Finding peace in Pa Vi Ha hamlet, Ha Giang is both beautiful and has many lovely homestays

Pa Vi Ha village, located at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, is a destination that possesses poetic beauty and many typical cultural features of the Mong ethnic community.

Where is Pa Vi Ha village?

Ha Giang has many beautiful villages that have been discovered and discovered by tourists. In addition to the very famous coordinates such as Lo Lo Chai , Du Gia , …, this land also has a beautiful and peaceful  Pa Vi Ha village located in Pa Vi commune, Meo Vac district, along the National Highway 4C axis.
 Pa Vi Ha village is located along the national highway 4C axis, at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass. Photo: @vietnam

Pa Vi Ha has been invested to develop into a Community Tourism Cultural Village. From Ha Giang city center to here is about 160 km. This village with a total area of ​​​​up to 46,000 m2, converges between the pristine beauty of heaven and earth, the cultural imprints of the Mong people, and the traditional occupations of the residents here.
 From Ha Giang city center to here is about 160 km. Photo: @kellyhuynh.188

On the tourist map of Ha Giang , Pa Vi Ha is located right at the foot of Ma Pi Leng pass, and quite close to the charming Nho Que river. Therefore, visitors can combine to explore these 3 destinations at the same time, and experience a complete and memorable journey when traveling to Ha Giang.

The beauty of Mong Pa Vi village

Coming to Pa Vi Ha Ha Giang village, visitors almost enter a world of peace and relaxation. This place only has a picture of majestic mountains and forests, of dreamy buckwheat fields, interspersed with small houses of the H’mong people, creating a really peaceful and pleasant scene.
 This is a beautiful village of the Mong people. Photo: @ryannguyen_offical

A few years ago, Pa Vi Ha was invested to become a community cultural village, serving resort travel experiences for tourists when coming to Ha Giang. This is the place where the Mong community lives, preserving a lot of good traditional cultural values ​​over the years. 
 The traditional wall folds of the Mong people. Photo: @tn7670852021

Pa Vi Ha village is invested in building a series of homestays based on the model of traditional houses of the Mong ethnic group. It is a type of house with earthen walls, wooden columns and trusses, a layout of three compartments and two wings, and a two-story yin and yang tiled roof. On average, each homestay is about 300m2, surrounded by stone fences, bringing a sense of closeness to visitors. 
 Pa Vi Ha is invested to develop a model of community tourism. Photo: @tia_ambarwati

A special feature of the Hmong style of houses is the old features shown on each wall and roof. In front of the porch, people also dry the shiny yellow corn, creating a beautiful, rustic scene. Here, everything is natural and rustic, yet incredibly peaceful. 
 The campus of this village has many beautiful check-in corners. Photo: @xiaoli_yuri

Not only impressive with the beautiful scenery of nature and the houses, but Mong Pa Vi village is also a place to preserve the long-standing traditional cultural values. In addition to housing, the culture, cuisine, costumes, etc. of the Mong people are also very special, creating an impressive attraction in the eyes of tourists. 
 The buckwheat flower gardens bloom in front of the homestays. Photo: @nganpinky

Coming to Pa Vi Ha village and experiencing like a local, visitors have the opportunity to participate in the daily life activities of local residents. This is stripping linen, weaving cloth, and wearing colorful traditional costumes. What could be better than that? 
 Every experience here is a memorable memory for visitors. Photo: @dangnguyenhoangdnh

As a beautiful village in Ha Giang , Pa Vi Ha soon became a community tourism village. Today, in this beautiful village, there is a display house according to the traditional model of the Mong people. This is the place for this village to promote the local culture, where many literary and artistic activities are performed. 
 Surely you will have many beautiful photos to bring back as a souvenir. Photo: @htn208

If you come to Pa Vi village for the first time, you will be surprised at the welcome gate built in the shape of a giant Mong trumpet. This is a beautiful coordinate so you can stop to check-in or take some beautiful memories.

Experience exploring Pa Vi Ha village 

As a beautiful destination in Ha Giang , Pa Vi Ha is suitable for exploring every season of the year. However, this place will be most beautiful in the cherry blossom season and the buckwheat flower season. The dreamy, charming flowers of this mountain and forest adorn the village more beautiful, taking pictures to check-in is, therefore, more beautiful.
 Any season of the year is beautiful for you to explore this village. Photo: @phgne

If you love cultural festivals, come to Pa Vi Ha Village Cultural Tourism Village at the time of the Gau Tao Festival. This is a big festival with many traditional activities and attractive folk games for visitors.  
 Pa Vi Ha in the early morning fog filled with fog. Photo: @mduyenle81

As a village that thrives on tourism, when you come here, you can choose to stay in homestays, and experience moments of peace and tranquility with nature, heaven and earth. Each homestay here has a full range of accompanying facilities such as a coffee area, a dining room, and a souvenir shop with transparently listed prices.
 There are many homestays for tourists to stay here. Photo: @tucauvd

What to eat when coming to Pa Vi Ha? Visitors will enjoy a lot of delicious Ha Giang specialties when coming here. Typically, Thang Co, au Tau porridge, grilled moss, buffalo meat in the kitchen, five-color sticky rice, etc., are prepared and served whole-heartedly by the homestay owner. 
 Ha Giang specialties are treated to visitors in Pa Vi Ha village. Photo: @ms.jellypie

Pa Vi Village Ha Giang is gradually transforming to become an attractive tourist destination, bringing many valuable experiences to domestic and international tourists when coming here. In your journey to discover Ha Giang, remember to visit Pa Vi Ha once to admire the beautiful scenery and learn more deeply about the lifestyle of the Mong people here. 

Photo: Instagram