Eating and plays in Ha Tien

KIEN GIANG – Joining entertainment services on the sea, and enjoying all kinds of seafood … is a suggestion for visitors to Ha Tien on the occasion of National Day.

Ha Tien is a city located in the northwest of Kien Giang province. In 2019, the city attracted nearly 3 million visitors, ranking second in the Southwest, just behind Phu Quoc. This place attracts tourists thanks to its poetic and charming beauty with many natural attractions. Here are some suggestions for places to visit, enjoy food and stay in Ha Tien for visitors on September 2 this year.

Places to play, take pictures, shop

Check-in at Mui Nai beach

Only 5 km from the city center, Nui Nai beach is a destination that many tourists check-in. Although the beach is not wide, it is calm and comfortable. Guests can walk on the white sand beach, drop into the cool water and experience interesting entertainment services on the sea.

Because it is located in the southwest, this beach is also a suitable spot for visitors to admire the romantic sunset.

Mui Nai beach is a favorite destination of many tourists in Ha Tien.
Mui Nai beach is a favorite destination of many tourists in Ha Tien.

Ta Pang mountain slide

Visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Mui Nai beach from the top of Ta Pang mountain. A slide pipe with a length of 1,205 m, pulled to the top of Ta Pang mountain and then poured back down, the height difference between the two stations up and down is 125 m… will impress those who love adventure.

Explore Thach Dong

Located in My Duc commune, about 5 km from Ha Tien center, Thach Dong is one of the attractions that attracts tourists by its magnificent landscape and is associated with the legend of Thach Sanh saving the princess. Inside the cave, there are many strange rock shapes, there is a branch that goes deep into the ground and connects to the sea of ​​Mui Nai. Following the paths in the cave, visitors have the opportunity to visit mysterious alleys and feel the cool air spreading from the rocky crevices.

Visiting Da Dung mountain

About 6 km from Ha Tien center, Da Dung mountain impresses with its isosceles trapezoidal shape, nearly 100 m high, including thorny rocks, with a mysterious look. This place is suitable for those who love to explore and experience.

Ha Tien Night Market – Ha Tien Night Market

Ha Tien night market.
Ha Tien night market.

Located in a new urban area, Ha Tien night market is usually busy from 6pm every day until late at night. Inspired by the busy and colorful markets in Hong Kong, the night market with nearly 500 stalls and thousands of colorful lights attracts visitors to stop. At the market, visitors can shop for clothes; shoes, souvenirs, jewelry; specialty goods and many delicious dishes.

Enjoy the food

Coming to Ha Tien, visitors should not miss the typical dishes such as silkworm cake, steamed noodles, broken rice, vermicelli noodles… In particular, the seafood here is very rich, including crabs, mantis shrimp, snails. sense… at an affordable price. Visitors can visit Ha Tien seafood market to delight in choosing their favorite types and then ask people to cook many delicious dishes on the spot, then bring them to the sea to enjoy.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood at Boc Boc restaurant located at the corner of Mac Cong Du – Tran Hau street; Ha Tien Grilling Village, Bo Ke Seafood on Dang Thuy Tram Street; 5 Fire, Blue Sea restaurant in Vo Van Kiet… Or Nhu Mai noodle shop on Nguyen Van Cu street, crab soup cake shop at 29 and 61 Tran Hau is also a suggestion for visitors not to be missed.

Seafood soup cake in Ha Tien.
Seafood soup cake in Ha Tien.

Drinking coffee

As a tourist country, Ha Tien has many cafes that attract tourists. If you like the sea atmosphere, you can choose Dong Ho cafe (formerly known as Thuy Tien) on Dong Ho street. The water dishes here are not diverse, but many tourists love it because of the view overlooking the Dong Ho lagoon, they can watch the rivers and mountains in a cool space.

Located near Dong Ho coffee, there is also a Mekong Coffee shop with spacious, airy and pleasant space. Or visitors choose EveryDay Coffee on Dang Thuy Tram because of its airy space, modern style, diverse drinks, especially serving breakfast with Ha Tien specialties.

EveryDay Coffee has an airy space, modern style, diverse drinks.
EveryDay Coffee has an airy space, modern style, diverse drinks.


Ha Tien has many accommodation options from 3-star to budget motels, to serve the diverse needs of visitors. Tourist attractions can refer to such as 3-star River Hotel, Du Hung Hotel, Visuha Tran Hau Street; Hai Phuong Hotel, Dang Thuy Tram Street; Minh Quan guesthouse, Bao Chau motel… comfortable, free wifi.

This city also has many attractions such as Phu Tu island, Hang pagoda, Mac family temple, Den mountain, Chong island, Hai Tac island… It is also famous for its unique cultural festivals combined with tourism. The spiritual calendar of temples and pagodas, promises to be one of the destinations that bring visitors many memorable experiences on the occasion of September 2 this year.