Feel a peaceful corner by Ham Thuan Lake, Binh Thuan


If Da Mi Lake is famous for its poetic beauty, Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan is impressed by the bold beauty of the mountainous region. Coming to this hydroelectric lake, visitors will have to be ecstatic about its peace. 

About Ham Thuan Lake Binh Thuan 

Ham Thuan lake is a hydroelectric lake located in Binh Thuan province, most of the lake area belongs to X. Da Mi, Ham Thuan Bac district. The small remaining area belongs to Bao Lam district, Lam Dong. 

About Ham Thuan Lake Binh Thuan Ham Thuan Lake Binh Thuan

Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan originates from La Nga River with a length of about 25km and a capacity of 695 million m3. The hydroelectric power plant built here is responsible for preventing floods downstream, generating electricity, supplying water for irrigation, etc. In particular, the lake also makes an important contribution to improving the climate in the region and creating a landscape. fresh landscape, attracting a large number of tourists to visit the lake every year. 

About Ham Thuan Lake Binh Thuan This is a hydroelectric lake 

Guide to move to Ham Thuan Lake 

Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan is located about 100 km from Phan Thiet city To come here, you can choose from many different means of transport such as cars, motorbikes. Just follow the An Lam – Dong Giang route and you will see a lake located right next to a large hydroelectric plant. That is Ham Thuan Lake. 

According to Binh Thuan travel experience , the car is the perfect means of getting to this place. You only need to sit in the car for about 2 hours to reach this beautiful lake. Traveling by car is also a good way to keep fit to prepare for the journey of discovery behind. 

Moving to Ham Thuan Lake, Binh ThuanHam Thuan Lake is 100km from Phan Thiet 

The beauty of Ham Thuan Lake, Binh Thuan 

Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan makes many tourists fall in love with the peaceful and picturesque scenery. This place has not been commercialized or exploited too much tourism, so it still retains its original beauty. 

The beauty of Ham Thuan Lake, Binh Thuan Picturesque scenery at Ham Thuan Lake 

The lake is green and calm, surrounded by undulating mountains. Many people consider this to be a miniature Ha Long Bay. The clear water is like a giant mirror. Just getting closer will make you feel the fresh and cool air of the steam. 

The beauty of Ham Thuan Lake, Binh Thuan The lake is like a miniature Ha Long Bay 

Interesting experiences at Ham Thuan Lake

The climate at Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan is quite similar to that of Da Lat . If you are a person who likes lightness and silence, you definitely cannot ignore this hydroelectric lake!

Boating around the lake

An experience not to be missed in Ham Thuan Lake is sightseeing boating. Sitting on a boat floating in the middle of the vast lake, listening to the sound of the waves gently touching the side of the boat, the gentle wind blowing will make your soul more relaxed than ever. Going along the mountain slopes, you will hear birds chirping. 

Especially in the area of ​​​​Gui Coc island, there is a green pine hill, hammock resting, lulling visitors to gradually sink into peace. Coming here, you will admire the natural scenery from above. For virtual life believers, this place can help you pocket hundreds of beautiful and strange virtual live photos. 

Sightseeing boating is an interesting experience at Ham Thuan Lake, Binh ThuanSightseeing boating

Walking around Da Mi Lake

Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan and Da Mi Lake are the two largest hydroelectric reservoirs located on the La Nga River, 20km apart. Many tourists often confuse these two places with each other. Perhaps also because some places call Da Mi lake as Ham Thuan Bac lake. 

Surrounding Da Mi Lake are nearly 20 mountains of different sizes. That is why the water in the lake is always calm and calm. Ho Da Mi is likened to a sleeping princess in the magnificent space of wild mountains and forests. This is also the check-in coordinates that are very sought after by young people. 

Walking around Da Mi Lake is one of the interesting experiences at Ham Thuan Lake, Binh ThuanDa Mi Lake is a favorite check-in point for young people

Visit Thien Mai Temple

Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan is located in a semi-mountainous area, with a pleasant climate, so it is also an ideal choice for those who want to explore peaceful temples. Typically, Thien Mai Pagoda is hidden in the middle of a lush green forest. 

This temple is also known as Quan Am Pagoda. This is an ancient temple without a gate, with the sides of the wall bringing the beauty of being in harmony with nature. In particular, standing at the pagoda overlooking Ham Thuan hydroelectric lake, visitors will see the whole lake surface just like a beautiful watercolor painting like a fairy. 

Visiting Thien Mai Pagoda is one of the interesting experiences at Ham Thuan Lake, Binh ThuanThe way to Thien Mai Pagoda

Notes when coming to Ham Thuan Lake, Binh Thuan 

In order to have a complete tour of Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan , you should note a number of issues collected from previous guests. This is a useful guide, especially for first-timers. 

Although the weather here is quite cool, before visiting, do not skip the step of sun protection. 

Because it is located in the mountains and rivers, when sitting on the boat, remember to wear a life jacket. This is quite a safe measure, especially for those who do not know how to swim. 

If you intend to visit a nearby temple, be sure to wear historical clothes.

Notes when coming to Ham Thuan Lake, Binh ThuanRemember to apply sunscreen before you go

Temporarily leave the hot sun and the noise of the city, come to Ham Thuan Lake in Binh Thuan to admire the fresh natural picture and fully feel the space filled with peace. If you have the opportunity to travel to Binh Thuan , come here to purify your emotions!

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