Explore the fascinating nature at the forest resort Madagui

Lam Dong tourism is not only green tea hills, immense valleys, ancient pagodas, but also exploring wild and majestic nature. Today, let’s visit the Madagui forest tourist area – an attractive natural tourist destination that few people know.

Road to the forest resort Madagui

Madagui forest tourist area is located at Km No. 152 of Highway 20, Quarter 1, Madaguoil town, Da Huoai district, Lam Dong province. This place is a part of Nam Cat Tien National Forest built into a natural tourist area with an area of ​​about 1,200 ha. Only about 148kmfrom the flower city of Dalat , Madagui forest is located at an altitude of 150 – 500 m, so it has a cool and fresh climate all year round. Surrounded by a large hilly area with beautiful natural landscapes and wonderful caves and rivers, it will surely bring you new experiences.Forest resort MadaguiWelcome to the forest resort Madagui

Journey to explore the forest resort Madagui

Explore the primeval forest

Coming to the Madagui forest tourist area is to come to the wild and majestic natural world of Lam Dong . Arriving in Madagui, you will have to pass a swaying suspension bridge of the Ma people across the Da Huoai river. Inside is extremely rich vegetation with tall and green trees, the bewildered deer always raise their ears in the case and will run away if you get close. And there’s even a treehouse named Tarzan’s.Forest resort MadaguiThe trip begins with a beautiful suspension bridge over the Da Huoai RiverForest resort MadaguiYou will discover the mysterious unspoiled pristine forest

Especially, Madagui forest is also famous for its dense cave system such as Than Nui cave, Thay cave, Co cave, Doi cave, Trong Mai cave, Tu Than cave, Da Chong cave, … enjoy being able to experience the feeling of climbing down rock caves, deep recesses, through dark crevices in wet caves to find the way out. This will be a very interesting activity for those who love adventure and love to conquer challenges.Forest resort MadaguiThe cave system is extremely interesting for you to love to explore

If you are afraid to climb the caves, you can visit the peaceful Thach Lam Lake, try to find your way out at the Mac O Maze. And do not miss the trip to explore the primeval forest on a pit jeep to help visitors immerse themselves in the fresh green space of the wild nature.Forest resort MadaguiCool jeeps will take you to new lands

Attractive entertainment activities

You must be thinking that in this wilderness, where to get the amusement park, right? Big mistake. Not only the wild jungle, there are also countless interesting games that you can not find anywhere. From wild games such as horseback riding, fishing, campfires to modern recreational sports such as tennis, billards, table tennis, … All will be gathered in the sports complex. Madagui’s game allows you to have fun and explore.Forest resort MadaguiHorseback riding at the forest resort of Madagui

Conquer a rock climbing game with a 27m high erect wall, sit on a skateboard and slide freely down from the top of the hill at high speed, swing a zipline across the legendary Da Huoai river. Besides, the paintball game opened in 2009 always attracts a lot of young people. Participants will be given armor, pants, protective eyes, paint guns and some other weapons. Get on your way to the battlefield and comfortably fire bullets at the enemy because you are assured that it will be extremely interesting and completely safe.Forest resort MadaguiThe challenge of climbing the 27m high cliff is extremely difficultForest resort MadaguiPaint shooting game is very popular with young people

And Madagui travel is indispensable for extremely attractive water games. Hop aboard a unique kayak and embark on your journey to explore the beautiful Elephant Waterfall Lake. Don’t worry about falling into the water or being washed away as you will be fully equipped with life jackets and experienced guides. In addition, water games like obstacle racing will make your trip much more enjoyable.Forest resort MadaguiMeditate on Elephant Waterfall in harmony with nature

What should we do in the forest? Of course we have to camp. Madagui forest resort has dedicated an extremely spacious space of more than 5 hectares to camp for overnight visitors. In total there are three campsites including Lake Thach Lam Campground, Love Camp Site and Ko Nia Campground. With cool airy space located on both sides of the river, this is an attractive destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the nature of plants and away from all the bushes of the city. 

You can bring your own camping tent or rent a triangle or rectangular tent at the very convenient service counter. The price of renting a tent is quite cheap, only from 80,000 to 120,000 VND / person, much cheaper than renting a hotel room. However, you should bring a tent or sleeping bag to facilitate climbing and picnic in case of bad weather, heavy rain.Forest resort MadaguiCampsite at Madagui tourist area

Enjoy the unique culinary quintessence

At Madagui tourist area, there is also a rich restaurant system serving attractive dishes for visitors to visit. In which, the highlight is Camellia Flava (Tra My Vang) restaurant designed in the architectural style of the Tay Nguyen communal house with a capacity of up to 350 people specializing in serving mountain specialties. Next is Doi Mai restaurant luxury and modern with a capacity of 200 guests, serving buffet and meals on request. The cost for a fairly cheap meal is only about 100,000 VND / person.

Some of Madagui’s specialties must be sampled are Pangasius Cooked Mang Chua, Deep-Fried Glutinous Fish, Charcoal Grilled Eco Pork, Grilled Forest Frog With Chili Lemongrass, Peanut broth cooked with minced meat, Stir-fried curly leaf vegetable Beef and drink with glutinous rice wine for a particularly delicious taste.Forest resort MadaguiSuper delicious specialties of the forest resort Madagui

Notes when visiting the forest resort Madagui

– Let’s travel Madagui in groups: Gather a group of close friends to explore this wonderful forest together and experience thrilling games.

– With full jungle terrain, the most suitable outfit for you is a short-sleeved sweat T-shirt, jeans or short shorts combined with soft sports shoes. You can bring a wide-brimmed hat or long-sleeved shirt in the dry season to avoid the sun and bring an umbrella for a raincoat in case of sudden rains.

– Bring spray and insect repellent: In wild forests, it is very common to face hungry mosquitoes or nasty insects. So, prepare effective insect sprays and insect repellants to prevent allergies.Forest resort MadaguiPlease accompany the whole group of best friends to have fun relaxing moments

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