Experience going to Thanh Le Binh Duong water park to have fun


Thanh Le Water Park is a favorite destination of many families and groups of young people in Binh Duong . Coming to this famous water park, visitors will have a relaxing bath, and play thrilling games “forget the way home”.

Locate coordinates of Thanh Le water park

Thanh Le Water Park is located at 563 Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep Thanh Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. The entire park has a total area of ​​14.2ha including a spacious yard area with 5000m2, swimming pool, restaurant area, wedding restaurant, car park… Thanh Le Park is known as “leaf leaf”. green lung” of Binh Duong. Visiting this famous park, visitors will enjoy the fresh air, cool bath and have fun.
 Thanh Le water park - where?Thanh Le Water Park is an attractive destination in Binh Duong

Opening time and ticket price to enter Thanh Le Park

Experience going to Thanh Le water park , visitors should also know the information about opening times and ticket prices below:    

– Opening time: 7am – 9pm 

– Ticket price: 45,000 VND/adult and 20,000 VND for children 

– Contact: (065)3822364

How to get to Thanh Le Park?  

From the center of Saigon, visitors can easily move to Thanh Le Binh Duong Park by bus, motorbike or self-driving car. If traveling by private vehicle, you follow the direction of Highway 13 to Binh Duong University, you will see the park opposite, the park is next to Big C. From Thu Dau Mot center to the park about 30km, visitors can You can take a taxi for about 300,000 VND/time.   

If you want to save money, you can take bus route No. 4 Binh Duong, route Thu Dau Mot – Eastern bus station. Or you can refer to the bus routes Thanh Cong Binh Duong or Phuong Trang bus.Thanh Le water park - movingHow to get to Thanh Le Park?  

What does Thanh Le Binh Duong Water Park have to play?

What does Thanh Le Water Park have ? Exploring Thanh Le Park, visitors will be able to walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air. The campus area of ​​Thanh Le Park is planted with many fresh green trees and beautiful virtual living corners for you to check-in. Thanh Le water park - have funPool area for adults

The highlight of Thanh Le Park is that there are two swimming pools for children and adults. The children’s pool area is designed with a safe depth, along with slides and steamboats for children to enjoy. Especially, the crocodile model, the turtle model, and the mushroom model have fun designs to attract children. Thanh Le water park - children's swimming poolChildren’s swimming pool

The adult water park area has many exciting activities for you to experience such as: Slides with heights of 6m, 9m along with open twist slides, closed twist slides… Here, you will be enjoy playing relaxing thrills such as: Interlacing waves, pulling waves, short waves, single waves up to 0.9m. Along with the lazy river is an ideal place for you and your family to enjoy relaxing moments after having fun. Thanh Le water park - slideSlides for visitors to have fun at the parkThanh Le water park - slideImpressive twisting slide at Thanh Le ParkThanh Le water park - slideExciting gliding experience from above
Thanh Le water park - virtual lifeEnjoy playing with friends at the park. Photo: tripzone
Thanh Le water park - golf courseCombine with Thanh Le golf course

In addition, when coming to Thanh Le Binh Duong water park, visitors can also participate in many high-class services such as: 

– Golf course: Has a classy design and spacious campus for you to enjoy. 

– Indoor play area: With full of attractive entertainment games for adults and children.

– The multi-purpose gymnasium and theater are also services chosen by many tourists when coming to Thanh Le park. 

What to eat when coming to Thanh Le water park?

Exploring Thanh Le water park, you can eat at the communal canteen with a very cheap set menu of only 10,000 VND for students, students, employees and staff of the park. Or you can bring ready-to-eat food and water from home. In the park area, there are many spacious green lawns for visitors to relax and eat at noon. However, remember to clean up the trash after you leave. 
 Thanh Le water park - eating and drinkingDining and picnicking at the park’s premises. Photo: alongwalker

Famous places near Thanh Le Park

If you have time, you can also combine exploring other famous destinations near Thanh Le Thu Dau Mot water park such as:

– Big C Binh Duong Supermarket : A famous shopping place in Thu Dau Mot with all kinds of items from clothes, bags, souvenirs… In addition, visitors can also eat and drink a variety of specialties at supermarket.

– Relic of Phu Loi prison : This place is known as “hell on earth”, once imprisoned our soldiers under the American – Diem era. Visiting Phu Loi prison, visitors will be able to witness firsthand the torture and imprisonment of the empire with our army and people. Thereby showing the indomitable sacrifice of the prisoners for national independence.

– Thu Dau Mot Park : Also known as Binh Duong New City Park, it attracts visitors with its beautiful design and planted with many ancient trees. Coming to the park, visitors will be delighted to have fun, organize teambuilding activities and live virtual.Thanh Le water park - new city parkCombine to go to Thu Dau Mot Park

Notes when going to Thanh Le water park 

Here are some useful information you can refer to when exploring Thanh Le Park :   

– Because all fun activities at the park take place outdoors, so you should check the weather forecast before going to avoid rainy days affecting the fun. 

– It is recommended to bring swimwear, electronic device storage, swimming goggles and sunscreen. 

– The park is often crowded on weekends, so you should contact to book in advance or when traveling in large groups. 

– You manage the park for visitors to bring food and drink into the park, but need to ensure general hygiene. 

Thanh Le Water Park is an ideal destination for you and your family or friends to enjoy relaxing moments after a stressful day of work and study. In addition, you can also refer to Binh Duong travel experiences for useful information for your upcoming trip! 

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