Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort – a green destination on Ham Luong river

Traveling to Ben Tre , you will not only be immersed in the gentle beauty of the river, but also have the opportunity to discover many surprises from the homeland of coconut trees, including Ben Tre Riverside Resort – an interesting stop. , both strange and familiar.

Ben Tre is not only known as the “coconut kingdom” in the Southwest region, where there is a tradition of heroic revolutionary struggle – “home of the Dong Khoi movement”, but today this place is also a tourist destination. famous. Ben Tre has a variety of landscapes, with enough rivers, canals, islets and the sea adjacent to the plains, lush orchards all year round. It is also home to many famous tourist resorts and resorts across the country.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - AttractionsThe attractive tourist attractions in the land of coconut. Photo: vntrip

The names of tourist areas Lan Vuong , Ha Thao, Que Ta garden, Cho Lach flower village or Forever Green Resort,… have long been a favorite tourist, entertainment and leisure destination of tourists. Let’s explore the riverside resort with its name Riverside Resort with LuhanhVietnam and discover thousands of beautiful photo corners here!Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Many beautiful resortsBen Tre has many beautiful resorts. Photo: tourism today

Guide to move to Ben Tre Riverside Resort

Address: No. 708, Nguyen Van Tu Street, Ward 7, Ben Tre City.

The resort is only 3 km from the city center, conveniently located, not too far from the center and has beautiful nature, unique landscape and fresh climate.

If departing from Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose to move to the resort by car or motorbike and follow the direction of Dai Han Highway straight to National Highway 1A. From here, you pass through Tan An (in Long An province), go through My Tho City (Tien Giang province) and enter National Highway 60 to Nguyen Van Tu street. The whole travel time through this route is only about 2 hours 10 minutes and 86km away.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Hotel panoramaPanorama of the hotel with river view. Photo: donthuanbt

If tourists are in more remote areas: Central or Northern provinces, international visitors need to take a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, at Tan Son Nhat airport and then start the journey back. Ben Tre center and then check in Riverside Resort.

The space and design of Ben Tre Riverside Resort

Like the tourist destinations of Ben Tre, resorts in general and Riverside Resort in particular often have the characteristics of a delta region surrounded by rivers and canals.

More specifically, as soon as you step into the resort campus, you will feel the soul of the southern village with the comfort, modernity, meticulously embellished and skillful. The resort has both river view and pool view, on the other hand facing the main road, creating diversity for the space of each room. Coming to this place, you not only fully enjoy the romantic, meaningful resort space, in harmony with Ham Luong river but also feel the luxury and comfort.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - 4-star hotelThe first 4-star hotel in Ben Tre province. Photo: Riverside Resort

More specifically, Riverside Resort has a harmonious combination between creative architecture and the perfect beauty of coconut nature. More impressive is that this resort is located on the romantic Ham Luong river, including an extremely comfortable hotel area right next to the restaurant and eco-tourism area. The complex of works is formed with the dominant white color, nestled on the green river full of trees on both sides. All have contributed to creating an outstanding and impressive destination for tourists from far and wide to visit, even just passing by you are curious and want to check in this place.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - ResortIdeal vacation spot. Photo: Tran Ngoc Han

Choosing to stay at Riverside Resort, visitors also feel the peaceful space of a peaceful river countryside. Whether it’s getting up early to catch the sunrise under the green coconut leaves or watching the sunset, saying goodbye to the old days and enjoying the cool breeze blowing from Ham Luong stream is also a great experience for anyone. any Western tourist.

Outstanding utility services at Ben Tre Riverside Resort

As the name suggests, Ben Tre Riverside is a riverside resort, located opposite the Ham Luong River – a tributary of the Tien River, and at the same time a large river flowing completely on the coconut countryside.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Modern decorModern decoration. Photo: Western tourism

Moreover, this is also the first 4-star luxury resort in Ben Tre province. The location of the resort is the old land of Ham Luong ferry. The entire resort includes:

