Duyen Hai Tra Vinh Wind Power – a picturesque check-in point in the West


If you have the opportunity to visit the Ba Dong Tra Vinh beach area, do not miss the interesting experience at Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power – which is known as the hottest virtual living place in the West recently.

Ba Dong Beach is often known as a scenic spot – a famous tourist area located in Tra Vinh province. But this place also has a long coastline, especially with different shallow and deep continental shelves. These conditions are very suitable for investment projects to develop wind power. According to many investors, in the not too distant future, this land will be the renewable energy center of the Mekong Delta region. In particular, the Dong Hai 1 wind power project is currently the 5th factory in the province to come into operation with a total investment of up to nearly 5,000 billion VND. Let’s check in with Vinlove in the wind power area of ​​Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh, fully enjoy the beauty of the sea and the wind.Check in wind power along Hai Tra Vinh - Wind turbinesWind turbines in the middle of the vast ocean. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Coordinates of Duyen Hai wind power field in Tra Vinh

Traveling to Tra Vinh , visitors can not only visit sacred Khmer temples and beautiful places such as Ba Om Pond, Con Chim tourist area… but also check-in in one of the beautiful wind power fields such as: painting of the river region. That is Dong Hai wind power field 1. The project is located in Dinh An hamlet, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province.Check in Duyen Hai wind power Tra Vinh - FieldDong Hai wind power field. Photo: thamhiemmekong

After officially going into commercial operation, the Dong Hai 1 Wind Power Plant project will add about 330 million kWh of green energy per year to the national electricity grid. At the same time, this project also contributes to ensuring energy security in the Mekong Delta region and the country, creating jobs and income for local workers, promoting socio-economic development and tourism in the province. Tra Vinh.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Beautiful photos thousands of people loveBeautiful photo, thousands of people love it. Photos Trung Asia, Duong Ngoc Van – Duyen Hai Tra Vinh Fanpage

Directions to Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power

If starting from Tra Vinh city center, you go in the direction of Duyen Hai town, cross the Kinh Tat ferry to Dong Hai commune. Come here, you should ask more locals how to go to Dong Hai 1 wind power plant and you will be guided enthusiastically.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Spectacular viewSpectacular scenery. Photo: Trung Asia, Duong Ngoc Van – Duyen Hai Tra Vinh Fanpage

The interesting thing on the way from the center of Dong Hai commune to the main wind power plant is going through a lot of mangrove forests – a typical landscape of the western provinces with the sea bordering the river mouth. Don’t miss the spectacular scenery with a system of interlaced canals, like a giant and extremely charming green labyrinth on the way to this famous Tra Vinh tourist destination.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Picturesque sceneryPicturesque scenery. Photo: Ngo Tran Hai An

Thousands of virtual living angles with giant wind turbines

Recently, Vietnam has many large-scale wind power fields that both serve economic needs and are beautiful virtual living places such as Dam Nai wind farm in Thuan Bac district (Ninh Thuan), Tuyen Quang fan field. Phong (Binh Thuan), a wind power project in Bac Lieu,…

Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power was born later, but it also owns many unique points that attract more and more tourists, especially young people who come to take pictures and check-in.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Wind power overviewOverview of Korean wind power. Photo: Vo Truong An

The highlight of the project is 25 giant wind turbines built on the sea surface. The white turbine blades are huge, 105m high with 3 propellers, but not out of place, but extremely in harmony with the vast sea. It can be said that the natural and artificial beauty has crystallized and created a beautiful scene in the coastal area of ​​Tra Vinh. This is also the photography background without dead angles, thousands of people love it for young people who love virtual living.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Interesting tripExciting trip. Photo: Trung Asia, Duong Ngoc Van – Duyen Hai Tra Vinh Fanpage

No matter where you stand in any corner of the Dong Hai 1 wind power field, you can take beautiful pictures shimmering and also have depth brought by the vast natural landscape. If you choose wisely, you will see that you are standing next to extremely tall wind turbines like giant athletes in the middle of the blue sea with white waves.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Dawn on Ba Dong seaDawn on Ba Dong sea. Photo: thamhiemmekong

A small note to take good photos is that you should go early in the morning, as soon as dawn wakes up or choose the right moment when the afternoon is cool and cool while waiting for the sunset to come to get the best moments for you. his photo. Even if you go here at a time when the sun has not yet stopped, you can capture a romantic scene with thousands of rays of sunlight shimmering among the white propellers interspersed on the sea.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Yellow bridgeStriking yellow bridge. Photo: Fanpage Duyen Hai Tra Vinh

The position that creates the most beautiful and clear shooting angle at Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power is the outstanding yellow bridge. This leading bridge is more than 4 kilometers long to help you go to the place where the wind turbine pillars are installed, which can be observed from afar, towards the Ba Dong sea and has created thousands of beautiful photos that make the construction work. This program becomes the hottest virtual living place in Tra Vinh.
 Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - White turbine poles105m high white turbine pole with 3 main propellers. Photo: Devil Coc Tu

Other interesting experiences at Duyen Hai wind power Tra Vinh

After checking in with hundreds of beautiful photos, you should visit the nearby mudflats and admire the mangrove landscape, learn about the extremely interesting mudflats biota. Visitors will be told by guides or locals about the interesting life of fish trees and mangroves with their roots deeply rooted in the ground as well as know more about the livelihoods of the people here. If you are lucky, you can also participate in the activity of catching crab eggs by the wind with bold Southern coastal culture.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - The profession of catching crab eggsThe unique craft of catching crab eggs by the wind of local people. Photo: Devil Coc Tu

If you have plenty of time, don’t hesitate to go to Ba Dong beach – a famous Tra Vinh tourist destination located in Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai district. The beach possesses unspoiled beauty with long stretches of sand. The beautiful scenery is also adorned by rows of blue poplars whispering in the wind.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Dreamy beachDreamy beach. Phan Minh’s photo

Visiting this beach known as the most beautiful in Tra Vinh, tourists will be spoiled for swimming and then enjoy fresh seafood such as Nha Mat clams, steamed snails with lemongrass, roasted tamarind shrimp, and Con black tiger shrimp. Cu, Rooi fish sauce… amidst the cool fresh air in the huts built along the coast.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Fresh seafoodDelicious fresh seafood. Photo: vntrip

In addition to Ba Dong beach, you can also choose to visit many other famous landmarks located nearby such as Cung Hau estuary (bordering Tien Giang province), Dinh An estuary (bordering Soc Trang province). If you are interested in learning about architecture and history, go to the old churches built during the French colonial period such as Giong Rom church, Phuoc Hao church to enjoy the ancient beauty as well as the rich history. cultural depth of coastal areas Duyen Hai, Tra Vinh.Check in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Wild sceneryWild landscape. Photo: Tuan Nguyen

And also don’t forget to enjoy or buy as gifts Tra Vinh specialties like famous traditional craft villages such as Dong Cao seabed village, Con Cu salt, Ba Dong watermelon… moreCheck in Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power - Green labyrinthGreen labyrinth along the coast of Tra Vinh. Photo: Devil Coc Tu

Although not as famous as other wind power fields in Vietnam, Duyen Hai Tra Vinh wind power in Ba Dong beach area still has its own charm and is an interesting and new destination for those who love the beauty of the wind. , of the sea, of the giant white turbines by the blue ocean. Take a trip to the West and stop here to enjoy the harmonious beauty between man-made works and immense nature, friends!

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