Exploring Ba Na Hills Wax Museum: how much does it cost? What play?

Ba Na Hills resort complex is a place that gives visitors many unique experiences. In particular, you cannot ignore the unique and new visitors to the unique and new Ba Na Hills wax museum. The museum has a spacious space with many wax statues of famous figures in Asia and around the world. 

About the Ba Na Hills wax museum in Da Nang 

Ba Na Hills Wax Museum is an important item in the Sun World Ba Na Hills entertainment complex, in the Fantasy Park amusement park. This is the first wax statue exhibition in Vietnam. This work was started in June 2012, after 6 months of construction, the wax statue display area built by a team of French engineers was officially opened on 11/7/2013. 

About the Ba Na Hills wax museum in Da NangBa Na Hills Wax Museum Da Nang

Currently, the museum has about 50 wax models of famous figures in the world, operating in many fields such as: cinema, politics, music, sports… Each statue is 1 Artwork made by Italian artisans. 

Visiting Ba Na Hills wax museum , visitors will witness photocopy versions of many great characters. Besides, you are free to pose and take pictures with these characters – which is very difficult for you to do in the real-life version. 

About the Ba Na Hills wax museum in Da NangIn the museum, there are nearly 50 wax models 

Ticket prices and operating hours at Ba Na Hills wax museum 

When buying tickets to Ba Na Hills , you will experience the games here for free. However, the entrance ticket does not include the entrance ticket to the Ba Na Hills Wax Museum . Therefore, if you want to visit, you have to buy a separate ticket. 


Adults: 100k/ticket

Children (under 1m3): no ticket

Buy tickets at the counter located next to the museum on the 2nd floor of the Fantasy Park complex. 

Hours of Operation: 8:30am – 5:00  pm

Ticket prices and operating hours at Ba Na Hills wax museum If you want to visit the museum, you have to buy a separate ticket

The right time to visit the Ba Na Hills wax museum in Da Nang 

When is the best time to visit the Ba Na Hills wax museum ? In fact, you do not need to be too concerned about this issue because any time of the year visitors can come and explore if they want. The museum is an indoor tourist attraction, so it is not too affected by the weather. Rain or shine, you will have a complete experience here. 

However, to combine and enjoy many interesting things in Ba Na Hills tourist area such as: taking the cable car to see the scenery from above, feel the weather of 4 seasons in 1 day, check-in the Debay wine cellar, admire the flower garden romantic love, check-in at the Golden Bridge, visit the French village, … then choose a beautiful day during the prison period from March to September every year. At that time, the climate was in the dry season, cool and easy to travel and explore. 

The right time to visit the Ba Na Hills wax museum in Da Nang Any time of the year is suitable for you to visit the museum

What to prepare when going to Ba Na Hills wax museum?

First, choose beautiful and suitable costumes to live virtual with the characters you like as a souvenir, remember not to be too revealing. 

Remember to bring your phone and camera to check-in. 

For those of you who are fussy and want to create a highlight for the photo, prepare a few more accessories such as towels, bags, … 

What to prepare when going to Ba Na Hills wax museum?(Photo: _annie.nguyen)

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What’s interesting about the Ba Na Hills wax museum?

Admire famous characters

The Ba Na Hills Wax Museum currently has 49 works of wax art made by the talented hands of about 20 Italian artisans. When you witness it with your own eyes, you will have to say in awe of the exquisite details. The 49 wax statues are 49 famous figures in the world working in many different fields such as movies, politics, sports, and music,… The statues are displayed in a thematic area for convenience. more for tourists to visit. 

These characters you would hardly meet in real life can appear right in front of your eyes at a very close distance. Coming here, you will be able to step into a royal and luxurious space with statues of Russian President Putin, former US President Obama, Crown Prince William and his wife – Princess Kate, Queen of England, … 

What's interesting about Ba Na Hills wax museum?Wax statue of Mr. Bean

Don’t forget to visit the cinematic area with famous characters such as: comedian Mr. Bean, Hollywood’s most powerful couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Hollywood sexy icon Marilyn Moore,… to many famous names in Asia such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee,… 

The music theme area is probably the most crowded place when gathering many names from Europe and America like Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson to Asian phenomena like Bi Rain, SPY,… The boys will be hard to ignore. wax statues of legendary figures in the football village such as David Beckham, Messi,… 

What's interesting about Ba Na Hills wax museum?Check in with Bruce Lee wax figure 

See firsthand the waxing process

Before ending the tour at the Ba Na Hills wax museum, you will learn the process of creating those statues. To make those wax statues, the artists had to painstakingly use beeswax materials or plastic resins of the same size as real people. 

Before shaping is the process of collecting parameters about the character such as: body shape, eye color, face, and typical style, … Because the process of molding from a rough statue to a real one requires ingenuity and skill. so it usually takes about 3 months to complete. Until now, the museum has been open for a long time, but the statues still retain their sharpness. 

What's interesting about Ba Na Hills wax museum?The process of making the wax figure takes several months 

Notes when going to Ba Na Hills wax museum 

Ba Na Hills and Fantasy Park are quite large, so prepare a custom version or locate it so you don’t have to spend time traveling. 

Ba Na Hills wax museum has a regulation that prohibits bringing food or eating in the museum area. So if you are hungry, go to the restaurant to order or eat a buffet. 

Limit running and jumping, touching is to break and damage the statues. 

Notes when going to Ba Na Hills wax museum (Photo: _annie.nguyen)

Above is information about Ba Na Hills wax museum – an interesting entertainment place in the most famous resort complex in Da Nang . So what are you waiting for, don’t pack your bags and come here to explore right away!

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