Famous museums in Da Lat – Places that preserve unique memories


Checking in and exploring the museums in Da Lat is the best way to learn about the history, culture and beautiful memories of this land through different periods.

If you are too familiar with checking in to famous tourist attractions, majestic and poetic natural landscapes of the foggy mountain town, then try to explore more deeply about the rich history and culture of the city. This poetic plateau through museums in Da Lat. 

In Da Lat, there are many museums and galleries divided into different topics such as history, culture, art, biology… At each museum you will be provided with interesting information about the process of history. formation, development, diversity of natural and biological features or historical events that mark the land.

Revealing attractive museums in Da Lat for tourists to stop by 

1. Lam Dong Museum 

Lam Dong Museum is located about 3km northeast of the city center. This is a very famous museum and has been ranked by travel site Lonely Planet as one of the top 15/36 must-do things to do when visiting Da Lat city.

Museum in Da Lat Lam Dong MuseumLam Dong Museum is a favorite destination of many tourists. Photo: @xu711

The contents displayed at this museum in Da Lat include: Da Lat past and present, Lam Dong nature, archeology of Lam Dong, culture of indigenous peoples, resistance history of Lam Dong, Lam Dong. Together in the process of building and protecting the homeland. 

Lam Dong Museum is a place to synthesize and display many historical and cultural artifacts related to the Lam Dong plateau. The number of artifacts in the museum is currently up to 15,000, including many rare collections. and have high value, 10,000 specimens from bronze, iron, ceramic, porcelain…

Museum in Da Lat Lam Dong MuseumThe museum displays many precious artifacts of the Central Highlands and other regions. Photo: @noemiepariss

Some of the exhibits on display are popular with many tourists, such as the Di Linh stone instrument dating from 3,000 to 3,500 years old, archaeological relics excavated from the tombs of indigenous peoples, and flower art. Uniquely preserved using technology from Japan. 

Coming here, visitors can also immerse themselves in the romantic nature, participate in folk games and experience unique activities such as making Dong Ho paintings or making pottery… Currently, Lam Dong museum is always a tourist destination. attractive to tourists from near and far, especially students or tourists who like to research indigenous cultural history.

Museum in Da Lat Lam Dong MuseumThis is a favorite destination for students and history enthusiasts. Photo: @pthaol

Address : No. 4 Hung Vuong Street, Da Lat City 

Ticket price: 100,000 VND. 

2. Central Highlands Biological Museum (Central Highlands Biological Institute)

This is one of the museums in Da Lat that attracts the most tourists. The museum is located on Tung Lam hill about 7 km from the city center. Previously, this place was originally a monastery of the Redeemer Dragon. However, after 1975, it was used as a place to organize research activities. .

Museum in Da Lat Central Highlands Biological InstituteTay Nguyen Institute of Biology is famous as an attractive check-in point for tourists. Photo: Metrip

The design of this museum building is very unique, built in the 1950s with materials such as stone and cement, the building consists of 5 floors with 120 rooms. There are a total of 7 display rooms and 6 separate storage areas, the second floor area is used to make a museum specializing in ecological topics, each room is designed and displays species of different classes. such as birds, animals, reptiles and plants.

The most famous at the biological museum is its collection of 386 mammal specimens, including many rare species listed in the red book. The interesting point is that the animal specimens here are kept in the same shape and size as real animals in nature, giving visitors a realistic and interesting feeling when admiring them.

Museum in Da Lat Central Highlands Biological InstituteThe animal specimens here are the highlight, visitors will discover a diverse world of creatures. Photo: @oh_ttu

In addition, the museum also preserves hundreds of specimens of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and plants, each with its own unique characteristics, including many unique species that demonstrate the biological diversity of the species. Central Highlands region.

Besides visiting and exploring biodiversity and viewing authentic specimens, the scenery at the biological museum is also one of the tourist attractions. Long hallways, ancient stone walls or mossy stairs have become the ideal virtual living place to create beautiful and quality photos. 

Museums in Da Lat live virtually at the Central Highlands Biological InstituteTay Nguyen Institute of Biology has many beautiful virtual living corners. Photo: Le Ha Truc

Address: 116 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Ward 7, City. Da Lat

Ticket price: 15,000 VND.

3. Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum 

Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum was redesigned on the basis of the old Cau Dat Tea Department, built in 1929. This museum in Da Lat is 25km from the city center, among undulating tea hills with Stunning landscape. At the end of 2021, Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum was officially introduced by the architectural magazine Archdaily (USA) because of the uniqueness of its space and display theme.

