Explore Thong Nguyen Ha Giang, and admire the beautiful terraced fields that you don’t want to go back

Discovering Thong Nguyen Ha Giang is an exciting journey, taking visitors to visit the beautiful lands of Hoang Su Phi district with many unforgettable experiences.

Discover Thong Nguyen Ha Giang – a land not many people know

Referring to Hoang Su Phi, many tourists probably know it well, but the name Thong Nguyen is still new to many people. In fact, this is a commune of the Hoang Su Phi district – which is gradually developing types of community tourism thanks to its beautiful natural scenery and many typical cultural features of the indigenous residents. 

Thong Nguyen commune belongs to the Hoang Su Phi district. Photo: @dt.bao79

To explore Thong Nguyen Ha Giang , visitors go from the district center to the South about 25 km. Visitors follow the route DT177, combining Google Maps to reach the commune. However, if you do not know the way, it is best to ask the local people to avoid getting lost. 

From the district center to here is about 25 km. Photo: @linn3012

Compared to many other destinations in Ha Giang , the name Thong Nguyen is quite strange. However, this coordinate is favored by nature with ecstatic beauty. From the mountains, the rice fields to the villages, they are all pristine and peaceful. An original and majestic natural beauty covers the entire beautiful land of Thong Nguyen. 

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What’s interesting about Thong Nguyen Ha Giang?

Just try once to explore Thong Nguyen Ha Giang , visitors will thicken their travel experience. This highland commune is located at the location where three large streams converge: Phin Ho, Nam Ong and Nam Khoa. Besides, the topography here is both majestic and green, opening up interesting and attractive activities for visitors.

Thong Nguyen Commune owns an extremely majestic picture. Photo: @tit_tran

As a commune in Hoang Su Phi district, a “specialty” of Thong Nguyen’s guests is terraced fields. Amidst the four sides are green forests, rocky mountains, winding and winding terraced fields intertwined with trees, creating a picturesque scene. Whether the new rice season is in bloom, the rice season is ripe, or the water is pouring, the scenery in Thong Nguyen is also very impressive. 

The terraced fields in Thong Nguyen are as beautiful as other regions. Photo: @queryshot

On the way to explore Thong Nguyen Ha Giang, visitors not only have the opportunity to see the verdant rice fields but also see the tall sapodilla trees, drawing beautiful scenery like the West sky. Here everything is wild, deserted, with few people, you will enjoy the feeling of being alone with us, extremely peaceful and quiet.     

Coming here, you will encounter the strange beauty of the sandalwood trees, like the scenery of the European sky. Photo: @joez19

In addition to terraced fields, there are many Shan Tuyet tea growing areas in Thong Nguyen with a total area of ​​up to 652 hectares. This is an ancient tea variety with a long life. To see these big and lush tea trees, you can go to Phin Ho village. This area has a lot of Shan Tuyet tea – an extremely delicious and healthy tea. 

In addition to terraced fields, in Thong Nguyen, there are also Shan Tuyet tea hills. Photo: @vuonglingsoul

Tea in Thong Nguyen is grown on high mountain ranges from 800 to 1300 meters above sea level, bringing a very special taste. Shan Tuyet tea in this land has many types such as green tea, blue tea, yellow tea, providing many nutrients that are very beneficial to human health. 

This place strongly develops the model of community tourism. Photo: @puka_lalala

Having chosen to visit Phin Ho village, please spend more time walking around the villages in the commune. In Lang Giang village, you can experience PanHou eco-tourism area. There are guest houses built in the traditional architecture of the Red Dao people. There are many trees, ponds and natural scenery around. 

Tourists explore the beautiful scenery of Thong Nguyen. Photo: @huee_0902

In particular, when you come to this resort, you can buy other tours to climb mountains and explore the forest. After a long day of fun returning, you will experience the medicinal water bath of the Dao people to enhance health and relax the spirit, recharge more energy for the next journey when traveling to Ha Giang . 

About Ha Giang, you should at least once explore Thong Nguyen. Photo: @minh_inzaghi

In addition, when exploring Thong Nguyen Ha Giang, visitors can also spend time bathing in hot mineral water. This is a natural mineral source, good for skin, hair and has a positive effect in soothing the spirit, bringing a sense of relaxation and comfort. It is thanks to the multi-experience that commune tourism is developing rapidly. 

Note when traveling to Thong Nguyen Ha Giang 

Every year, Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi district welcomes thousands of visitors to visit, experience and exchange culture. To meet the needs of tourists, the commune has developed many homestays. Typical can be mentioned Quyen Homestay, Kinh Homestay, …


In Thong Nguyen, there are many beautiful homestays for tourists to stay. Photo: @hoangyen93123

What season of the year should I go to Thong Nguyen? As a commune of Hoang Su Phi district with a large terraced field area, the most ideal time for you to come here is autumn, September – October. This is the season when the weather is very beautiful, the golden ripe rice forms a beautiful landscape. very beautiful picture. 

Here, you can also enjoy the specialties of the local people. Photo: @mysunshine2110

Because community-based tourism in the commune has developed strongly, visitors can rest assured about the services of experiencing, eating, and exploring nature. At the homestay or tourist area in the commune, you will be well served to have a truly fun and fulfilling journey here. 

Thong Nguyen – a land worth exploring in Ha Giang. Photo: @captainessyThis spring, you should once 

explore Thong Nguyen Ha Giang to feel the beauty of a majestic, pristine and poetic land in every corner. Here, tourism has developed but still retains the natural and pure features of nature. Therefore, coming to Thong Nguyen will be an opportunity for you to expand your living capital and increase your travel experience.

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