Few people know that Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune is so beautiful and has many interesting things like this!

Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune welcomes visitors with lush green forests, vast terraced fields and rustic villages, and unique traditional markets.

Back to Bac Ha to discover Lung Phinh commune

Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune is probably still a new tourist destination for many tourists. This is a mountainous commune in Bac Ha district, about 13 km from the center of Bac Ha town. Visitors can follow route DT 153, go through Lung Phinh market and turn right to the center of the commune.

Discover Lung Phinh Commune, Bac HaFrom Bac Ha town center to Lung Phinh about 13 km. Photo: @toursbylocalsvietnam

Compared to many other destinations in Bac Ha, this commune has not yet emerged as a famous tourist coordinate. However, thanks to its location near the district center, and its impressive natural scenery, more and more tourists come here to visit and experience. Sometimes discovering new places is more interesting, more interesting than going to too familiar coordinates.

Discover Lung Phinh Commune, Bac HaBeautiful natural picture in Lung Phinh – Bac Ha. Photo: @shjn_wating

There is not much information about Lung Phinh commune or articles sharing travel experiences about this land on the Internet and tourism communities. However, through some check-in photos posted on Instagram, you can feel the characteristic breath of the Northwest mountains clearly visible here.

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The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac Ha

Do you love the wild and majestic beauty of the Northwestern region of Vietnam? If you love, come to Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune . It welcomes visitors with many terraced fields running through the winding hills, nestled under the mountainside. The green color of the forests interwoven with the yellow of ripe rice paints a very cool picture.

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaThere are forests, mountains, and beautiful rice fields here. Photo: @filippospetridis

The beautiful scenery of Lung Phinh is still very pristine, among the curved terraced fields are tall, shady forest trees. In the distance are rolling hills, high and low, and the white mist looms, bringing a very poetic and peaceful space. In this place, all the rush of urban life is reversed, leaving only the feeling of peace and relaxation. 

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaHere the climate is cool, the nature is fresh and beautiful. Photo: @thanhthanh1643

In Lung Phinh commune, people’s houses are built in the middle of fields and surrounded by gardens, keeping the beauty of the rustic and simple in the Northwest mountainous region. Having the opportunity to walk around the villages in the commune, you also see the image of the Mong people with colorful traditional costumes and a big bag behind. 

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaChildren in Lung Phinh Bac Ha. Photo: @classic_of_xiao

In particular, when coming to Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune, visitors should take the time to explore Lung Phinh waterfall located only 3 km from the center. This is a waterfall located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. The waterfall falls from the cliff, and weaves through each cliff to form a cool white water stream. 

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaComing to Lung Phinh, you can explore the beautiful Lung Phinh waterfall. Photo: @box.3hi

Right below the cascades formed a small, clear, cool lake. Following the rocks along the foot of the waterfall, visitors can check in many beautiful photos. From the foot of the waterfall, a long stream flows through the beautiful terraced fields. 

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaBeautiful waterfall, rushing white. Photo: @box.3hiVisiting this 

destination in Bac Ha , visitors do not miss the opportunity to explore Lung Phinh market – a market about 10 km from the center of Bac Ha town. The market usually meets every Friday, not only gathering people in the commune but also attracting residents in Xin Man and 

Si Ma Cai districts to buy, sell and exchange goods. 

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaComing here, visitors can explore the cultural beauty of the indigenous people, go to the Lung Phinh market. Photo: @thailande_asie

Going to Lung Phinh market, visitors can walk through stalls selling vegetables and fruits, food courts, souvenir shops, local specialties and even an area selling livestock of the local people. geography. At the fair, the people are happy and friendly, the prices are also reasonable, and visitors do not have to worry about talking challenges.

The beauty of Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaVisitors also have the opportunity to explore a strawberry farm in Lung Phinh. Photo: @huemit.2211

In addition, in the journey to discover Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune , visitors also have the opportunity to visit the strawberry farm of Ta Van Chu Cooperative. This is a place where you can visit strawberry gardens grown in a safe and clean agricultural model, pick strawberries yourself and buy attractive ripe berries to enjoy.

Experience going to Lung Phinh commune, Bac Ha

Compared to many other communes, Lung Phinh is not a prominent destination in Bac Ha and Lao Cai. However, this is a place that has its own interesting experiences that you should not miss when traveling to Bac Ha . Sometimes just 1 day in the commune, visitors can easily explore and experience many interesting activities.

Note when going to Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaJust 1 day, you can explore Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune. Photo: @fra.pi_

Because it is not too far from the center of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai , when traveling here, you can stay at motels in the center. In addition, the commune has also sprouted many beautiful homestays to serve tourists. Among them are Farmstay Alenh Lung Phinh, Lavie Lung Phinh Homestay,… 

Note when going to Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaIf you have time, stay at the homestay to discover more about the life of the people here. Photo: @voyages.alexisdelespierre

Regarding food, visitors do not need to worry too much because there is a Lung Phinh market, the homestay also serves a variety of local cuisine. If you have time, you should stop for 1-2 days in the commune to fully feel the beautiful scenery of Lung Phinh, and the typical culture and cuisine of the people here.  

Note when going to Lung Phinh commune, Bac HaSurely Lung Phinh commune will leave many beautiful memories in the hearts of visitors. Photo: @juju_ch_lq

Lung Phinh Bac Ha commune invites tourists from far away to visit with its pristine and fresh beauty and many interesting and interesting destinations. Just try once to pick up your backpack and come back to Lung Phinh, you will see how beautiful the country of Vietnam is, going forever. 

Photo: Instagram

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