Explore Chau Thoi mountain temple in Binh Duong to admire the beautiful scenery, learn many mysteries

Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong attracts visitors with its unique architecture, beautiful scenery, and many mysteries. Let’s explore Vinlove to see what this famous temple in Binh Duong has to offer.

Where is Chau Thoi mountain pagoda address in Binh Duong?

Chau Thoi mountain pagoda is located on Chau Thoi mountain, Binh An commune, Di An District, Binh Duong province . This temple has a beautiful view, surrounded by plains. In 1989, this famous temple in Binh Duong was recognized as a national scenic spot. Chau Thoi Pagoda owns a beautiful scene like a fairyland, surrounded by artificial lakes and many green trees, becoming an ideal destination for peace of mind. 

Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong was built by Zen monk Khanh Long in 1612. Initially, the pagoda was a small temple built by a Zen master to meditate, then it was called Hoi Son pagoda and named Chau Thoi. Since its construction until now, Chau Thoi pagoda has undergone many restorations and has a spacious appearance as it is today.
 Chau Thoi mountain pagoda Binh Duong - addressChau Thoi Mountain Pagoda has a charming feng shui location surrounded by many green trees

How to get to Chau Thoi mountain temple in Binh Duong? 

Experience going to Chau Thoi mountain temple in Binh Duong said that this temple is about 30km from the center of Saigon to the northeast. Therefore, you can easily move to Chau Thoi pagoda by many different means such as motorbike, bus or car in just 1 hour.   

If traveling by self-driving car or motorbike, from Saigon, go in the direction of Truong Chinh Street -> Hanoi Highway (Tan Hung Thuan) -> go to Dai Han Highway or National Highway 1K -> Chau Thoi (Binh An) -> Going up Chau Thoi will come to the temple in Binh Thang commune. 

Bus: You can also travel to Chau Thoi pagoda by bus departing from the Western bus station. Continue to take bus number 601 to Bien Hoa. Take the bus in 05 directions Bien Hoa -> Cho Lon, you will reach Chau Thoi pagoda. Travel time is about 60 – 80 minutes to arrive.   

From here you can choose 2 ways to get to the temple: 

– Climb a set of 220 cement steps, this way you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. 

– Or you can ride a motorbike straight up the mountain.
 Chau Thoi mountain pagoda Binh Duong - what to go byYou can choose from many different ways to Chau Thoi pagoda. Photo: foody

Discover the beautiful scenery of Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong

What is Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong? This temple was built on Chau Thoi mountain, you will admire the unique architecture. From the top of the mountain, you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area. It is the image of a clear blue lake as calm as a mirror and shady green trees.
 Chau Thoi mountain pagoda Binh Duong - beautiful sceneryBeautiful scenery in the campus of Chau Thoi pagoda

Chau Thoi Pagoda consists of shrines to worship the holy mother, ancestor worship, main hall… The pagoda has a unique architecture, with the roof using porcelain pieces to cover the dragon. The highlight of Chau Thoi pagoda is the top consisting of all 9 dragons looking in different directions. In particular, Chau Thoi Binh Duong mountain pagoda is the place to keep the Quan Am statue with hundreds of years old age and three ancient stone Buddha statues.Chau Thoi mountain pagoda Binh Duong - visitThe destination attracts tourists for sightseeing and virtual living. Photo: thuy1ing

Besides the beautiful scenery, when visiting Chau Thoi pagoda, visitors can also learn many interesting things about this temple. It is the stone of enchantment at the 170th step when climbing to the temple. This sacred stone is considered as the guardian of the temple. The special thing is that every time passing this sacred stone, the phone will not receive the signal. The road from the rock to the temple will have no mobile signal. Chau Thoi mountain temple Binh Duong - virtual lifeBeautiful virtual living corner at Chau Thoi pagoda. Photo: phatminhle_

The reason for this mysterious story is because, in the process of building the temple to create the stairs, it is necessary to rub the stone. But there is a stone that can’t be sharpened and doesn’t know why. Even the masons pounded rocks and blasted mines, but they still kept the status quo. Since then, the stone has been considered the treasure of Chau Thoi pagoda. On the face of this stone is engraved the word “Ta Lao Trung Son”, which means that Mr. Ta is guarding this temple.Chau Thoi mountain pagoda Binh Duong - famous spiritual placeSuper beautiful virtual living corners at Chau Thoi pagoda. Photo: kin_autt

Visiting Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong , visitors will enjoy the fresh air, listen to the wind blowing and the birds chirping. If you are looking for a place with beautiful and quiet scenery to dispel all the troubles of life, Chau Thoi Pagoda is the ideal destination that you should not miss. Chau Thoi mountain temple Binh Duong - nice check-inClose-up of a beautiful angle at Chau Thoi pagoda. Photo: hai_boo.94

Notes when going to Chau Thoi pagoda in Binh Duong

Visiting Chau Thoi mountain pagoda in Binh Duong, you should also know a few notes below: 

– There are many monkeys on the temple premises, but you should not be afraid because the monkeys here are very friendly. You can feed the monkeys, play and take pictures with them. 

– Pay attention to dress modestly because the temple is a sacred place. 

– Do not arbitrarily break branches, climb and litter in the temple premises. 

– Avoid talking loudly and jokingly when visiting the temple. 

– Do not visit Chau Thoi pagoda on the full moon day, Tet holiday because it is very crowded at this time. 

– The most ideal time to visit Chau Thoi pagoda is early morning or late afternoon.

– If you have time, you can combine visiting Hoi Khanh Pagoda, a very famous Tibetan temple in Binh Duong. 

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have the most complete visit to Chau Thoi Binh Duong mountain temple . In addition, you can refer to: Detailed Binh Duong travel experience for useful information for the upcoming trip.

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