Experience visiting Vung Tau museum in detail

By visiting the Vung Tau museum, visitors will be able to witness firsthand the artifacts and better understand the development stages of the beautiful coastal city. So where is the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Museum? Let’s find out in detail through the following article!

Where is the Vung Tau museum located?

Vung Tau Museum is located at Bai Truoc beach area at 4 Tran Phu street, Ward 1, Vung Tau city . The museum is home to more than 28,000 documents and precious artifacts about the culture, history, and art of Ba Ria city.
 Vung Tau Museum - where?The museum is located right in the city center and very close to Front Beach

Opening time and ticket price to visit Vung Tau museum 

– Opening time: From 8am to 5pm (Tuesday to Sunday every week) 

– Contact: 0254. 3852 421 – 3512 613

– Ticket price: Since its establishment, the museum is free to visit for visitors. 

How to get to Vung Tau Museum?

The museum is located right in the city center, so visitors can easily move to visit the Vung Tau museum by many different means. Specifically below:   

– From Saigon : The museum is about 100km from the center of Saigon, so visitors can take a bus or self-drive to Vung Tau. The nearest route is going in the direction of QL51 about 2h16p to arrive. If you take a bus, you can catch a bus from Mien Dong bus station to Vung Tau with a ticket price ranging from 100,000 VND/time. 

– Departure from Hanoi : Visitors from Hanoi want to visit the museum, the best way is to take a plane to Tan Son Nhat airport (Saigon). Then, refer to the transportation method above or take a taxi to reach the museum. 

– Starting from Vung Tau city center : Ba Ria Vung Tau Museum is about 11km from the city center, so visitors can easily ride a motorbike to the museum. According to Google Maps, the closest route visitors can take is via Thirty-April Street, about 21 minutes away.
 Vung Tau museum - moveHow to get to Vung Tau Museum?

What is there to visit Ba Ria – Vung Tau museum?

Vung Tau Museum was built on a large land of about 18,000m2 and featured modern architecture. The museum consists of all 7 floors, including 4 main floors and 3 lower floors. The entire construction cost of Ba Ria museum is about 98 billion VND, belonging to the state budget. The museum started construction in 2011 and officially came into operation in 2015. 

The total area of ​​Ba Ria Vung Tau museum is about 3,300m2, including the following items: Gallery, office, movie room, multi-purpose room, security house, parking area, green campus and stage outside.
 Vung Tau Museum - visitBa Ria Museum is a famous tourist attraction attracting tourists to visit

The display area of ​​the Vung Tau museum has an area of ​​3,038m2, including: Storage warehouse, reception hall and 6 themed display areas including: 

– Country and people of Vung Tau

– Ba Ria Vung Tau weather history and preliminary history

– Vung Tau was reclaimed and opened land from the 17th to the middle of the 19th century

– Ba Ria – Vung Tau in the period of national construction and defense (from 1975 to present)

– Exhibition area of ​​Ba Ria – Vung Tau antiquities Vung Tau Museum - visitThe museum is a place to recreate the development stages of Vung Tau

The first floor of the museum is a place to display artifacts about Vung Tau history from traditional to modern. This place recreates the scenes of life from the old days of traditional villages in Vung Tau such as mat weaving, bronze casting, forging, winemaking, salt making, and rice paper production. All themes in the museum are reproduced in artifacts, 3D paintings, models, or vivid perspectives. Therefore, visitors will better understand the culture, history, and people of Vung Tau through the periods. Vung Tau Museum - 1st floorExhibition area on the first floor of the museum

The modern exhibition space includes images of the development and innovation of the economy in Vung Tau, including: Oil and gas exploitation, fishing, traditional craft villages, harbors…Vung Tau Museum - 1st floorAll artifacts at the museum are vividly recreated

Going to the 2nd-floor area of ​​the Vung Tau museum, visitors will learn about the battle of the Phuoc Thang fortress. In 1859, the Nguyen Dynasty’s army shelled the French and Spanish troops when they captured Hang Dua Bay. Currently, the cannons from the war are still on display at the museum. Vung Tau Museum - 2nd floorExhibition area on the 2nd floor of the museum

The 3rd floor is located at the top, which is a place to store antiques from the time of shipwrecks in the southern sea. The exhibition area includes 105 antiques to attract visitors. In addition, this area also displays a weapon set including 7 artifacts in the Long Dat district. The entire interior of the antique display area in the museum is impressive with a ship-like design. Vung Tau Museum - 3rd floorThe 3rd floor of the museum displays natural and mineral resources

In addition to the historical reenactment, the resources of minerals, nature, oil, and gas, or tourism are also vividly described at the museum. These are archaeological relics, collections of antiquities, and artifacts about traditional craft villages through different periods. 

If you have the opportunity to visit the coastal city, please visit the Vung Tau museum once to better understand the history, culture, and life of the people here. Besides, you can also refer to useful Vung Tau travel information for the perfect upcoming trip!

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