehead fish in the sun but not too dry and not too salty. Because if you choose to buy the type that is too salty, you will not feel all the sweetness of the meat.