1. Hotel area

This is the main area – the ideal resort for those who love nature and enjoy the view of the Southwest River because of the cool and poetic river view. Overall, Riverside Resort in Ben Tre has a very harmonious combination between modern European architecture and the rustic beauty of the Southern river region. The interior of the rooms is decorated and highlighted by items made of coconut material, bringing closeness and environmental friendliness. However, the room system here is also quite comfortable because it is fully equipped with modern facilities. In particular, the resort also owns 3 large swimming pools with an area of ​​​​over 2,500 m2 with extremely beautiful views.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Love BridgeLove Bridge of Ben Tre Riverside Resort. Photo: Ben Tre Riverside Resort

The resort campus also has its own love bridge that is directly connected to the river. From this bridge, you can admire the scenery and fully feel the poetic features of Ham Luong stream. The ideal is to take a walk here at sunset, because at this time you will be immersed in the romantic and peaceful scenery of the gentle Western country.

2. Hoang Lam Restaurant

Extending the comfortable resort space with not only a swimming pool and frontage overlooking a large windy river, Ben Tre Riverside also has a restaurant that can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Guests will be extremely satisfied with the spacious and luxurious dining, banquet, conference and event space, designed in classic white tones. The restaurant specializes in serving dishes imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity, especially Western specialties, delicious Ben Tre dishes  such as: coconut fried shrimp, my grandmother’s squeezed rice, banana flower salad with snakehead fish, etc. European menu exclusively for international guests if not familiar with the taste of Vietnamese dishes.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Food at the hotelFood at Coconut Hotel – Ben Tre Riverside Resort. Photo: Ben Tre Riverside Resort

3. Riverside Bistro

After checking in, checking in and resting at a romantic river view resort-like Ben Tre Riverside, no one wants to miss the opportunity to watch the sunset filled with purple light on Ham Luong River. And don’t worry if you haven’t found the ideal place to chill with a daydreaming afternoon because this place has a coffee area with outdoor space right next to the river, which is Riverside Bistro. This is an area serving coffee, tropical juices and of course indispensable cocktails, wine and fast food buffet.Explore Ben Tre Riverside Resort - Riverside BistroRiverside Bistro river view. Photo: FB BTRiverside Resort

Do not miss the opportunity to leisurely admire the peaceful river scenery and enjoy delicious drinks in the middle of a high-class resort of coconut. Your daily fatigue and hardships will gradually recede, leaving only peace and comfort.

4. Discovery tour

Not only has a complex of resorts, restaurants, and cafes conveniently located in a prime location, the resort also organizes discovery tours exclusively for domestic or international tourists who want to experience, visit Ben Tre in a short time.Discover Ben Tre Riverside Resort - An attractive resortAttractive resort. Photo: Tran Ngoc Han.

Attractions near Ben Tre Riverside Resort

1. Con Phung tourist area

Only about 14km from a 4-star resort with 23 minutes of travel, Phung Islet is a place to visit that you should combine with when you come to check-in at this resort. The island is located in the middle of the poetic Tien River with gardens, windy riverbanks and gentle and simple people that will bring you a feeling of peace and comfort.

2. Tan Con Quy eco-tourism area

From Riverside Resort , visitors will go about 15km in 26 minutes to reach Tan Con Quy eco-tourism area. And right after that, you will be spoiled to admire the natural beauty, the peaceful river has never left the mark of urbanization or noise. If the time is right, you can also listen to the sweet Southern folk tunes – the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity recognized by UNESCO.Discovering Ben Tre Riverside Resort - You are immersed inYou are immersed in a peaceful space. Photo: kenhhomestay

3. Dong Khoi guerrilla village

In addition to experiencing the beautiful scenery of the idyllic countryside and being treated to delicious dishes in Ben Tre, staying at a 4-star resort on Nguyen Van Tu Street, visitors also discover the heroic history of the people of the South during the Southern period. resistance in the guerrilla village of Dong Khoi located nearby (23km away). Currently, the village still retains the achievements of the first uprising in the Dong Khoi movement in 1960.

It can be said that Ben Tre Riverside Resort is an ideal place for those who fall in love with the nature of the Southwest region in general and the land of coconuts in particular. This is an ideal resort space located next to the poetic Ham Luong stream but still not lacking in amenities and modernity. Please check in Ben Tre Riverside Resort to feel the difference of this place!  Wish you have a fun and impressive trip to the West .

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