Enjoy the weekend at Dat Mui Ca Mau community eco-tourism area

Dat Mui Ca Mau Community Eco-tourism Area is an attractive destination for visitors on the weekend with its poetic natural scenery, cool climate, and many interesting activities and special cuisine. If you are looking for a weekend “relax” place in Ca Mau , then Dat Mui community eco-zone is the ideal destination.

Locating Dat Mui community eco-tourism area 

Dat Mui community eco-tourism area is located in Con Mui hamlet, Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau. The resort has a total area of ​​9.1ha, the ecological area is planted with many trees, the system of canals and canals, and diverse flora and fauna create a peaceful natural setting ideal for family and friends. weekend friends. You will experience a scenic motorboat ride, learn about the ecosystem and discover unique Western cuisine.  

Contact Info:

– Address: Con Mui Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District.

– Website: http://dulichcongdongnguyenvannhuan.com/

– Phone: 0919 186 419/ 0946 077 707.

Dat Mui community eco-tourism area attracts touristsDat Mui community tourist area is a favorite destination on weekends. Photo: dulichdatmui

Time to go to Dat Mui community eco-zone 

You can visit the community eco-tourism area Dat Mui Ca Mau at any time of the year. The most beautiful time is from December to April next year, this is the dry season, the climate is cool and fresh, with little rain. You can also go at intervals but it is advisable to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid going on rainy days. Dat Mui eco-zone is suitable for going in 1-2 weekends, you can also go on other days of the week but this is the most crowded time.

When to go to Dat Mui community eco-tourism area?The dry season is the most ideal time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Dat Mui tourist area. Photo: dulichdatmui

How to move to Dat Mui community eco-zone? 

Dat Mui Ca Mau community eco-tourism area is about 76km from the city center. To move to this eco-zone, you first need to get to Ca Mau by plane, bus or private vehicle. For those who live far away, it is most convenient to go by plane to Ca Mau airport, then take a taxi to the eco-zone. For those who live nearby, you can go by bus or private vehicle. 

In addition, you can follow the route Cai Nuoc – Tan Duyet to reach the ecological area. However, this distance has a longer distance of about 86km. If you follow this route, you need about 2 hours and 19 minutes to reach the ecological area.

How to move to Dat Mui community eco-tourism area?How to move to Dat Mui eco-zone? 

What does Dat Mui Community Ecological Area in Ca Mau have? 

What to play in Dat Mui community eco-tourism area ? You will experience sitting on the shells to see the vast green mangrove forests and experience catching mudskippers, tying crabs, catching three-sided, the Ca Mau people’s way of placing pots or square shrimp. Let’s go back to childhood and participate in many exciting fun activities at this famous eco-zone.

What to do at Dat Mui community eco-tourism area?Experience the beautiful scenery of canoeing at Dat Mui ecological area. Photo: dulichdatmui

Amidst the cool and poetic natural scenery, it will help you immerse yourself in the fun games that melt away the fatigue of daily life. In addition to sightseeing canoe and fishing nets, visitors can also take part in a tour through the mangroves with mangrove forests and immense fish sauce.

visit Dat Mui community eco-tourism areaTake a walk to visit the mangrove forest at Dat Mui ecological area. Photo: dulichdatmui

Coming to Dat Mui community eco-tourism area, visitors can also enjoy beautiful romantic sunrises and sunsets. Let’s visit famous places in the mudflats of Ca Mau cape, experience mud bathing in mudflats or go wild fishing… 

After moments of fun and sightseeing, you will stop to rest at the restaurant of the ecological area and enjoy many delicious dishes of Dat Mui such as: Ca Mau crab, mudskipper, tiger shrimp, woolen snail, fish grouper and Western specialties.

have fun at Dat Mui community eco-tourism areaExperience extremely attractive basket boating at Dat Mui ecological area. Photo: dulichdatmui

Regarding dining at the restaurant, you can order according to the number of people. The menu includes fresh seafood dishes raised in the lake. If you are going with a family or a small group of friends, it is best to order food. If you go in a group, you should call according to the rate, it will be more convenient. The restaurant is built in the middle of the hut with a beautiful view and a fresh and cool atmosphere.

What to eat at Dat Mui community eco-tourism area?Enjoy the famous Ca Mau crab specialties

What to eat at Dat Mui community eco-tourism area?Lots of fresh seafood dishes at the eco zone

Dat Mui community eco-tourism area has homestay for visitors to stay overnight. The room system is built as simple and cozy as the people in the West. The rooms are not too luxurious but very rustic, ideal for taking pictures. Room rates are very reasonable, ranging from 200 to 300,000 VND/night. There are room types for families, couples or large groups to choose from.

Rooms in Dat Mui community eco-tourism areaThe eco-zone has a homestay for overnight guests

Notes when going to Dat Mui community eco-zone 

Let’s “pocket” the notes when going to Dat Mui Ca Mau community eco-zone below:

– Choose an appropriate means of transportation and if traveling by personal car, pay attention to bring all documents and comply with traffic laws. 

– If you don’t want to eat at the restaurant, you can bring ready-made food and drinks from outside. 

– Remember to always follow closely when there are young children with you, because there are many rivers and streams in the eco-zone. 

– Depending on the time, you can go in 1 or 2 weekends are ideal. 

– Pay attention to the general hygiene in the eco-zone. 

– If you go with a large group on weekends or Tet holidays, you should contact in advance to book an appointment. 

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have the best trip at Dat Mui community eco-tourism area . In addition, when traveling to Ca Mau , you can also refer to other famous landmarks such as the famous  Thu Duy eco-tourism area.

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