Experience and explore Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village in the most detail

Long Hai fishing village is a destination that attracts tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit the beautiful coastal city of Vung TauComing to Long Hai fishing village, visitors will feel the peaceful atmosphere, admire the wild beauty, and better understand the fishing life.

Locating the coordinates of Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village 

Long Hai fishing village, also known as Long Hai fishing village, is located in Long Hai town, about 7km from the center of Vung Tau. This place attracts visitors to learn about the idyllic fishing village life, with fisherman’s seafood trading activities. In the early morning, you will witness the bustling trading scene of basket boats filled with fresh fish, shrimp and seafood. So, if you have the opportunity to travel to Vung Tau, once visit this famous fishing village to find out!
 Long Hai fishing village - where?Peaceful scene of Long Hai fish market

How to get to Long Hai Fishing Village?

Experience going to Long Hai fishing village , from the center of Saigon you can easily go by bus, motorbike or self-driving car depending on your needs. Please refer to the specific migration instructions below:

Motorcycles or self-driving cars

To actively travel, you can use personal vehicles such as motorbikes and self-driving cars. There are 2 routes you can refer to: 

– Route 1: Go through Cat Lai ferry -> Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) -> go to National Highway 51 -> follow provincial road 44A -> Long Hai. If you follow this route, it will be about 20km faster, but the road is not beautiful. 

– Route 2: National Highway 1A -> crossing Dong Nai bridge -> Vung Tau junction -> turn Highway 51 -> follow provincial road 44A -> Long Hai


You can also take a bus from the Eastern bus station of many different bus operators. Ticket prices range from 70,000 VND to 100,000 VND/time. Car brands you can refer to such as: Hai Tram, Hien Hanh, Hoa Mai…  


Or you can also go by hydrofoil from Saigon port -> go to Ben Da -> Vung Tau -> to Long Hai.
          Long Hai fishing village - how to get thereHow to get to Long Hai Fishing Village?

What’s attractive about Long Hai fishing village? 

Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village attracts visitors with its rustic and idyllic setting. You will admire the beauty of the unspoiled sea and participate in the activities of the fishermen in the fishing village. 

Admire the wild beauty of the sea

Visit the fishing village early in the morning to see the sunrise with the image of the boats docking ashore. At this time, the first rays of sunlight of the day peeked through the water creating a beautiful scene. You can take a walk along the coast, breathe in the fresh air of the sea and watch the offshore fishing boats floating in the distance.
 Long Hai fishing village - seascapePictures of boats moored at the beach

Next to Long Hai fishing village is Long Hai beach which is blue all year round, with fine white sand attracting tourists to swim in the summer. In the afternoon, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water of Long Hai beach and participate in sports games on the beach. Long Hai fishing village - seascapeThe close and familiar image of fishermen in the fishing village

Immerse yourself in the life of a fishing village fisherman

One of the interesting experiences when discovering Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village is participating in the activities of fishermen in the fishing village. You should wake up early to witness the bustling scene of the fishing village. Around 3-4 am, people, bring lights to the beach to wait for boats to dock after a working day. Bustling laughter echoes in a corner of the sea, the image of people in the fishing area is honest and very hospitable. Long Hai fishing village - fisherman's lifeImmerse yourself in the life of fishermen in a fishing village on the sea

You can chat with fishermen to better understand the fishing profession and buy fresh seafood at super cheap prices. After each big fishing battle, fishermen will use cranes to unload seafood from the ship. Long Hai fishing village - fisherman's lifeThe afternoon is the time for boats to anchor to restLong Hai fishing village - seafood marketThe scene of the fish market is bustling in the early morning

Long Hai fish market meets right on the beach for people to come and buy and sell without having to be transported to another place. So, when you come here, you will learn about the peaceful and close scene. In the afternoon, Long Hai fishing village is the gathering place of hundreds of large and small boats. At this time, visitors can go for a walk to see and take pictures as a souvenir.Long Hai fishing village - early morning seafood marketCrowds of people go to the fish market to buy fresh seafood

Enjoy food at Long Hai fishing village

What to eat when coming to Long Hai fishing village ? Coming to this famous fishing village, visitors will enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood from the sea such as: Crab, snail, squid, shrimp, crab, crab.. Each type of seafood will have different prices but in general. Much cheaper than selling at the market. Long Hai fishing village - fresh seafoodFresh crabs in the Long Hai sea

At market stalls with on-site processing counters, visitors can freely choose seafood and ask the owner to process it. The two most popular ways to enjoy seafood are steaming and grilling, both simple and delicious. In addition to seafood, you can enjoy Vung Tau specialties at the market at affordable prices. Long Hai fishing village - seafoodEnjoy seafood on the beach

Notes when going to Long Hai fishing village

Here are the necessary notes you can refer to when visiting Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village : 

– From May to August is the most ideal time to explore the beautiful scenery of Long Hai fishing village. At this time, the weather is sunny, with little rain, suitable for swimming and playing activities. 

– You can rent a guesthouse of fishermen in the fishing village and eat and drink with them to have the opportunity to better understand the lives of the people here. They are all friendly, honest and very hospitable people, so you can rest assured.

– If you want to buy seafood as a gift, you should get up early to buy directly from the fishing boat, it will be cheaper. Then, ask the fisherman to pack a foam box to preserve and bring back. 

– To swim in the sea, you should bring full tools, swimwear and should choose a location with safe waves. 

– Bring a camera and nice clothes to check in at Long Hai fishing village. 

Come to Long Hai Vung Tau fishing village to feel the life of fishermen here and mingle with the clear blue beach, fine white sand to relax after tired working days. You can also “pocket” useful Vung Tau travel information to have the most complete discovery trip!

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