Dumplings with eight flavors of 0,3$ in Saigon

Each dumpling ball has a colorful, soft, and chewy shell, mixed with 8 flavors, each costing 0,3$.

Located on Nguyen Bieu Street, District 5, Hung’s dumpling shop (40 years old) has been popular with many diners recently. The shop is open from 10:30 to 22:30, with the number of dumplings sold at about 2,000 pieces per day.

Dumplings are placed in a bowl, and steamed for about 15 minutes. Photo: Ha Lam

According to Mr. Hung, to make delicious dumplings, the ingredients need to be carefully selected. For example, shrimp and squid must be fresh, the chicken should choose a type with a lot of meat… These ingredients, after going through a clean preliminary process, will be boiled until cooked. With chicken, tear apart each fiber and shrimp and squid cut into small pieces… In turn, the other ingredients are also carefully made, then marinated with spices, put in the refrigerator to absorb before wrapping.

The shop owner added that making dumplings requires a lot of work, but the hardest part is when mixing and mixing the dough, so that it’s right. Especially to have a beautiful outer shell, Mr. Hung uses ingredients taken from natural tubers and leaves such as red from beetroot, green from pandan leaves, purple from butterfly pea flower, dark pink from rosemary leaves.. .

Every day must be done in large quantities, so the shop will use a mixer, then in turn add flour, boiling water and each color, mix well for about 10 minutes. After the mixing stage, you will have to use force to knead each type of dough, roll it out and cut it according to a predetermined mold into pieces.

The bowl of dumplings has a colorful outer shell. Photo: Ha Lam

Hung’s dumpling shop has 8 flavors, made from many different ingredients such as squid, corn, lemon leaf chicken, crab stick, beef, shallot, quail egg shumai, shrimp meat. Diners can choose toppings according to their preferences. The seller will wrap and steam each dumpling. “This way, the food is always chewy, soft and fresh,” said the owner, adding that steaming delicious cakes also requires the seller to know how to time it properly. Only that way, each steamed dumpling ball will be soft and chewy enough to help people eat without getting bored.

The steamed dumpling is still hot, served on a plate according to the customer’s order. Guests using this dish can put a skewer into each ball, then dip it with soy sauce mixed with vinegar, add laksa leaves, fried onions, and chili sauce. “In Saigon, there is no shortage of dumpling shops, the largest concentration is in District 5, but each place will have a different way of doing it. My shop follows the closest taste so that any diners can use it. and love it,” said the owner.

Dumplings served with laksa leaves, fried onions, and soy sauce mixed with a little vinegar are very flavorful. Photo: Ha Lam

When eating, guests will feel the softness of the dough outside, the fresh flavor blends inside with the signature rich dipping sauce. Mai Thanh (District 3) shared that she loves to eat dumplings here not only because of the quality but also the affordable price.

The shop is located on the main road, so it’s easy to find, but because this place is quite small, only about 1-2 tables for diners to sit and eat on the spot. Most dumpling enthusiasts come here to buy and enjoy or order through apps.