Explore Tuy Hoa market’s cuisine, full of dishes that are both delicious and cheap


No need to waste time traveling far, just taking a food tour to explore the cuisine of Tuy Hoa market is enough to fill your stomach with countless delicious typical dishes at super cheap prices. If you want to enjoy Phu Yen cuisine with local flavors, Tuy Hoa Market is the address you should not miss. 

Phu Yen cuisine is always one of the things that fascinates tourists besides the beautiful landscapes. The land of yellow flowers and green grass has a very attractive cuisine and this is clearly shown through the indigenous markets and Tuy Hoa market is one of the typical places. Discovering the cuisine of Tuy Hoa market, you will be surprised at the variety and flavor of the dishes at super affordable prices.

Scan Tuy Hoa market’s cuisine with delicious, nutritious and cheap dishes

1. Banh xeo 

Entering the Tuy Hoa market food court, you will immediately encounter a very crowded row of fragrant banh xeo. This is a typical Phu Yen banh xeo dish, so it is loved and come to enjoy by many tourists. The pancakes here are not too attractive in appearance but the taste is very delicious. The medium-sized cake is filled with bean sprouts and crispy fried fresh shrimp combined with super delicious sweet and sour fish sauce or seasoning sauce.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine: pancakesTuy Hoa market banh xeo is one of the very attractive specialties. Photo: Cuong Quoc Pham

The price of Banh Xeo at Tuy Hoa market may surprise you because for only 5,000 VND, you will buy 2 cakes the size of a medium plate to enjoy. The banh xeo counter space is quite small, so in addition to eating on the spot, you can choose to take away which is quite convenient. 

2. Chicken rice 

When you come to Phu Yen, you certainly won’t be able to miss the long-famous specialty chicken rice. In addition to very famous chicken rice restaurants such as Tuyet Nhung restaurant, Thien Huong restaurant… Tuy Hoa market is also an ideal address to enjoy this dish. Chicken rice at Tuy Hoa market attracts diners because of its extremely eye-catching golden color from turmeric, the rice is cooked with pandan leaves so it has a strong aroma combined with shredded chicken meat accompanied by pickled onions, sour papaya and The sauce is made with a separate recipe.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine, chicken riceWhen you come to Tuy Hoa market, you must definitely enjoy chicken rice that is both delicious and cheap. Photo: @foodiebitches

There are mainly two types of rice here: shredded chicken rice and boiled chicken rice. In particular, the highlight of the dish is the soup served with rice, simmered from chicken bones for many hours, with a very pleasant sweet taste. A portion of chicken rice at Tuy Hoa market costs only from 20,000 VND to 25,000 VND.

3. Chive soup cake

Along with chicken rice, banh canh is also a specialty that you should not miss when exploring Tuy Hoa market cuisine . Banh canh at the market is cooked in the traditional way so it is quite simple but has a very attractive flavor. The noodle soup broth is very rich, the noodle soup noodles made from rice flour are just a little bigger than vermicelli noodles, combined with a very attractive topping of fish cake and lots of chives. In addition to eating banh canh at the market, right next to Tuy Hoa market there is also a super delicious chive banh canh shop with prices starting from only 20,000 VND per bowl.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine chive soup cakeChive soup cake at Tuy Hoa market is simple but exceptionally delicious. Photo: @saratran92

4. Banh Can 

Banh can in Phu Yen is also one of the dishes that is popular with tourists. Visit Tuy Hoa market, you can easily find stalls selling banh can located right in the middle of the food court. Unlike Nha Trang banh can, banh canh at Tuy Hoa market has quite simple ingredients, including only plain rice flour combined with egg filling and chives.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine, banh canThe banh can stall is very prominent inside Tuy Hoa market. Photo: My Phuong

However, the flavor of banh can is very suitable, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, very fragrant egg and chive filling combined with a very delicious sweet and sour dipping sauce. If you want to enjoy more diverse banh can with shrimp, squid, and eggs, you can visit Hai Thanh banh can shop on the sidewalk right at Tuy Hoa market to enjoy.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine, banh canBanh can at Tuy Hoa market has rich fillings. Photo: @qineating.

5. Duck porridge 

Discovering Tuy Hoa market cuisine, don’t miss the very attractive duck porridge here. This dish is recommended by many Tuy Hoa natives because of its attractive and rich flavor. The duck porridge stall at Tuy Hoa market only sells duck porridge, boiled duck meat or duck salad but the flavor is very attractive. The porridge is thick and smooth thanks to being simmered, the duck meat is very fragrant, most of the meat is boiled to medium so it still has a certain chewiness and is not soft.

Tuy Hoa porridge market cuisineDuck porridge at Tuy Hoa market is praised by many food lovers. Photo:@jinnytasty

You can choose to enjoy duck porridge or combine an attractive plate of salad. In addition to the duck porridge stall inside the market, you can also visit Ms. Hang’s duck porridge shop at 5 Tran Hung Dao Street, right near the market to enjoy super delicious duck porridge. Here, in addition to duck porridge, duck salad, and boiled duck meat, there is also grilled duck eaten with grilled ginger sauce and super delicious pickles.

Tuy Hoa porridge market cuisineMs. Hang’s duck porridge shop on the sidewalk of Tuy Hoa market is also an attractive address for duck porridge lovers. Photo: Phu Yen Land

6. Banh it la gai leaves 

When you visit  Tuy Hoa market food court , you will find it hard to ignore the eye-catching display of specialty banh it la gai. This Phu Yen specialty cake is also jokingly called by locals the Vietnamese version of mochi cake due to its similarity to the famous Japanese mochi cake.

Phu Yen’s small gai leaf cake is made from sticky rice flour combined with gai leaves to create an eye-catching dark green color. The filling is a combination of coconut, green beans, and sugar with moderate sweetness. The beautiful cakes wrapped inside banana leaves to create a pointed shape always attract the attention of diners. Not only is this cake delicious, but the price is only a few thousand dong per piece, so in addition to eating it on the spot, you can also buy it as a gift after your trip, which is also very convenient.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine: Banh it with gai leavesTuy Hoa market sells a lot of banh it la gai. Cam Nguyen

7. Tuy Hoa rice paper 

Although it is quite a typical dish of Tuy Hoa, not many tourists know about the famous grilled sesame and toasted coconut rice paper. At Tuy Hoa market, there are many stalls selling this cake, including both unbaked and pre-baked cakes. In particular, white sesame rice paper made from rice flour and super rich in sesame is a dish that many people love and choose to buy as a gift after visiting Tuy Hoa market.

Tuy Hoa market cuisine Rice paperRice paper is a dish that can be bought as a gift at Tuy Hoa market. Photo: 4M Machine

In addition to the above-suggested dishes, when exploring Tuy Hoa market cuisine you can discover countless other attractive dishes such as vermicelli dishes, fruit sweet soup, snack cakes, banh hoi… Just take a walk around. At Tuy Hoa market, you can enjoy countless delicious dishes typical of Nau, so when you come to Phu Yen, take the time to visit Tuy Hoa market to enjoy many delicious dishes. 

($1=24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)