Extremely chill camping locations in Can Tho to ‘relax’ on the weekend


Bao Gia Trang Vien, Hide and Seek area, Mini Beach, Ong De eco-tourism village, and My Khanh tourist area are camping locations in Can Tho famous for their extremely beautiful scenery, ideal for enjoying a fun trip with the family. Have a memorable weekend and getaway.

List of extremely relaxing camping locations in Can Tho

1. Hide and Seek Campground is beautiful and interesting

– Address: Thoi Xuan, Co Do District, City. Can Tho

– Contact: 0766815581 

Hide and Seek Campground, about 40km from Can Tho center , is an ideal place to organize fun camping activities with family in a peaceful space. In particular, you will enjoy virtual living with super beautiful, super chill shooting angles at this campsite with a unique name.

Camping location in Can Tho - Hide and Seek campsiteBeautiful, poetic and extremely chill scenery at the Hide and Seek campsite. Photo: Facebook. Hide and Seek Camping – Can Tho

The plus point of this camping location in Can Tho is that it has a fresh and peaceful atmosphere, attracting families and groups of young people to camp on the weekend. Camping at the Hide and Seek area, you will be able to participate in many interesting activities such as: Sub rowing, fishing, hiking… to relax after a stressful working week. Coming to the Hide and Seek area, you don’t have to worry about food services, because this place has full cooking utensils, but you need to contact in advance and remember to bring prepared food with you.

This campsite is near green rice fields with a very beautiful space. In the evening you can sit by the campfire to have a barbecue and play the guitar. Coming to Hide and Seek campsite, you can choose 2 combos: 

– Combo 1: From 9am – 4:30pm

– Combo 2: From 1:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. the next day

Combo includes full equipment such as: Table, chair, carpet, lamp, stove, tent… and other necessary items for camping.

Camping location in Can Tho - Hide and Seek campsiteOrganize food grilling and barbecue parties all night long. Photo: Facebook. Hide and Seek Camping – Can Tho

2. Bao Gia Trang Vien camping area

– Address: 268 Tran Hung Dao B, Thuong Thanh Ward, Cai Rang District, City. Can Tho

– Ticket price: 70,000 – 100,000 VND/depending on time

Bao Gia Trang Vien is a famous camping site in Can Tho, only 10km from the city center, very convenient for transportation. The first impression when coming to Bao Trang Gia Vien is the large green lawn space, gurgling water and fresh air. This amusement park has an area of ​​up to 20,000 square meters with cool green space. Discovering Bao Trang Gia Vien, visitors will participate in many interesting fun activities such as: Cooling in the swimming pool, rowing boats, basket boats, riding off-road motorbikes, tarzan… and many other exciting games. Besides, visitors can also experience the daily work of Western people such as: Growing vegetables, picking fruit, digging ditches and catching fish…

Camping location in Can Tho - Bao Trang Gia VienBao Gia Trang Vien campsite attracts families on weekends. Photo: Facebook. Bao Gia Trang Vien – The Green Resort

At this campsite in Can Tho, visitors will not have to prepare anything, because there is enough food and drinks, tents, decorative lights… You will be able to organize eating and singing activities regularly. night with friends. In particular, at Bao Trang Gia Vien there is a rental service of Chinese ancient costumes for young people living virtual lives.

Camping location in Can Tho - Bao Trang Gia VienThe hut area at Bao Trang Gia Vien. Photo: Facebook. Bao Gia Trang Vien – The Green Resort

3. Mini Beach – a very chill camping location in Can Tho

– Address: Cai Khe alluvial area, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho

– Contact: 0939438799

Referring to the most beautiful camping locations in Can Tho, we cannot ignore Mini Beach in Cai Khe alluvial area in Ninh Kieu district. This place attracts young people with its beautiful, poetic, extremely chill, and extremely romantic space. With carpets spread under the sand, it feels like being at the beach. At Mini Beach every evening there will be bands performing every night, visitors can enjoy a cocktail and listen to melodious music.

Camping location in Can Tho - mini beachExtremely chill scene of Mini Beach. Photo: Facebook. MiNi Beach

Traveling to Can Tho, if you are looking for a place with beautiful space and chill scene, Mini Beach is the ideal destination. With a romantic outdoor space with lights, music and food and drinks served from A to Z, it promises to bring you the most wonderful trip.

Camping location in Can Tho - mini beachLarge lawn space ideal for dining and parties. Photo: Facebook. MiNi Beach

4. Ong De eco-tourism village

– Address: Group 26, My Ai hamlet, My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, city. Can Tho

– Contact: Facebook. Ong De eco-tourism village

Ong De ecotourism village is a popular camping location in Can Tho today. The green and spacious lawns in the Ong De ecological area are an ideal destination to organize small parties with family and friends on weekends. Besides, when camping at Ong De ecological garden, visitors can also participate in many interesting fun activities such as: Cycling across the bridge, challenging the seesaw bridge and participating in many other interesting games.

Camping location in Can Tho - Ong De tourist areaHave fun while camping at Ong De eco-tourism area. Photo: Facebook. Ong De Tourist Village

In addition, you can also experience activities like a real farmer such as: Canoeing, digging ditches to catch fish, mud bathing… Cook and enjoy delicious Western specialties. In the evening, go frog hunting, light a campfire, grill corn, have a buffet in the countryside, roast potatoes with friends… 

Camping location in Can Tho - Ong De tourist areaCatching ditches in the Ong De ecological area attracts tourists. Photo: Facebook. Ong De Tourist Village

5. My Khanh tourist village

– Address: 335 Lo Vong Cung, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District, City. Can Tho

– Contact: 0909.996.883 – 0906.996.995 – 0939.124.789

It would be a big mistake to mention the most interesting camping locations in Can Tho and ignore My Khanh tourist village. This garden eco-tourism area attracts tourists with Western-style games and a cool, fresh atmosphere ideal for weekend relaxation.

Camping location in Can Tho - My Khanh Tourist AreaVisit the lush fruit garden in My Khanh tourist village. Photo: Facebook. My Khanh Ecotourism Village

In particular, if you are a lover of lush and fresh garden scenery, My Chinh Tourist Area is the top destination today. There are many interesting activities that you should not miss such as: Balancing bridge, bottle-feeding fish, slapping ditches to catch fish, participating in adventure games such as: Zipline, 18 floors of hell and experiencing a day at work. farmer, landlord.

Camping location in Can Tho - My Khanh Tourist AreaEnjoy Western specialties. Photo: Facebook. My Khanh Ecotourism Village

Temporarily leave the noisy and bustling city to come to the most beautiful and chill camping locations in Can Tho above to enjoy a memorable relaxing trip with your family and dear friends!

($1~24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)