Explore Na La Lang Son cave, admire the splendid colorful stalactite world

Na La Lang Son cave is a pristine cave containing a very unique and strange world of stalactites and stalagmites, giving visitors a lot of interesting experiences.

Where is Na La Cave?

Na La Cave is a beautiful cave in Lien Hoi commune, north of Van Quan district, Lang Son province. Although not many people know it, this is an extremely beautiful and unique coordinate that tourists should visit once when they have the opportunity to travel to Lang Son . 

Where is Na La Cave?Na La cave in Van Quan district, Lang Son province. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

From Van Quan town, you go in the direction of National Highway 1B and road 232 to Van Mong center, this distance lasts about 13km. From Van Mong, you continue on the concrete road and small trail to reach the cave entrance. Although the road is not too far, it will be a bit difficult for visitors. 

Where is Na La Cave?This is a beautiful cave but not many tourists know about it. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

However, do not be discouraged because of that because Na La will appear as a beautiful world for visitors. Today, this cave is considered a valuable resource of the indigenous people. The Provincial People’s Committee has included Na La cave in the system of tourist attractions invested and developed in the future.

The magical world inside Na La cave

Although it has not been fully touristized, Na La cave is a tourist destination in Lang Son that has a lot of attraction with other tourists who love to explore, photographers who want to take many beautiful photos. After traveling about 13 km to the cave, you will encounter fern bushes clinging to the cliffs outside the cave entrance. 

The beauty of Na La caveBeautiful scenery outside the entrance of Na La cave. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

Everything outside this cave is extremely pristine and wild, hiding a brilliant and unique world of stalagmites and stalactites inside. Then when slowly entering the cave, you will be lost in the sparkling space of giant stalactites, all beautiful colors. 

Going into the cave about 50 meters, you will see two paths, one side is an underground stream, the other side is the cave wall with countless wild stalactites, full of fancy shapes. The network of stalactites in Na La cave sparkles and sparkles as if inlaid with gold, like a mysterious treasure that has been abandoned for many years. 

The beauty of Na La caveThe world inside the cave is very unique and interesting. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

According to the share of tourists and photographers who have been to this cave, each corner of the cave is the area of ​​a type of stalactite with a separate shape. There are patches of stalactites stretching and rippling like ocean waves. This is a stalactite formed from the sediment of water thousands of years ago. 

The beauty of Na La caveMother Nature has created a beautiful and impressive cave. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

Nature is amazing when creating a space that is both lavish and familiar right inside this cave. Many types of stalactites with interesting shapes such as terraces, gardens, and mills exist along the length of the cave. 

The beauty of Na La caveUnique stalagmites stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

One of the impressive highlights of stalactites in Na La cave is a small corner like a garden – where there are many round stones like peas. The cave area in this parking garden is about 5 meters wide and up to 30 meters long, like it has been arranged by nature for visitors to explore.

If you are a lover of fruits, in the cave, there are many large stalactites shaped like a durian and large jackfruit fruits. When the lights are on, visitors can see more clearly the shimmering and massive beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites. 

The beauty of Na La caveThe scene inside the cave is like a very different world, very impressive. Photo: vietnamtourism

At present, the exact length of this beautiful cave in the northern mountainous region has not been determined. However, at the widest position, about 15 meters and the ceiling of the cave about 5 meters high, it is convenient for tourists to travel and explore. The space in the cave is quiet, you can clearly hear the sound of water falling down, very pristine as if you are doing an adventure and exploration.

Pocket experience exploring Na La cave 

Today, Na La has become a destination in Lang Son known and discovered by many people. Although it has not turned up to become a hot coordinate, but with its natural beauty and beautiful images that many tourists have taken here, in the near future will better promote this cave. 

Experience exploring Na La caveYou should explore this cave in the dry season to ensure safety. Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan 

The best time to explore the cave is from November to March next year. This is the cold dry season, the weather is suitable for walking and moving in the cave. However, remember to bring warm clothes. In the summer, visitors should not come to this cave because heavy rains cause flooding of the underground stream flowing in the cave. 

Experience exploring Na La caveVisitors need to bring a flashlight to illuminate the stalagmites and stalactites in the cave more clearly. Photo: vietnamtourism

It is very dark in the cave, so to ensure safety, you need to prepare a flashlight with good light for easy observation and travel. Ideally, you should wear boots for cleanliness and convenience during cave exploration. In addition, if you have a need to take photos, prepare lightweight equipment for easy movement and operation. 

Experience exploring Na La caveWhen traveling to the land of Lang, visitors remember to explore the beautiful Na La cave. Photo: vietnamtourism

Na La Lang Son cave is a new but very promising destination because the world of stalactites in the cave is extremely beautiful, diverse and splendid. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful space, take many impressive photos as souvenirs in the journey to discover Lang. 

Photo: Bui Vinh Thuan + Internet