Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families


Da Lat is very poetic, there are so many beautiful things to explore. Quynh Mai’s family had wonderful moments together in this dreamland.

For a long time, Da Lat has been known as a dream city. Coming here, visitors will not be surprised by the poetic natural scenery with pine forests, rushing waterfalls, murmuring streams, and especially thousands of flowers that are always blooming. Located on Langbiang Plateau, Da Lat’s weather is cool, making it an ideal resort for families.

Recently, Quynh Mai’s family had a trip of 3 days and 2 nights in this poetic land. For her, this trip is really not enough for the whole family to enjoy all the interesting things in Da Lat. Because there are so many beautiful and interesting things to explore here.

“Da Lat is beautiful not only in scenery, climate, people… but it is also beautiful in spirit. My family had a complete trip, there were many memorable happy moments together. This is also a trip, my husband and I wish our beloved son 3 year old birthday. After the trip, our son has learned more and discovered more new things. Especially, our whole family has Happy moments together, so I feel very in love with Da Lat. ‘Addiction’ to Da Lat is real” – Ms. Quynh Mai shared.

Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families - Photo 1.

Here are some experiences young mothers have drawn from their recent trip, which hopefully will help families who are planning to go out with their children.

1. Time to go to Dalat

Da Lat is not like other cities when tourism is only seasonal. As for Da Lat, people can come all year round because each season has its own beauty, the weather is mild with little sunshine or rain or storms.

However, the dry season here is the most beautiful. The sky is sunny every day, there are many fruits to enjoy and the “virtual life” is even more beautiful.

2. What does baggage include?

– Necessary documents: ID card, driver’s license, train tickets/air tickets. When traveling with small children, everyone should bring the necessary documents for the baby.

Clothing: According to Quynh Mai, the average temperature in Da Lat ranges from 16-18 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the evening is quite different from the daytime, so her family actively prepares more warm clothes and long clothes. hand.

Da Lat’s terrain is mainly steep, hilly, and rugged roads. So instead of high heels, Quynh Mai advises women to wear sports shoes, or sandals that are both active and softer when moving.

– Personal belongings: Everyone please bring shampoo, shower gel, towel, toothbrush… if you are afraid to use the items available at the hotel, homestay…

– Some drugs: Medicine for fever, stomachache, car sickness, mosquito spray…

– How is the “wallet”?: In Da Lat, there are quite a lot of automatic withdrawal points, so in addition to expenses such as motorbike taxis, eating along the way that need cash, everyone should bring an ATM card for convenience. When needed, I can withdraw money immediately, avoid holding much cash that may fall, or crooks take it…

Feeling Da Lat dreaming through photos of small families - Photo 3.
Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families - Photo 4.
Feeling Da Lat dreaming through photos of small families - Photo 5.

3. Moving in Da Lat

The play spots in Da Lat are quite far from each other, so Quynh Mai’s family chooses to take a taxi and ride a motorbike.

“At first, I planned to hire a taxi to move around all day because I have a small child. But then I changed my mind and felt that riding a motorbike was still the best. Homestay rented me 120,000 VND / 1 day. Move anywhere I want, If you like to stop and enjoy the scenery, you will not be dependent,” Quynh Mai said.

With taxis, the driver is usually a local. They are also guides, can share and introduce you to destinations, delicious places to eat in Da Lat city. Moreover, taking a taxi will be safe, fast and without fear of getting lost. This is also the advantage of traveling in Da Lat by taxi. However, this form of transportation is only suitable for families with “plenty of money”.

4. Where to stay in Da Lat?

This city has countless hotels, from budget, mid-range 2-3 stars, to high-class resorts. This time, Mai decided to stay at the homestay “Nap Am – Da Lat”. According to her, this homestay is quite clean, beautiful and affordable.

The young mother shared: “As a homestay has just come into operation, everything is still very new and suitable for gout, so I feel that the most expensive part of the trip is to book a satisfactory homestay”.

5. What’s fun in Dalat?

“Coming to Da Lat, people will soon be captivated and fall in love with the mountain town immediately because it has countless interesting destinations. In the city center, there is Lam Vien Square – this is the check-in point. Famous for anyone coming to Dalat; Chicken Church, Domaine de Marie Church.The churches here all have very unique architecture.Also, people can visit the Valley of Love, the night market. Da Lat…

The check-in locations in Da Lat are also interesting, will make you fall in love when you arrive. These include Kong cafe, Da Lat Station, Tuyet Tinh Coc… And some other famous cafes in the city!

Because the trip is quite limited in time, my family can only go to places such as Lam Vien Square, Lonely Pine Hill, Liang Biang, Da Lat market and many famous cafes … “.

Feeling Da Lat dreaming through photos of small families - Photo 6.
Feeling Da Lat dreaming through photos of small families - Photo 7.
Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families - Photo 8.
Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families - Photo 9.

6. What to eat in Dalat?

It is not wrong to say that Da Lat is a culinary paradise. Not only that, the food here is very cheap and delicious. From the popular sidewalk restaurant to the luxury restaurant, the staff are all very enthusiastic. There is a small note for everyone that, when booking a table, everyone should come early, because every restaurant in Da Lat is also very crowded. Just a little slow and everyone will have to wait, even for an hour, and the food will run out very quickly, especially the buffet.

Some famous restaurants in Da Lat are: Tuy Tuu Lau, Te Mo, Da Lat Royal, Ba Hung grilled spring rolls, and Tao Ngo é leaf chicken hot pot,…

7. “Virtual life” in Da Lat

“Everybody asks their family if they hire a photographer. During the whole trip, the photographers for their families are invaluable. Sometimes the motorbike taxi driver nearby, or the street vendor, and sometimes the staff of the family. coffee shop or other tourists, anyone can take pictures for me, and as a result, thank you so much for my family to have these wonderful memories. already dreamy, so just order the camera and everyone will have a picture they like. Trust me!

Also, my family likes to wear ‘tone sur tone’, so the concept is also in the same tone,” – Quynh Mai revealed the beautiful photos of her family in Da Lat.

Feel the dreamy Dalat through photos of small families - Photo 10.