Museum in Da Lat Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea MuseumExhibition space at Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum. Photo: Bo Design & Construction/Archdaily

 The museum has 5 galleries with many topics such as: Historical boxes, galleries about tea making tools, stories about tea farmers as well as the history of the world tea industry. Entering the museum, visitors will have the opportunity to admire 100-year-old tea making machines, ancient tea making tools or unique art paintings simulating the stages of making tea. 

In particular, visitors will be amazed by the installation art, which is 100 square tea blocks made from 350kg of tea combined with light, creating a unique emotional and auditory effect. 

Museum in Da Lat Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea MuseumArt installation from 100 tea bags at Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum. Photo: Bo Design & Construction/Archdaily

Also on the grounds of the Cau Dat Farm Ancient Tea Museum, visitors can check in to a cafe with a view of the tea hills and enjoy Cau Dat tea delicately prepared by artisans. 

Address: Cau Dat Farm in Xuan Truong commune, Da Lat city 

Ticket price: 75,000 – 195,000 VND

4. 3D Art Museum (Trickland 3D Paintings Museum) 

This museum in Da Lat is located inside the campus of BAVICO Plaza hotel Da Lat, in the city center and very close to famous tourist attractions such as the City Flower Garden, Con Ga Church or Xuan Huong Lake.

 The 3D Art Museum has an area of ​​800 square meters, displaying a series of works of art inspired by 3D paintings. There are hundreds of famous works displayed in this museum with different themes such as Greek mythology, fairy tales, Great Wall landscapes, Korean landscapes, European landscapes, and houses. Backdrop, ocean, mysterious forest…

museum in Da Lat Trickland 3D Paintings MuseumTrickland 3D Paintings Museum is a unique check-in point in Da Lat. Photo: Elly Bui

 Because of the impressive beauty shown through a 3D perspective, viewers feel like they are watching real scenes, full of curiosity and excitement. Many painted pictures can be combined with characters to make check-in look real. Visiting this museum, visitors will definitely feel surprised and excited by the impressive, colorful space, with all the different check-in corners. This is still an attractive destination for tourists from near and far, especially children coming to Da Lat. 

museum in Da Lat Trickland 3D Paintings MuseumThere are many beautiful check-in corners here, attracting tourists. Photo: 3D World Da Lat

Address: No. 3, Le Thi Hong Gam, Ward 1, City. Da Lat.

Ticket price : 55,000 VND.

5. XQ History Restaurant Dalat

This is considered one of the unofficial museums in Da Lat but is loved by many tourists. The museum has a unique architecture bearing the mark of Ancient Hue with typical ancient features and beautiful embroidery works.

museum in Da Lat XQ History Museum in Da LatXQ Su Quan Dalat is a space displaying impressive embroidery products. Photo: Youngho Yun

 Visitors coming here can immerse themselves in the space of art and learn about traditional embroidery. The museum’s name XQ stands for the names of artisan couple Hoang Le Xuan and Vo Van Quan.

museum in Da Lat XQ History Museum in Da LatThe exhibition space brings a feeling of both peace and relaxation. Photo: Youngho Yun

 Checking in at XQ Da Lat, visitors can visit all 10 areas, each with a different theme such as traditional area, identity area, local art area, discovery area, XQ convenience museum, silver hair street, flavor of time painting display area, Da Lat cold land fashion center, art coffee.

Address:  No. 80A Mai Anh Dao Street, City. Da Lat,

Ticket price: 20,000 VND 

6. Long Dinh Tea Museum 

Long Dinh Tea Museum is located 20km from Da Lat city center, this is a project built by Long Dinh Tea Joint Stock Company with an area of ​​3.4 hectares. The museum officially opens in 2022 and has become an attractive stop for tea-loving tourists. Here, visitors will discover the story of tea through artifacts, space, and light that create impressive visual highlights.

museum in Da Lat Long Dinh Tea MuseumLong Dinh Tea Museum has a very impressive space. Photo: dayofsatur.

The museum has a statue of Shen Nong, who discovered the tea tree in 2700 BC, a statue of the Japanese Zen master who brought tea culture to Japan and then spread it to many places around the world. world. Each space at this tea museum in Da Lat is designed with a certain theme such as tea sets, tea samples, tea making tools… very unique. 

museum in Da Lat Long Dinh Tea MuseumLong Dinh Tea Museum will take visitors back in time to the history of the tea industry. Photo: @prhoangtien

Address: Phat Chi Industrial Cluster, Tram Hanh Commune, Da Lat City,

Discovering cultural history is an exciting experience when you come to a new land and the famous museums in Da Lat will be an attractive stop that promises to bring you new insights and new experiences. Interesting experience, to understand more about this beautiful country. 

($1~24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)