Experiences and discoveries when traveling to Dien Bien


DIEN BIEN – In addition to exploring the majestic natural scenery, visitors to Dien Bien can also experience the rich culture of ethnic minorities with many traditional activities.

With a temperate climate, cool summers, rich and diverse vegetation and majestic natural landscapes, Dien Bien is convenient for tourists to visit and explore in any season of the year.

See flowers and participate in seasonal festivals

Every time of the year, Dien Bien has its own color. From late October to December, the Northwest region is covered with yellow wild sunflowers. From late December to early January, cherry blossoms bloom, dyeing a special corner of the sky pink in the Pa Khoang lake area. Besides, it is plum blossom season. Coming to Dien Bien from March to May, visitors can witness white flowers blooming throughout the mountains and forests. During the ripe rice season, visitors can see the long terraced fields, immersing themselves in the scent of ripe rice. Besides, the reed grass hills spreading on the hillsides, streams, and weaving along the roadside also become the ideal check-in point for any tourist or resident.

Ban flowers on the mountainside.  Photo: Van Thanh Chuong
Ban flowers on the mountainside. Photo: Van Thanh Chuong

As the host of the 2024 National Tourism Year, Dien Bien plans to organize many programs and festivals honoring the beauty of landscapes and culture. This is also an opportunity for visitors to participate in experiential activities and understand more about this lyrical and historical land. Some outstanding festivals here that are loved by many tourists include the Ban Flower Festival, cherry blossom festival, Thanh Ban Phu festival, new rice celebration of the Si La ethnic group, Han Khuong festival… The festivals all have the typical beauty of ethnic people.

Explore destinations

As a fan of discovery travel and a feeling of conquest, visitors will not be able to miss Tua Chua with many typical destinations such as Ta Phin ancient stone plateau, Tuyet San ancient tea forest… Pha Din Pass. , A Pa Chai, Pa Khoang lake are also favorite places of many tourists. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the majestic natural scenery of the mountains and forests.

If you want to “hunt clouds”, visitors can go to Muong Khoe valley, Muong Dang, Keo Lom pass, Pha Din pass, Yen Ngua pass… Dien Bien also has many beautiful, pristine caves such as Pa Ham, Kho Chua La, Chua Ta, Pa Thom, Huoi Cang. Nature also favors this land with majestic waterfalls such as Huoi He waterfall, Ban Tau waterfall, Muong Thin waterfall, Cha Nua waterfall, Dragon waterfall…

Because the discovery spots are quite far apart, visitors can consider consulting tours and experiences of predecessors as well as indigenous people.

Golden rice season, on terraced fields in Tua Chua.
Golden rice season, on terraced fields in Tua Chua. Photo: Luu Hoc

Besides, tourists who want to have a relaxing experience immersing themselves in nature can find eco-tourism destinations such as hot mineral baths with Hua Pe and Uva tourist areas. These points are from 5 km to 15 km from Dien Bien Phu city center, a resort with warm mineral water all year round. Here, visitors can also participate in many activities such as fishing, cooking, visiting the botanical garden…

In addition, if you want to learn more about the historical relics of Dien Bien, you can go to A1 hill, Do Cat tunnel, General Vo Nguyen Giap tunnel, Dien Bien Phu Victory museum, Hoang Cong Chat temple. ..

Experience community culture

Coming to Dien Bien, visitors can also experience village life and traditional culture of the ethnic groups. 30 km from Dien Bien Phu city, Che Can village is an attractive tourist destination in Muong Phang commune. With nearly 100 households, all of whom are ethnic Thai, the village preserves many unique ancient Thai cultural values ​​that few places have such as: traditional stilt house architecture of the Black Thai people, costumes, and beliefs. thresholds, festivals…; There are also traditional crafts such as brocade weaving, weaving, blacksmithing, carpentry, making traditional musical instruments…

Travel to experience and explore when coming to Dien Bien - 2
Tourists experience brocade weaving. Photo: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dien Bien

Che Can cuisine stands out with grilled fish (pa pinh top), buffalo skin salad, buffalo meat on the stove, nam pia, grilled chicken, Ban pig steamed in banana leaves, pork ribs on the stove, boiled wild bamboo shoots with cham diagonal, and sticky rice. Purple rice, five-color sticky rice, blue rice, green cabbage rolls…

Currently, Dien Bien is exploiting the community tourism model in many villages such as Man village, Ten village, Phieng Loi village, Him Lam village, Na Tau village… bringing diverse experiences to tourists.

From December 2, Vietjet opened a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City – Dien Bien with 3 round trips per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. With more flight hours, tourists from the South can set foot in the region. historical Dien Bien land, explore the majestic natural landscape and rich cultural identity.

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